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Mehdi Rakhshandehroo, Mohd Johari Mohd Yusof, Roozbeh Arabi and Rasul Jahandarfard

R eferences Ackley, J. W., (2014). “Bringing Nature to Humans: How to Evaluate the Next Generation of Urban Parks and Green Spaces,” Cities Environ., vol. 7, no. 1, p. 9, 2014. Adams, W. M., (2006). “The future of sustainability: Re-thinking environment and development in the twenty-first century,” in Report of the IUCN renowned thinkers meeting , 2006, vol. 29, p. 31. Adhya, A., Plowright, P. & Stevens, J., (2010). “Defining sustainable urbanism: Towards a responsive urban design,” in Proceedings of the Conference on Sustainability and the

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Phan Dao and Nguyễn Thuy Lan Chi


Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), the largest city in Vietnam, is steadily growing, certainly towards a mega city in the near future. Like other mega cities at the boom stage, it has to face with serious environmental matters insolvable for many years. The situation may be worse under the effects of global climate change, geological subsidence due to non-standard construction and sea level rise. The situation of HCMC can be damaged or even broken by resonant effects of unsolved environmental matters and latent impacts of climate change. This article shows the challenges to the urban sustainable development under the duo effect of urban environmental matters and climate change in Ho Chi Minh City. Opportunities and strategic directions to overcome the challenges are also analyzed and recommended.

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Faiza Darkhani, Osman Mohd Tahir and Roziya Ibrahim

Management , 62 (1), 118–127. C.A.B.E., S. (2004). Green space strategies. A Good Practice Guide . Retrieved August 25, 2004, from Cumming, T. L., Shackleton, R. T., Förster, J., Dini, J., Khan, A., Gumula, M., & Kubiszewski, I. (2017). Achieving the national development agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through investment in ecological infrastructure : A case study of South Africa

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N. Aydan Sat

References Adolphson M (2009) Estimating a polycentric urban structure. Case study: Urban changes in the Stockholm region 1991–2004. Journal of Urban Planning and Development 135(1): 19-30. Anas A, Arnott R, Small, K A (1998) Urban spatial structure. Journal of Economic Literature 36(3): 1426-1464. Bertaud A (2003) World development report 2003: Dynamic development in a sustainable world background paper: The spatial organization of cities: Deliberate outcome or unforeseen consequence. World Bank. Borsdorf A, Hildalgo R, Vidal-Koppmann S

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Michael Chukwuma Obeta and Cletus Famous Nwankwo

References Adewuyi, A.P. 2013. State-local government collaborative partnership in rural infrastructural development in Katsina State, 1999-2102, Nigerian Journal of Social Sciences 9(2) 73–93. Ajao, K. R., Ajimotokan, H. A., Popoola, O. T., Akande, H. F. 2009. Electric energy supply in Nigeria, decentralized energy approach, Cogeneration and Distributed Generation Journal , 24(4), 34–50. Ajayi, J.O., Sonuga, F.A., Aliboh, O.P., Oloke, D.A. 2003. Sustainable portable water supply to Nigerians through conjunctive development of surface and

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Alex Barimah Owusu

and Housing Census: Summary Report of Final Results. Accra, Ghana: Ghana. Ghana Statistical Service 2012. Online available at: Groenewegen, P., Van Den Berg, A., De Vries, S., and Verheij, R. 2015. Vitamin G: Effects of green space on health, well-being, and social safety. BMC Public Health 6, 149. DOI: 10.1186/1471-2458-6-149 Guntenspergen, G. R. 2010. Introduction: Long-term ecological sustainability of wetlands in urban landscape. In: Thomas, R. D

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Ryszard F. Sadowski

References Allison E., 2007, Religious Organizations Taking Action on Climate Change, Access: 1.03.2017, Bakken P. W., Engel J.G., Engel J. R., 1995, Ecology, Justice, and Christian Faith: A Critical Guide to the Literature, Greenwood Press, Westport, Conn. Barbour I. G., 2000, Scientifc and Religious Perspectives on Sustainability, [in:] Christianity and Ecology, D. T. Hessel, R. R. Ruether (eds), Harvard University Press

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Andrzej Kassenberg

References Enough is Enough: Ideas for a sustainable economy in a world of finite resources. The report of the Steady State Economy Conference, 2010, Dan W. O’Neill, Rob Dietz, Nigel Jones (eds), Centre for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy and Economic Justice for All, Leeds, UK.

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Helena Mesquita Pina

, the political and economic context, in particular through investment in tourism, has transformed the landscape into a key element that needs to be explored ( Cunha 2016 ; Pina 2013b , Pina & Queiroz 2017 ). Tourism is regarded as indispensable for the improvement of quality of life, which has, consequently, led to its democratisation, and a renewed focus on the landscape. Hence, the need for a global and sustained management of this heritage, has become a priority ( Pina 2014 ). The conservation and enhancement of this legacy does not, however, depend only on its

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Zbigniew Mirek and Zbigniew Witkowski

-Falniowska, M. Grzegorczyk, Z. J. Kijas, Z. Mirek (eds), Instytut Ochrony Przyrody PAN, Kraków, 85‒110. Mirek Z., 2000c, Powołani do panowania, (Called to reign), [in:] Mówić o Stwórcy i przyrodzie. Przewodnik edukacyjny, (Talk about the Creator and nature. Educational Guide), A. Dyduch- -Falniowska, M.Grzegorczyk, Z. J. Kijas, Z. Mirek (eds), Instytut Ochrony Przyrody PAN, Instytut Studiów Franciszkańskich, Kraków, 93‒97. Mirek Z., 2001, Co to jest ekorozwój? (What is sustainability?), [in:] Mówić o przyrodzie. Zintegrowana wizja przyrody