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Jan Johansson

). “The Construction of Affordable Low-Energy Prefabricated Housing”. In: Trubiano, F. (ed.), The Design and Construction of High Performance Homes: Building Envelopes, Renewable Energies and Integrated Practice (p. 203-216). Abingdon: Routledge. [5] [5]Bordass, B. & Leaman, A. (2013). Part 2: Building Performance: The Bigger Picture. Building professionals and the challenge of sustainability. Located 17. September 2018 on [6] [7] [6]Bordass, B. Leaman, A. & Willis, S. (1994

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Andrei - Florin Clitan


Durabilitatea este un termen folosit tot mai des în ultima vreme, acesta bazându-se pe trei tipuri de factori: sociali, economici și de mediu. Sistemele durabile de transport duc la creșterea coeziunii sociale, reduc problemele de mediu și ajută la crearea unei economii mai eficiente. Transportul durabil constă într-un sistem complex, care este proiectat pentru a asigura nevoile de mobilitate ale generațiilor prezente, fără a deteriora factorii de mediu și de sănătate. Prin îmbunătățirea eficienței energetice și reducerea consumului de materiale, acesta trebuie să fie capabil să îndeplinească în condiții optime, nevoia de mobilitate pentru generațiile viitoare. Sistemul de transport actual din țara noastră nu are un caracter de durabilitate.

Acest articol încearcă să identifice o serie de probleme și disfuncționalități ale sistemelor de transport, din perspectiva unui sistem de transport durabil. Pentru alinierea la standardele Uniunii Europene este necesar să se ia măsuri pentru îmbunătățirea actualului sistem de transport.

Soluțiile propuse trebuie să fie soluții ecologice, social și economic viabil echitabile. Există o serie de beneficii prin implementarea unui astfel de sistem, atât directe, cât și indirecte: un cost redus de transport, confort sporit, mai puțină poluare a mediului, reducerea accidentelor rutiere. Durabilitatea rețelelor de drumuri este atât o provocare cât și o necesitate a zilelor noastre.

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Melania R. Boitor, Dago Antov, Mihai Iliescu, Imre Antso and Roland Mäe

References [1]. ANTSO IMRE, ANTOV DAGO, MÄE, ROLAND, "Settlement changes effect to mobility in suburban area of Tallinn". In Ecology & Safety. 22nd International Symposium. ISSN: 1313-2563 7-11, 2013, Bulgaria. [2]. BOITOR ROZALIA, ANTOV DAGO, ANTSO IMRE, ILIESCU MIHAI, "Analyzing the transportation accessibility for the city of Cluj-Napoca, a sustainable approach". In Ecology & Safety, 22nd International Symposium. ISSN: 1313-2563 7-11, 2013, Bulgaria. [3]. BOITOR ROZALIA, M., KUSZALIK JOZSEF , ANTOV DAGO

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Inah Okon

REFERENCES [1]. ALFONZO, M. A.: To walk or not to walk? The hierarchy of walking needs . Environment and Behavior, 37(6), 808-836, 2005. [2]. BANISTER, D.: Sustainable urban development and transport-a Eurovision for 2020. Transport Reviews , 20(1), 113-130, 2000 . [3]. EWING R. SCHROEER W. GREENE W.: School location and student travel. Analysis of Factors Effecting Mode choice , Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board, No. 1895, 55-63, 2004 . [4]. Ewing, Reid, Ross C. Brownson, and David Berrigan

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T. Adinaveen, J. Judith Vijaya, R. Sivakumar and L. John Kennedy

1 Introduction Development of clean, green, renewable, and sustainable energy systems has gained much attention during the past decade due to the increase in the environmental pollution, and waste matter. It is mainly caused by the development of human activity that pose a continuously growing and serious problem. Since energy conversion and utilization are not necessarily concurrent events, efficient and durable energy storage is considered as important for the energy conversion from renewable sources [ 1 ]. Materials with purifying capability could be

