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Oana Nicoleta Barbu and Cristian Stănilă

REFERENCES Bâc D.P., (2013). Turismul și dezvoltarea durabilă, [Tourism and sustainable development] Ed. Economică, București; Dicționar de economie politică , [ Dictionary of Political Economy ]1974, Ed. Politică, București, p. 693-694 Dincă D., (2008). Managementul serviciilor publice [ Management of public services ]– suport de curs, Facultatea de Administrație Publică, București Nicola I. (2010). Managementul serviciilor publice locale [Management of local public services] , Edit. CH Beck, Bucureşti. https

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Cristian Stănilă and Oana Nicoleta Barbu

REFERENCES Benedek, J., (2004) Amenajarea teritoriului şi dezvoltarea regională , [ Regional Planning and Development ] Editura Presa Universitară Clujeană, Cluj-Napoca. Benedek, J., (2001). Introducere în planning teritorial , [ Introduction to territorial planning ] Editura Risoprint, Cluj-Napoca. Cândea, M., Cîmpeanu, I., Bran, F., (2006). Organizarea, amenajarea şi dezvoltarea durabilă a spaţiului geografic, [Organization, planning and sustainable development of the geographical space] Editura Universitară, Bucureşti. Cândea, M

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Andra Costache

predicting sustainability. Ecological economics , 15 (3), 193-196. Cutter, S. L., Barnes, L., Berry, M., Burton, C., Evans, E., Tate, E., Webb, J. (2008), A place-based model for understanding community resilience to natural disasters. Global environmental change , 18 (4), 598-606. Cutter, S. L., Burton, C. G., Emrich, C. T. 2010, Disaster resilience indicators for benchmarking baseline conditions. Journal of Homeland Security and Emergency Management , 7 (1), article 51 Cutter, S. L. 2016, The landscape of disaster resilience indicators in the USA

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Andreea Georgiana Stănilă and Constantin Ionuț Barbu

REFERENCES Băltăreţu A., (1999), Ariile protejate – verigi ale unei reţele ecologice europene [Protected areas - links of a European ecological network] Bâc D. P., (2013), Turismul și dezvoltarea durabilă. Realități. Provocări. Oportunități [Tourism and sustainable development. Realities. Challenges. Opportunities], Ed. Economică, București Bulai M., (2013), Accesibilitate și turism. Studiu de caz: regiunea Moldovei [Accessibility and tourism. Case Study: Moldovan region] , Ed. Universității „Alexandru Ioan Cuza”, Iași Cândea M., Bran

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Arevik Minasyan


Haematococcus pluvialis is a genus of green algae that keeps the high interest of the scientists for decades due to its capacity to synthesize astaxanthin. Among many others, astaxanthin is one of the most demanded natural anti-oxidant and the product of the future. It has the widest usage as source of nutrient rich food and health promoting compounds. Astaxanthin has got various applications in the nutraceuticals as immune system enhancer and anti-cancer agent, in the cosmetics as anti-aging component, as additive to food, as well as in the aquaculture industries. As a key requirement for the research in this field is to find out the better conditions and media to stimulate the H.pluvialis higher growth rate to reach in the field of microalgae economically sustainable cultivation and processing. The effect of WC versus BG-11 media to enhance growth rate of Haematococcus pluvialis has been examined. This study employed a parallel testing of stimulating effect of extra vitamins versus phosphorus. Combination of mentioned parameters with gentle shacking have been determined as multiple effectors that contribute to green algae cultures to grow to high density. Importantly, this study demonstrates that extra phosphorus contribute to growth rate of H.pluvilais positively, meanwhile addition of extra vitamins in combination with extra phosphorus impact both positively and negatively to promote cells division. Shacking influences the culture growth as either stimulator or repressor.

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Constantin Ionuţ Barbu and Andreea Stănilă

REFERENCES Bâc D., (2012). Turismul şi dezvoltarea durabilă: realităţi, provocări şi oportunităţi [ Tourism and sustainable development: realities, challenges and opportunities ], Ed Economică, Bucureşti Bulai M., (2013). Accesibilitate și turism. Studiu de caz: Regiunea Moldovei, [ Accessibility and tourism. Case Study: Region Moldova ] Editura Universității Al. I. Cuza, Iași Ciangă N, (2001). România. Geografia turismului (Partea întâi) [ Romania. Tourism Geography (Part One) ], Edit. Presa Universitară Clujeană, Cluj-Napoca; Ciangă N

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Marko Langovic and Vojislav Dedjanski

erozionim procesima [Sustainability of water supply systems in Serbia terms of endangered by erosion processes], Vodoprivreda, 39, 47 - 57 [in Serbian] SEPA, (2015). Vode Srbije u vremenu prilagođavanja na klimatske promene [Serbian waters in time of adaptation to climate changes, Belgrade Serbia [in Serbian] Statistical office of the Republic of Serbia, (2014). Statistical calendar of Serbia 2014, Belgrade, Serbia. Takic, Lj., Mladenovic, I., Zivkovic, N. & Djordjevic, A. (2011). A case study of the correlation criteria of

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Răzvan Voicu and Pete Baki

, La Crosse, Wisconsin, June 2005, 25. Kay E. L. and Voicu R., 2013 ‒ Developing An Ecological And Migration System For Ichthyofauna On The Crişul Repede River Near The City Hall Of Oradea, Management of Sustainable Development, Sibiu, Romania, 5, 2, 27- 33. Keefer M., Caudill C, Clabough T., Jepson M., Johnson E., Peery C., Higgs M., Moser M. (2013). Fishway passage bottleneck identification and prioritization: a case study of Pacific lamprey at Bonneville Dam Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, Vol. 70, No. 10: pp

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Dragoș Dărăbăneanu and Iulian Dincă

-Maseda, R., Fra-Paleo, U. (2006). Exploring farmer's knowledge as a source of information on past and present cultural landscapes: A case study from NW Spain, Landscape and Urban Planning, 78:4, 334-343, Cordente-Rodríguez, M., Mondéjar-Jiménez, J.-A., Villanueva-Álvaro, J.-J. (2014). Sustainability of Nature: the Power of the Type of Visitors, Environmental Engineering and Management Journal, 13:10, 2437-2447. de Groot, W.T., van den Born, R. J. G. (2003). Visions of nature and landscape

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Georgiana Grigoraș and Bogdan Urițescu

., Verma, P., (2017). Impact of land use change and urbanization on urban heat island in Lucknow city, Central India. A remote sensing based estimate. Sustain. Cities Soc. 32, 100-114. Stewart, I.D., (2011). A systematic review and scientific critique of methodology in modern urban heat island literature. Int. J. Climatol. 31, 200-217. Tumanov, S., Stan-Sion, A., Lupu, A., Soci, C., Oprea, C., (1999). Influences of the city of Bucharest on weather