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Martin Koller and Gerhart Braunegg

. 5. Braunegg G, Bona R, Koller M. Sustainable polymer production. Polym-Plast Technol Eng 2004; 43(6): 1779-1793. 6. Koller M, Maršálek L, Miranda de Sousa Dias M, Braunegg G. Producing microbial polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) biopolyesters in a sustainable manner. New Biotechnol 2017; 37(A): 24-38. 7. Kourmentza C, Plácido J, Venetsaneas N, Burniol-Figols A, Varrone C, Gavala HN, Reis MAM. Recent advances and challenges towards sustainable polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) production. Bioengineering 2017; 4(2): 55. 8. Lemoigne M. Produits de deshydration et

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Sławomir Wąsik, Michał Arabski, Karolina Maciejec, Grażyna Suchanek and Anna Świercz

nanotubes for encapsulation and sustained release of drugs. NANO , 2 , 115-120. Viseras M.T., Aguzzi C., Cerezo P., Viseras C., Valenzuela C. (2008). Equilibrium and kinetics of 5-aminosalicylic acid adsorption by halloysite. Microporous Mesoporous Mater. , 108 , 112-116. Wang J. H., Zhang X., Zhang B., Zhao Y.F., Zhai R., Liu J. D., Chen R. F. (2010). Rapid adsorption of Cr (VI) on modified nanotubes. Desalination , 259 , 22-28. Wąsik S., Arabski M., Dworecki K., Kaca W., Ślęzak A. (2010). Influence of gravitational field on substance transport in gels. J

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Martin Koller

, Peters RJ. Potential health impact of environmentally released micro-and nanoplastics in the human food production chain: experiences from nanotoxicology. Environ Sci Technol 2015; 49(15): 8932-8947. 11. Online resource 4: Last accessed October 24th, 2018 (in German) . 12. Jia P, Xia H, Tang K, Zhou Y. Plasticizers derived from biomass resources: a short review. Polymers 2018; 10(12): 1303. 13. Zhu Y, Romain C, Williams CK. Sustainable polymers from

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Agnieszka Ciurzyńska, Joanna Cichowska, Hanna Kowalska, Kinga Czajkowska and Andrzej Lenart

REFERENCES Antonio G.C., Alves D.G. Azoubel P.M., Murr F.E.X., and Park K.J., 2008. Influence of osmotic dehydration and high temperature short time processes on dried sweet potato ( Ipomoea batatas Lam.). J. Food Eng., 84, 375-382. Astyk S., 2009. Dehydration. In: Independence Days: A Guide to Sustainable Food Storage and Preservation (Ed. S. Astyk). New Society Publishers, Canada. Ciurzyńska A., Kowalska H., Czajkowska K., and Lenart A., 2016. Osmotic dehydration in production of sustainable and healthy food. Trends Food Sci. Technol., 50

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Boda Ravi Kiran and Majeti Narasimha Vara Prasad

. Biotechnol., 2015, 31(11): 1655-1664. 28. Baldwin BS, Cossar RD. Castor yield in response to planting date at four locations in the south-central United States, Ind. Crops Prod., 2009, 29: 443-448. 29. Oliveira LB, Araujo MSM, Rosa LP, Barata M, Rovere ELL. Analysis of the sustainability of using wastes in the Brazilian power industry, Renew. Sustain. Energy Rev., 2008, 12: 883-890. 30. de Abreu CA, Cantoni M., Coscione AR, Paz-Ferreiro J. Organic matter and barium absorption by plant species grown in an area polluted with

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M. Frąc and K. Ziemiński

. Agrophys., 25, 327-332. Bryant M. P., 1979 . Microbial methane production - theoretical aspects. J. Anim. Sci., 48, 193-201. Budzianowski W., 2012 . Sustainable biogas energy in Poland: Prospects and challenges. Renew. Sust. Energ. Rev., 16, 342-349. Budzianowski W. M., 2010 . Negative net CO 2 emissions from oxy-decarbonization of biogas to H 2 . Int. J. Chem. React. Eng., 8, 156. Budzianowski W. M., 2011 . Can ‘negative net CO 2 emissions’ from decarbonised biogas

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Electra Papadopoulou, Konstantinos Vaitsas, Ioannis Fallas, Giorgos Tsipas, Konstantinos Chrissafis, Dimitrios Bikiaris, Constantina Kottaridi and Konstantinos E. Vorgias

References 1. McNeill JR, Engelke P Mensch und Umwelt im Zeitalter des Anthropozan. In: Iriye A Geschichte der Welt 1945 bis heute. Die globalisierte Welt. C.H. Beck, München, S. 2013, 357-534 2. El-Chichakli B, Braun J von, Lang C, Barben D, Philip J. Five cornerstones for a global Bio-economy. Nature. 2016, 535:221-223 3. UN (2015b) The Global Goals for Sustainable Development. access: 5. Okt. 2016 4. EC (2012) Innovating for Sustainable Growth: A Bio-economy for

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Y. Liu, F. Tao, Y. Luo and J. Ma

-1116. Frank A.W. and Manuel P.V., 2008. Water conservation in irrigation can increase water use. PNAS, 105, 18215-18220. Frimpong J. O., Amoatey H. M., Ayeh E. O., and Asare D.K., 2011. Productivity and soil water use by rainfed maize genotypes in a coastal savannah environment. Int. Agrophys., 25, 123-129. Gong P., Yin Y.Y., and Yu C.Q., 2011. China: invest wisely in sustainable water use. Sci., 331, 1264-1265. Guo C.C., Liu M.Y., Cheng S.Y., and Zhang X.Y., 2004a. Research on water-consume influencing factors and the

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Jarmila Makovníková, Miloš Širáň, Beata Houšková, Boris Pálka and Arwyn Jones

REFERENCES Abbott L.K. and Manning D.A.C., 2015. Soil health and related ecosystem services in organic agriculture. Sustainable Agric. Res., 4(3), 116-125. Adams WA., 1973. The effect of organic matter on the bulk & true densities of some uncultivated podzolic soils. J. Soil Sci., 24, 10-17. Alletto L. and Coquet Y., 2009. Temporal and spatial variability of soil bulk density and near-saturated hydraulic conductivity under two contrasted tillage management systems. Geoderma, 152, 85

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J. Lipiec, C. Doussan, A. Nosalewicz and K. Kondracka

photosynthesis in the C4 plant maize to heat stress. Plant Cell, 12, 54-68. Cruiziat P. and Cochard H., 2002. Hydraulic architecture of trees: main concepts and results. Ann. Forest Sci., 59(7), 723-752. da Silva A.P., Kay B.D., and Perfect E., 1994. Characterization of least limiting ranges of soils. Soil Sci. Soc. Am. J., 58, 1775-1781. Davies W.J. and Hartung W., 2004. Has extrapolation from biochemistry to crop functioning worked to sustain plant production under water scarcity? New directions for a diverse planet. Proc