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Pavol Molnár and Martin Dolinsky

://www.ecoop. it/web/guest/coop-e-l-ambiente;jsessionid=TulyzhW6lGe40hkrrvstdSFM.liferay-02> Daly, H., Farly, J. (2004) Ecological Economics: Principles and Applications. Washington : Island Press. 449 p Dolinsky, M. - Dolinska, V. Managerial decision support tools for sustainable actions (2013) In: Green design, materials and manufacturing processes : proceedings of the 2nd INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON SUSTAINABLE INTELIGENT MANUFACTURING. Leiden : CRC Press/Balkema. p.624 Dolinsky, M. - Molnar, P. Universal Model for Pioneering

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Martin Dolinsky

References DOLINSKY, M. Sustainable systems - game theory as a tool for preserving energy resources. Springer. In.: Energy, Sustainability & Society. 2015. ISSN: 2192-0567, accessed 2.8.2015, accessed 29.12.2014, accessed 29.12.2014, accessed

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Mirek Dymitrow and Keith Halfacree

References Adams, W., 2005: Sustainability. In: Cloke, P. Crang, P. and Goodwin, M., editors, Introducing Human Geographies, 2nd edition. London: Arnold, pp. 285-297 Al-Husban, M. and Adams, C., 2016: Sustainable refugee migration: A rethink towards a positive capability approach. In: Sustainability, Vol. 8(5), pp. 451-460. DOI: 10.3390/su8050451 Anderson, C.A., 2007: Belief perseverance. In: Baumeister, R.F. and Vohs, K.D., editors, Encyclopedia of social psychology. Thousand Oaks: Sage, pp. 109

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Ganiyu Popoola Afolayan and Afolabi Monisola Tunde

References Afolayan, G.P., 2008: Community Participation in Infrastructure Provision: A Case Study of Medium-sized towns in Kwara State, unpublished Ph.D. Thesis, University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Nigeria. Dowall, D., 1994: The Land Market Assessment; A New Deal for Urban Management, Urban Management Programme, United Nation Development Programme (UNDP), Washington: World Bank, United Nations for Human Settlements. McKeown, R., 2002: Education for Sustainable Development, Toolkit. Retrieved 12/08/2007, from http

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E. Gunilla Almered Olsson

References Alkon, A.H. and Agyeman, J., 2011: Cultivating food justice: Race, class, and sustainability. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. Boréus, K. and Bergström, G., 2013: Innehållsanalys (Content analysis - in Swedish). In: Bergström, G. and Boréus, K. editors. Textens mening och makt : metodbok i samhällsvetenskaplig text- och diskursanalys, Lund: Studentlitteratur, pp. 49-90. Bennett, E.M., Solan, M., Biggs, R., McPhearson, T., Norström, A.V., Olsson, P., Pereira, L., Peterson, G.D., Raudsepp-Hearne, C., Biermann

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Alexandra F. Clayton, Jayne M. Rogerson and Isaac Rampedi

References Bebbington, J., Brown, J. and Frame, B., 2007: Accounting Technologies and Sustainability Assessment models. In: Ecological Economics , Vol. 61 (2-3), pp. 224-236. Bezuidenhout, A., Fig, D., Hamann, R. and Omar, R., 2007: Political Economy. In: Fig, D. editor, Staking Their Claims: Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility in South Africa. Scottsville: University of KwaZulu-Natal Press, pp. 13-94. Blowfield, M. and Murray, A., 2011: Corporate Responsibility, New York: Oxford University Press. Buhr, N., 2007

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Raffaele Matacena

-disciplinary initiative position paper. Rome. Feagan, R. (2007). The place of food: mapping out the ‘local’ in local food systems. Progress in human geography , 31 (1). 23-42. Feenstra, G. W. (1997). Local food systems and sustainable communities. American journal of alternative agriculture , 12 (01), 28-36. Franklin, A., & Morgan, S. (2014). Exploring the new rural–urban interface: community food practice, land access and farmer entrepreneurialism. In Marsden, T., & Morley, A. (Eds.). (2014). Sustainable food systems: building a new paradigm . Routledge. London

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Kateryna Berezka and Olha Kovalchuk

:// . Human Development Report , 1990, United Nations Development Programme , Oxford University Press, New York. Retrieved from . Kovalchuk O., 2017, Mathematical Modeling of Sustainable Development . Monograph , TNEU, Ternopil. Oprean M., Vanu A., Bucur A., 2009, Sustainable development modeling , Manag. Sustain. Dev., 1, pp. 10-18. Permanyer I., Smits J., The Subnational (2018). Human Development Index: Moving beyond country-level averages

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Sergiu Novac


This article explores how sustainability was staged in the context of EXPO 2000, the first and only world exhibition organized by Germany. The notion seemed to gain ground around the turn of the millennium in global political and policy circles, especially through such documents as the ‘Agenda 21’ and the ‘Millennium Development Goals’. These were also the main source of inspiration while organizing EXPO 2000, which, under the motto ‘Humankind, Nature, Technology’ claimed to put forward a radically different vision for the 21st century. However, throughout the paper I argue that sustainability ended up performing a quite different ideological function. In Germany, the staging of sustainability took place as an activation of expertize, meant to fix a crisis of the economy and to open up new grounds for capitalism’s search for profit, ultimately deepening the environmental crisis that it was meant to alleviate in the first place.

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Anna Szumelda

Polish regions’], Roczniki Nauk Rolniczych. Vol. 96(4): 122-129. Mathijs, E. and Noev, N., 2004. ‘Subsistence Farming in Central and Eastern Europe: Empirical Evidence from Albania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania’, Eastern European Economics. Vol. 42(6): 72-89. Molders, T., Burandt, A. and Szumelda, A., 2012. ‘Herausforderung Nachhaltigkeit. Sozial-okologische Orientierungen fur die Entwicklung landlicher Raume’ [‘The challenge of sustainability. Socio-ecological orientations for the development of rural areas‘], Europa Regional. Vol. 18