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Massimo Angrisani and Cinzia di Palo

References [1] M. ANGRISANI. Funded and unfunded systems: two ends of the same stick. 28th International Congress of Actuaries PARIS: ICA , 2006. [2] M. ANGRISANI. The logical sustainability of the pension system. Pure Mathemathics and Applications , 19:67–81, 2008. [3] M. ANGRISANI, A. ATTIAS, S. BIANCHI, and Z. VARGA. Sustainability of a pay-as-you-go pension system by dynamic immigration control. Applied Mathematics and Computation , 219(5):2442–2452, 2012. [4] M. ANGRISANI and C. DI PALO. An extension of aaron’s sustainable rate of

Open access

Massimo Angrisani, Giovanni di Nella, Cinzia di Palo and Augusto Pianese

References [1] J. F. Jimeno, J. A. Rojas, S. Puente, Modelling the impact of aging on social security expenditures, Economic Modelling 25 (2) (2008) 201–224. [2] D. A. Robalino, A. Bodor, On the financial sustainability of earnings-related pension schemes with ‘pay-as-you-go’ financing and the role of government-indexed bonds, Journal of Pension Economics and Finance 8 (02) (2009) 153–187. [3] H. Wang, B. Koo, C. O’Hare, Retirement planning in the light of changing demographics, Economic Modelling 52 (2016) 749–763. [4] A. J. Auerbach, R