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A. Kavitha, R. Kannan and S. Rajashabala

nanoscale. Several researchers have done research in triode magnetron sputtering by biasing the substrate, and at a higher substrate temperature to achieve the required stoichiometry, structure and physical properties of deposited layers [ 13 – 16 ]. In the present work, an existing DC magnetron sputtering system has been modified to operate at lower working pressure (argon) by incorporating a thermionic filament which was negatively biased. With the help of the discharge sustained by this assembly, argon pressure of operation could be significantly reduced from 3 Pa to

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Sun Chuanyu and Wang Yu


In the paper, a magnetic composite of graphene oxide (MGO) has been successfully synthesized through decomposition of iron (III) acetylacetonate in the mixture solution of triethylene glycol and graphene oxide (GO). Atomic force microscopy (AFM), transmission electron microscopy (TEM), X-ray diffraction (XRD) and superconducting quantum interference device were used to characterize the material. The results show that the magnetic Fe3O4 nanoparticles modified graphene oxide composite with superparamagnetic properties, and magnetization saturation of 16.4 emu/g has been obtained. The MGO has a good sustained-release performance, and in vitro cytotoxicity confirming its secure use as a potential drug carrier.

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Marcin Słoma, Małgorzata Jakubowska and Jakub Szałatkiewicz


Superior electrical properties of carbon nanotubes were utilized by the authors in the fabrication of printed resistors. In common applications such as electrodes or sensors, only basic electrical and mechanical properties are investigated, leaving aside other key parameters related to the stability and reliability of particular elements. In this paper we present experimental results on the properties of printed resistive layers. One of the most important issues is their stability under high currents creating excessive thermal stresses. In order to investigate such behavior, a high direct current stress test was performed along with the observation of temperature distribution that allowed us to gain a fundamental insight into the electrical behavior at such operating conditions. These experiments allowed us to observe parametric failure or catastrophic damage that occurred under excessive supply parameters. Electrical parameters of all investigated samples remained stable after applying currents inducing an increase in temperature up to 130 °C and 200 °C. For selected samples, catastrophic failure was observed at the current values inducing temperature above 220 °C and 300 °C but in all cases the failure was related to the damage of PET or alumina substrate. Additional experiments were carried out with short high voltage pulse stresses. Printed resistors filled with nanomaterials sustained similar voltage levels (up to 750 V) without changing their parameters, while commonly used graphite filled polymer resistors changed their resistance value.

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Andris Vaivads, Jevgēnijs Tereščenko and Vladimirs Šestakovs

. Riga Aeronautical Institute, 017, pp. 5-11. ISBN 9789984999654 [4] V. Šestakovs, “Airplanes Incidents Analysis Because of Aviation Personnel and Evaluating the Effectiveness of Measures to Prevent Accident,” in Problems of Maintenance of Sustainable Technological Systems: Vol. 5, Sustainable Development of Transport. Kielce, Kielce University of Technology, 2012. pp. 111-125. ISBN 9788388906749 [5] A. Vaivads, N. Dreimanis, and V. Šestakovs, “Pilota kļūdas analīze,” in 49th International Scientific Conference of RTU, Riga, Latvia

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Mareks Šlihta, Vladimirs Šestakovs and Ramachandran Karunanidhi

. Kurdjukov, G. N. Nachinkina and A. M. Shevtchenko, “Energy Approach to Flight Control,” AIAA Conf. Navigation, Guidance & Control. AAIA Paper 98-4211. Boston, 1998. [4] V. Z. Shestakov, “Airplanes Incidents Analysis Because of Aviation Personnel and Evaluating the Effectiveness of Measures to Prevent Accident,” in Problems of Maintenance of Sustainable Technological Systems: Vol.5, Sustainable Development of Transport. Kielce: Kielce University of Technology, 2012, pp. 111-125. [5] L. Robert, I. Helmreich