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Martin Koller and Gerhart Braunegg

. 5. Braunegg G, Bona R, Koller M. Sustainable polymer production. Polym-Plast Technol Eng 2004; 43(6): 1779-1793. 6. Koller M, Maršálek L, Miranda de Sousa Dias M, Braunegg G. Producing microbial polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) biopolyesters in a sustainable manner. New Biotechnol 2017; 37(A): 24-38. 7. Kourmentza C, Plácido J, Venetsaneas N, Burniol-Figols A, Varrone C, Gavala HN, Reis MAM. Recent advances and challenges towards sustainable polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) production. Bioengineering 2017; 4(2): 55. 8. Lemoigne M. Produits de deshydration et

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Martin Koller

, Peters RJ. Potential health impact of environmentally released micro-and nanoplastics in the human food production chain: experiences from nanotoxicology. Environ Sci Technol 2015; 49(15): 8932-8947. 11. Online resource 4: Last accessed October 24th, 2018 (in German) . 12. Jia P, Xia H, Tang K, Zhou Y. Plasticizers derived from biomass resources: a short review. Polymers 2018; 10(12): 1303. 13. Zhu Y, Romain C, Williams CK. Sustainable polymers from

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Boda Ravi Kiran and Majeti Narasimha Vara Prasad

. Biotechnol., 2015, 31(11): 1655-1664. 28. Baldwin BS, Cossar RD. Castor yield in response to planting date at four locations in the south-central United States, Ind. Crops Prod., 2009, 29: 443-448. 29. Oliveira LB, Araujo MSM, Rosa LP, Barata M, Rovere ELL. Analysis of the sustainability of using wastes in the Brazilian power industry, Renew. Sustain. Energy Rev., 2008, 12: 883-890. 30. de Abreu CA, Cantoni M., Coscione AR, Paz-Ferreiro J. Organic matter and barium absorption by plant species grown in an area polluted with

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Electra Papadopoulou, Konstantinos Vaitsas, Ioannis Fallas, Giorgos Tsipas, Konstantinos Chrissafis, Dimitrios Bikiaris, Constantina Kottaridi and Konstantinos E. Vorgias

References 1. McNeill JR, Engelke P Mensch und Umwelt im Zeitalter des Anthropozan. In: Iriye A Geschichte der Welt 1945 bis heute. Die globalisierte Welt. C.H. Beck, München, S. 2013, 357-534 2. El-Chichakli B, Braun J von, Lang C, Barben D, Philip J. Five cornerstones for a global Bio-economy. Nature. 2016, 535:221-223 3. UN (2015b) The Global Goals for Sustainable Development. access: 5. Okt. 2016 4. EC (2012) Innovating for Sustainable Growth: A Bio-economy for

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Orsolya Borsai, Mohamad Al Hassan, Monica Boscaiu, Radu E. Sestras and Oscar Vicente

implications for sustainable saline agriculture in coastal zone. Acta Physiol Plant 2013; 35(10): 2867-2878. 63. Nakabayashi R, Mori T, Saito K. Alternation of flavonoid accumulation under drought stress in Arabidopsis thaliana . Plant Signal Behav 2014; pii: e29518. 64. Alam MA, Juraimi, AS, Rafii MY, Hamid AA, Aslani F, Hakim MA. Salinity induced changes in the morphology and major mineral nutrient composition of purslane ( Portulaca oleracea L.) accessions. Biol Res 2016; 49: 24. doi: 10.1186/s40659-016-0084-5 65. van Zandt PA, Mopper S. Delayed and

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Mihai Stefan Tirsu and Galina Nicolae Uzun

References 1. Slade R, Bauen A, Gross R. Global bioenergy resources. Nature Climate Change 2014; 4, 99-105 2. Popp J, Lakner Z, Harangi-Rákos M, Fári M. The effect of bioenergy expansion: Food, energy, and environment. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 2014; 32559-578 1364-0321 3. Importance Of Bioenergy Should Not Be Underestimated ( 4. Bioenergy. Strategic Insight. World Energy Resources: Bioenergy World Energy Council 2013

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Anthony Singer, Eleni Markoutsa, Alya Limayem, Subhra Mohapatra and Shyam S. Mohapatra

References 1. Iavicoli I, Leso V, Ricciardi W, Hodson LL, Hoover MD. Opportunities and challenges of nanotechnology in the green economy. Environ Health 2014; 13:78. 2. Hutchison JE. The Road to Sustainable Nanotechnology: Challenges, Progress and Opportunities. ACS Sustain Chem Eng 2016; 4:5907-5914. 3. Cheng HN, Doemeny LJ, Geraci CL, Grob Schmidt D. Nanotechnology Overview: Opportunities and Challenges. Nanotechnology: Delivering on the Promise Volume 1. Volume 1220: American Chemical Society, 2016

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Martin Vanek, Filip Mravec, Martin Szotkowski, Dana Byrtusova, Andrea Haronikova, Milan Certik, Volha Shapaval and Ivana Marova

References 1. Irimia-Vladu M, Głowacki E, Voss G, Bauer S, Sariciftci N. Green and biodegradable electronics. Mater Today 2012; 15:340-346. 2. Irimia-Vladu M, Troshin P, Reisinger M, et al. Environmentaly sustainable organic field effect transistors. Organic Electronics 2010; 11:1974-1990. 3. Marova I, Carnecka M, Halienova A, Breierova E, Koci R. Production of Carotenoid-/Ergosterol-Supplemented Biomass by Red Yeast Rhodotorula glutinis Grown Under External Stress. Food Technol Biotechnol 2010; 48:56-61. 4. Frengova G, Beshkova D

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Abin Sebastian, Rima Kumari, Boda Ravi Kiran and Majeti Narasimha Vara Prasad

References 1. Frohnmeyer H, Staiger D. Ultraviolet-B radiation mediated responses in plants. Balancing damage and protection. Plant Physiol 2003; 133:1420-1428. 2. Tripathi R, Sarkar A, Rai SP, Agrawal SB. Supplemental ultraviolet-B and ozone, impact on antioxidants, proteome and genome of linseed (Linum usitatissimum L. cv Padmimi). Plant Biol 2010; doi: 10.1111/j. 1438-8677.2010.00323.x. 3. Kumari R, Prasad M.N.V. (2013) Medicinal Plant Active Compounds Produced by UV-B Exposure Sustainable Agriculture

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Mario Novak, Antonija Trontel, Anita Slavica, Predrag Horvat and Božidar Šantek

production of fuel ethanol from different feedstocks. Biores Technol. 2008; 99: 5270-5295. 5. Novak M, Mathematical modeling and mass transfer research in development of sustainable bioprocesses for production of organic solvents and biofuels. 2015. PhD Thesis. Laboratory for Biochemical Engineering, Industrial Microbiology and Malting and Brewing Technology, Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology, University of Zagreb. 6. Šantek, B, Ivancic M, Horvat P, Novak S, Maric V. (2006) Horizontal Tubular Bioreactors in Biotechnology. CABEQ