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Vladimir Rǎsvan


The paper starts from the suggestion of R. E. Kalman that additional information on nonlinearity slope may improve the sufficient conditions for absolute stability. This leads to the so called systems with augmented dynamics. Motivated also by the problem of the PIO II aircraft oscillations-self sustained oscillations induced by the saturation nonlinearities, which are both sector and slope restricted-the paper considers a generalization of the Yakubovich criterion to the case of the systems with critical and unstable linear part. The same generalization concerns a quite well known stability criterion where only slope restrictions are taken into account: the published version is improved by using all advantages of the Liapunov method and of the frequency domain stability inequalities. The results are illustrated by several applications.

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Anton Sedliak and Tibor Žáčik

References [1] International Gas Union, Global Vision for Gas, The Pathway Towards a Sustainable Energy Future, June 2012. [2] The European Union of the Natural Gas Industry, Long-term Outlook for Gas to 2035, October 2013. [3] U.S. Energy Information Administration, Annual Energy Outlook 2012 with Projection to 2035, June 2012. [4] RÍOS-MERCADO, R. Z.-BORRAZ-SÁNCHEZ, C.: Optimization Problems in Natural Gas Transmission Systems: A State of the Art Survey, Applied Energy 147 (2015), 536

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P. Senel and M. Tezer-Sezgin

Methods in Biomedical Engineering, 30:29-{317, 2014. [7] Kabeel AE, El-Said EMS, and Dafea SA. A review of magnetic field effects on flow and heat transfer in liquids: Present status and future potential for studies and applications. Reneweble and Sustainable Reviews, 45:830{ 837, 2015. [8] Tzirtzilakis EE and Kafoussias NG. Biomagnetic fluid flow over a stretching sheet with non linear temperature dependent magnetization. ZAMP, 54:551-565, 2003. [9] Loukopoulos VC and Tzirtzilakis EE. Biomagnetic channel flow in spatially

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Erika Fecková Škrabul’áková

, 5–17; [11] ESBENSEN, K. H.—GUYOT, D.—WESTAD, F.—HOUMOLLER, L.P.: Multivariate Data Analysis in Practice: An Introduction to Multivariate Data Analysis and Experimental Design , CAMO ASA, Oslo, 2002. [12] FAHY, J.: A resource-based analysis of sustainable competitive advantage in a global environment , International Business Review 11 (2002), no. 1, 57–77; [13] GROVES, W.—COLLINS, J.—GINI, M

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Linda Buholce, Vita Līcīte, Elmīra Boikova and Uldis Botva

­duction of freshwater ciliates. and implications for their distribution. Limnol. Oceanogr.. 51 (4), 1708-1715. Wu. J. (2014). Urban ecology and sustainability: The state-of-the-science and future directions. Landsc. Urban Plan.. 125. 209-221. Xu. R.. Cronberg. G. (2010). Planktonic ciliates in Western Basin of Lake RingsjOn, Sweden, community structure, seasonal dynamics and long-term changes. Protistology, 6 (3), 173-187. Yang. J.. Loder. M. G. J.. Gerdts,G., Wiltshire, К. H. (2014). Structural com­position and temporal

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Gederts Ievinsh, Māra Vikmane, Agnese Ķirse and Andis Karlsons

., Styles, D. (2013). Hemp: a more sustainable annual energy crop for climate and energy policy. Energy Policy , 58 , 152–162. Grantina-Ievina, L., Andersone, U., Berkolde-Pīre, D., Nikolajeva, V., Ievinsh, G. (2013). Critical tests for determination of microbiological quality and biological activity in commercial vermicompost samples of different origin. Appl. Microbiol. Biotechnol ., 97 (24), 10541–10554. Grantina-Ievina, L., Nikolajeva, V., Rostoks, N., Skrabule, I., Zarina, L., Pogulis, A., Ievinsh, G. (2015). Impact of green manure and vermicompost

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Elena Tsolova, Lilyana Koleva and Spaska Kalcheva

. 77 pp. Samaliev, H., Stoyanov, D. (2007). Parasitic Nematodes of Crop Plants and Their Control. Agricultural Academic Press, Plovdiv. 328 pp. (in Bulgarian). Samaliev, H., Mohamedova, M. (2011). Plant-parasitic nematodes associated with strawberry (Fragaria aiianassa Duch.) in Bulgaria. Bulg. J. Agricult. Sci., 17 (6), 730-735. Stirling, G. R. (2014). Biological Control of Plant-parasitic Nematodes: Soil Ecosystem Management in Sustainable Agriculture. CABI. 536 pp. Wilson, E. O. (2016). Plant and

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Rodomiro Ortiz

). Germplasm enhancement to sustain genetic gains in crop improvement. In: Managing Plant Genetic Diversity (pp. 275-289) . Engels, J. M. M., Ramanatha Rao, V., Brown, A. H. D., Jackson, M. T. (eds.). Wallingford, Oxon, United Kingdom: CAB International; Rome, Italy: International Plant Genetic Resources Institute,. Ortiz, R. (2011a). Re-visiting the Green Revolution: Seeking innovations for a changing World. Chron. Horticult. , 51 (1), 6-11. Ortiz, R. (2011b). Agrobiodiversity management for climate change. In: Agrobiodiversity

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Baiba Rivza, Sandija Rivza and Peteris Rivza

(2010). Sustainable Energy Security: Strategic risks and opportunities for business , White paper. LLOIDS 360 Risk Insight. Available at: Anonymous (n.d.). Definitions of Risk. Business Dictionar. Available at: Aragonés-Beltrán P., Pastor-Ferrando J.P., Chaparro-Gonzįlez F., Bautista R.P. (2009). Selection of Photovoltaic Solar Power Plant Projects Unsing ANP. In: Proceedings of the