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Michael Chernick

Talmudic section , s.v. לא תחמוד (Jerusalem and Tel Aviv: Bar Ilan University and R. Yitzhak Herzog Institute, 2015). 5. Harris, J. M. How Do We Know This?: Midraš and the Fragmentation of Modern Judaism , Albany: SUNY Press, 1995). 6. Stahlberg, L. C. Sustaining Fictions , New York: T & T Clark Library of Biblical Studies, 2008.

Open access

M. Šimon, L. Huraj and M. Čerňanský

REFERENCES ALI, W. N. A. W., TAIB, A. H. M., HUSSIN, N. M., BUDIARTO, R., and OTHMAN, J. Distributed security policy for IPv6 deployment. Sustainable Energy & Environment (ISESEE), 2011 3rd International Symposium & Exhibition in IEEE, 2011, pp. 120-124. ALSHAMMARI, M. and BACH, C. Defense mechanisms for computer-based information systems. International Journal of Network Security & Its Applications, 2013, 5.5: 107-114. BRASILEIRO, Francisco, et al. An approach for the co-existence of service and opportunistic grids: The EELA-2 case. In Latin

Open access

Konrad Szocik and Stig Lindberg

Need Each Other to Succeed , Edinburgh: Canongate, 2011. 16. Nowak, M. A. Five Rules for the Evolution of Cooperation, Science Vol. 314, 8 December 2006. 17. Nowak, M., Tarnita, C. E., Wilson, E. O. The evolution of eusociality, Nature , 466, 26 August 2010. 18. Peterson, G. R. Is my feeling your pain bad for others? Empathy as virtue versus empathy as fixed trait, Zygon , vol. 52, no. 1, March 2017, 232–257. 19. Skatova, A., Spence, A., Leygue, C. & Ferguson, E. Guilty repair sustains cooperation, angry retaliation destroys it