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Ivars Majors

References 1. Arni-Bloch, N., Ralyte, J., & Leonard, M. (2009). Service-driven information systems evaluation: Handling integrity constraints consistency. In The Practice of Enterprise Modeling : Proceedings of Second IFIP 8.1. Working conference, PoEM (pp. 191-206). Germany: Springer. 2. Assefa, G., & Frostell, B. (2007). Social sustainability and social acceptance in technology assessment: A case study of energy technologies. Technology in Society , 29(1), 63-78. 3. Barrios, J., & Nurcan, S. (2004

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Anna Vintere

. Cortese, A.D. (2003). The critical role of higher education in creating a sustainable future. Planning for Higher Education, Vol. 8 No. 4, pp 385-402. 5. David, Orr. (2004). Earth in Mind: On Education, Environment, and the Human prospect, 6. Fernando, A., Lopez, G., Manrique, D., Vines, J.M. (2005). An instructional model for webbased e-learning education with a blended learning process approach . British Journal of Educational Technology, Vol. 36, No. 219. 7. Gibbs, G. (1992). Improving the quality of student learning. Bristol: Technical and

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Dereje Tesema and Abeje Berhanu

. (2016). Determinants of farm household food security in Hawi Gudina district, West Hararghe zone, Oromia Regional National State, Ethiopia. Journal of Agricultural Extension and Development . 8(2), pp. 12-18. 27. Gesese, S., Ignatious, M. (2012). The Role of Off- And Non-Farm Activities In Achieving Sustainable Rural Livelihoods Security In Gubalfto District, North Wollo Zone, Amhara Region, Ethiopia. Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa. 14 (5), pp. 126-143. 28. Goshu, D., Kassa, B., & Ketema, M. (2013). Measuring diet quantity and quality

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Rural Sustainability Research

Former: Proceedings of the Latvia University of Agriculture

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Yudi Widodo

under forest sustainability by agro-forestry ). PANGAN Media Informasi dan Komunikasi BULOG Vol 20(3):251-268. 26. Widodo, Y. (2012). Food from the forest of Java: tropical agro-forestry experiences in feeding dwellers and keeping the environment greener. In C.A, Brebbia (Ed.) SUSTAINABILITY TODAY. Wessex Institute of Technology (WIT) Press, Southampton, Boston. Printed in UK. Pp 281-293. 27. Widodo, Y., Rahayuningsih, St. A., & Saleh, N., Wahyuningsih, S. (2014). Incorporating Root Crops under Agroforestry as the Newly Potencial Source of Food Feed and

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Oluwakemi Adeola Obayelu, Ayodeji Ojo and Olamide Oladoyin

), 381-390. 24. Ololube, N. P. (2013). Problems and Approaches to Educational Planning in Nigeria: A theoretical observation. Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences, 4 (12), 37-48. 25. Omodero, C. O., Azubike, J. U. (2016). Empirical Review of Government Expenditure on Education and Economic Development in Nigeria (2000 – 2015). International Journal of Development and Economic Sustainability . 4(5):13-25. 26. Subbarao, K., Coury, D. (2004). Reaching Out to Africa’s Orphans: A Framework for Public Action. Washington, DC: World Bank. World Bank

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Modris Okmanis, Dagnija Lazdiņa and Andis Lazdiņš

, H. S. (2012). Ash Management Review—Applications of Biomass Bottom Ash. Energies, 5, 3856-3873; DOI:10.3390/en5103856. 5. Misra, M. K., Ragland, K. W., & Baker, A. J. (1993). Wood ash composition as a function of furnace temperature. Biomass and Bioenergy Vol. 4, No. 2, 103-116. 6. Nunes, L.J.R., Matias, J.C.O., & Catalão J.P.S. (2016). Biomass combustion systems: A review on the physical and chemical properties of the ashes. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 53, 235–242. 7. Omil, B., Piñeiro, V., & Merino, A. (2007). Trace elements in

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Vladislavs Vesperis

Wellbeing . Cambridge: Independence Educational Publishers. 5. Frank, R.H. (2007). Falling Behind: How Rising Inequality Harms the Middle Class . Berkeley, CA: University of California Press. 6. European Commission. (2010). A Strategy for Smart, Sustainable and Inclusive growth. Communication from the Commission to the European Parliament and the Council. Retrieved from 7. Eurostat. (2010). Europe in figures - Eurostat yearbook 2010

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Ainārs Grīnvalds

stāvu ražības novērtējums un apsaimniekošanas režīms. Valsts pētījumu programmas rakstu krājumā: Vietējo resursu (zemes dzīļu, meža, patikas un transporta) ilgtspējīga izmantošana - jauni produkti un tehnoloģijas 2010 - 2013 (Productivity and management regime of birch stands with spruce understorey. In proceeding: Sustainable Use of Local Resources (Entrails of the Earth, Forest, Food and Transport) - New Products and Technologies 2010-2013), (pp. 77-81). Rīga, Latvija: Koksnes Ķīmijas institūts (In Latvian). 11. West, P.W. (2009). Tree and forest