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N. Stefu, A. Neculae, L. Turcu and A. Balint

din 3 noiembrie 1997 pentru aprobarea Reglementarii privind evaluarea poluarii mediului [9] R. Lăcătuşu, “Appraising levels of soil contamination and pollution with heavy metals”, in Land Information Systems, Developments for planning the sustainable use of land resources, European Soil Bureau, EUR 17729 EN, (1998) 393-402

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Bogdan-Gabriel Burduhos and Mircea Neagoe

., Comșiț M., Moldovan M.D., Ciobanu D., Burduhos B.G., Săulescu R.G., The Role of Mechanisms in Sustainable Energy Systems , ISBN 978-606-19-0571-3, Transilvania University Press, Brasov (2015). [8] Vișa I., Diaconescu D.V., Popa V.M., Burduhos B.G., Quantitative Estimation of the Solar Radiation Loss in the Brașov Area , Environmental Engineering and Management Journal, 8(4), (2009), 843-848. [9] Vătășescu M.M., Moldovan M.D., Burduhos B.G., Linkages for solar tracking (in Romanian) , ISBN 978-973-598-946-0, Transilvania University Press, Brasov (2011).

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Blanka Bartók

Africa in climate-aerosol modelling experiments. Renew Sust Energy Rev 38:706–716 [4] Jerez S, Thais F, Tobin I, Wild M, Colette A, Yiou P, Vautard R (2015) The CLIMIX model: a tool to create and evaluate spatially-resolved scenarios of photovoltaic and wind power development. Renew Sustain Energy Rev 42:1–15. doi:10.1016/j.rser.2014.09.041 [5] Panagea IS, Tsanis IK, Koutroulis AG, Grillakis MG (2014) Climate change impact on photovoltaic energy output: the case of Greece. Adv Meteorol 2014:264506 [6] Pasicko R, Brankovic C, Simic Z (2012) Assessment

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Florin Drăgan, Ørnulf Nordseth, Laurențiu Fara, Constantin Dumitru, Dan Crăciunescu, Vlad Muscurel and Paul Sterian

References [1] Ø. Nordseth, R. Kumar, K. Bergum, L. Fara, S. E. Foss, H. Haug, F. Dragan, D. Craciunescu, P. Sterian, I. Chilibon, C. Vasiliu, L. Baschir, D. Savastru, E. Monakhov, B. G. Svensson. Optical Analysis of a ZnO/Cu 2 O Subcell in a Silicon-Based Tandem Heterojunction Solar Cell, Green and Sustainable Chemistry 7 (2017) 57-69 [2] L. Fara, A. Diaconu, F. Dragan. Trends, Challenges and Opportunities in Advanced Solar Cells Technologies and PV Market, Journal of Green Engineering 5 (2016) 157-186 [3] Y. Takiguchi, S. Miyajima. Device

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Bożena Kuraszkiewicz

-induced diaphragmatic fatigue. Respir Physiol Neurobiol 2007; 158 (1): 88-96. Kabitz HJ, Walker D, Schwoerer A, Walterspacher S, Sonntag F, Schlager D, Roecker K, Windisch W Diaphragmatic fatigue is counterbalanced during exhaustive long-term exercise. Respir Physiol Neurobiol 2010; 172 (3): 106-13. Kabitz HJ, Walker DJ, Schwoerer A, Schlager D, Walterspacher S, Storre JH, Roecker K, Windisch W, Verges S, Spengler CM. Biometric approximation of diaphragmatic contractility during sustained hyperpnea. Respir Physiol Neurobiol 2011

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Rositsa Vladeva

Sustainable Development. Geographical Views on Education for Sustainable Development, International Geographical Union, Commission on Geographical Education, 2007, 42, 27-39. [5]. Naredba №6/28.05.2001 za razpredelenie na uchebnoto vreme za dostigane na obshtoobrazovatelniya minimum po klasove, etapi i stepeni na obrazovanie. DV, 54, 2001. [6]. Naredba №4/30.11.2015 za uchebniya plan. DV, 94, 2015. [7]. Pravilnik za prilagane na Zakona za narodnata prosveta. DV, 68, 1999. [8]. Zakon za narodnata prosveta. DV

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Asya Dragoeva, Zheni Stoyanova, Vanya Koleva and Daniela Dragolova

, Fourth revised and enlarged edition, Sofia, 2012. [29]. Islam, A.K.M.M.; Kato-Noguchi, H., Allelopathic Potentiality of Medicinal Plant Leucas aspera, International Journal of Sustainable Agriculture. 2012, 4(1), 01-07. [30.] Kakati, B.; Baruah, A., Allelopathic Effect of Aqueous Extract of Some Medicinal Plants on Seed Germination and Seedling Length of Mung Bean (Vigna radiata (L.) Wilczek.), Indian Journal of Plant Sciences. 2013, 2, 8-11. [31]. Verma, S.K.; Kumar, S.; Pandey, V.; Verma, R.K.; Patra, D., Phytotoxic

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Teodora Koynova

Shumen Plateau, International Journal of Social Ecology and Sustainable Development , 2019 , 10(1), Article 4 – in press [8]. Gidlow, C.J.; Ellis, N.J.; Bostock, S., Development of the Neighbourhood Green Space Tool (NGST), Landscape and Urban Planning , 2012 , 106(4):347-358. [9]. Pietilä, M.; Neuvonen, M.; Borodulin, K.; Korpela, K.; Sievänen, T.; Tyrväinen, L., Relationships between exposure to urban green spaces, physical activity and self-rated health, Journal of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism

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Vanya Koleva, Teodora Koynova, Asya Dragoeva and Nikolay Natchev

References [1]. Koynova, T.; Koleva, V.; Dragoeva A.; Natchev, N., Peri-urban National Parks as Green Spaces for Recreation - A Case Study of Nature Park Shumen Plateau, International Journal of Social Ecology and Sustainable Development , 2019 , 10 (1): Article 4. – in press [2]. Carr, R.; Chaosheng, Z.; Norman, M., Identification and mapping of heavy metal pollution in soils of a sports ground in Galway City, Ireland, using a portable XRF analyser and GIS, Environ Geochem Health , 2008 , 30 (1):45-52. doi:10.1007/s10653-007-9106-0 [3