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Nna O. Uluocha

). Ayeni O.O., Saka D.N., Yakubu N., 2004, Application of Multimedia GIS to Tourism in Abuja and Environs. In: P.C. Nwilo, N.O. Uluocha, D.N. Saka (eds.), Application of Geoinformation to the Development and Management of Nigeria’s Resources, Lagos: Geoinformation Society of Nigeria, pp. 103-113. Ayeni O.O., 2012, A Multimedia GIS Database for Planning, Management and Promotion of Sustainable Tourism Industry in Nigeria. In: B. Ayeni, O. Fabiyi (eds.), Geospatial Technologies and Digital Cartography for National Security, Tourism and Disaster Management

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G.L.A. Harris, Ayanna Shivers and Patricia Deuster

. Van Erp, Jan B.F., Reschke, Stefan., Grootjen, Marc., and Brouver, Anne-Marie. 2009. Brain Performance Enhancement for Military Operators. The Research and Technology (RTO) Organisation Meeting Proceedings of NATO, 5-7 October. Sofia, Bulgaria. Veenstra, Bertil., Visser, Taco., Rietjens, Gerard., Vrijkotte, susan., and Valk, Pierre. 2009. Ambulant Measurements of Physiological Status and Cognitive Performance during Sustained Operations. The Research and Technology (RTO) Organisation Meeting Proceedings of NATO, 5-7 October. Sofia, Bulgaria

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João Vicente

WWW: <URL: US DoD, 2010. 2010 Quadrennial Defense Review Report. Department of Defense: Washington DC. US DoD, 2012a. Sustaining US Global Leadership: Priorities for 21st Century Defense. Department of Defense: Washington DC. US DoD, 2012b. Report to Congress on future Unmanned Aircraft Systems training, operations, and sustainability. Department of Defense: Washington DC. US GAO, 2012. Nonproliferation: Agencies Could Improve

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Tadeusz Pastusiak

applications . Praxis Springer, 512 pp. Jurdziński M., 1989, Nawigacyjne planowanie podróży . Gdańsk: Wydawnictwo Morskie, 188 pp. Marchenko N., 2012, Russian Arctic Seas. Navigational conditions and accidents . Berlin–Heidelberg: Springer-Verlag, 293 pp. Melenas Y., 2013, Support system for the Northern Sea Route . World Maritime Day Symposium on a Sustainable Maritime Transportation System. London, 34 pp. Monko N., 2012, Summary of the navigation 2011, Legislation and administrative procedures regulating the navigation along the Northern Sea

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Wojciech Pokojski and Paulina Pokojska

traffic analysis zone delineating method based on Thiessen polygon. “Sustainability” Vol. 6, no. 4, pp. 1821-1832. DOI: 10.3390/su6041821 Wu H., Takahashi S., Lin C., Yen H., 2013, Voronoi- -based label placement for metro maps. In: 17th International Conference on Information Visualization. London 2013, pp. 96-101. DOI: 10.1109/IV.2013.11 Xu Y., Fan X.H., Liu K.G., Shi L., Xu. B., Wang F.M., Lin J.P., 2013, Applying and practicing of MATLAB programing for Voronoi tessellation. “Advanced Materials Research” Vol. 706-708, pp. 391-394.

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Ricardo G. Lugo, Stefan Sütterlin, Benjamin J. Knox, Øyvind Jøsok, Kirsi Helkala and Natalie Marie Lande

structures and lines of command, the new requirements for and the roles of cyber defense officers are yet to be defined ( Tikk-Ringas et al. 2014 ). The cognitive demands required for a successful cyber defense include a cognitive skill set with emphasis on cognitive flexibility, situational awareness, sustained attentional control, and motivation ( Helkala et al. 2015a , 2015b , 2016 ). The relevance of the human factor in cyber defense has gained the attention of the research community ( Mancuso et al. 2014a , 2014b ; Gutzwiller et al. 2015 ; Jøsok et al. 2016

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Pankaj Sharma and Makarand S Kulkarni

study among software professionals in India. Human Resource Development Quarterly , 15 (1), pp. 77-88. 10.1002/hrdq.1088 Paul A. K. Anantharaman R. N. 2004 Influence of HRM practices on organizational commitment: A study among software professionals in India Human Resource Development Quarterly 15 1 77 88 Peltz, E., Girardini, K., Robbins, M., & Boren, P. (2008). Effectively sustaining forces overseas while minimizing supply chain costs , Report (DB-524-A/DLA), RAND Corporation, Santa Monica, CA. Peltz E. Girardini K. Robbins M. Boren P. 2008 Effectively

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Ilmari Käihkö

prerequisite to his understanding of war as a political instrument. This view of war as an institution thus underlines even Clausewitz’s famous view of war as a continuation of politics, indispensable to modern military theory and practice alike. It is the mutually accepted institution that sets a limit for the use of violence in duels both between individuals and between communities, thus shackling extremities: the shared institution sustains symmetry between parties, defines the purpose and means of violence, as well as who can apply and be targeted by it ( Herberg

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Linas Didvalis

References Achard, F., Eva, H. D., Stibig, H.-J., Mayaux, P., Gallego, J., Richards, T., Malingreau, J.-P., 2002. Determination of deforestation rates of the world’s humid tropical forests. Science 297, 999-1002. AFP, 2003. Report of the 2nd AFP meeting. Bebarta, K. C., 2004. Forest Resources And Sustainable Development: Principles, Perspectives And Practices. Concept Publishing Company. Blaser, J., Sarre, A., Poore, D., Johnson, S., 2011. Status of Tropical Forest Management2011. International

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Jürgen Renn


The paper argues that humanity has entered a new stage of evolution: epistemic evolution. Just as cultural evolution emerged against the background of biological evolution, epistemic evolution began as an aspect of cultural evolution and now dominates the global fate of humanity. It is characterized by the increasing dependence of global society on the achievements and further extension of science and technology in order to ensure its sustainability in the age of the Anthropocene. The historical development of knowledge is reviewed from an evolutionary perspective that introduces key concepts of an historical epistemology.