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Svetlana Bíčárová, Jozef Mačutek and Dušan Bilčík

References Alexandersson H., 1986: A homogeneity test applied to precipitation data. Journal of Climatology, 6, 661-675. Bičárová S., Fleischer P., 2004: Ground level ozone at the meteorological observatory Stará Lesná. Contrib. Geophys. Geod., 34, 2, 111-129. Bičárová S., Pribullová A., Mačutek J., 2010: Spatial distribution of the precipitation. Forum Carpaticum-Integrating nature and society towards sustainability, conference proceedings, Institute of Geography and Spatial Management, Jagiellonian University

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Jaroslav Rožnovský, Tomáš Litschmann, Hana Středová, Tomáš Středa, Petr Salaš and Marie Horká

. In: Sustainable development and bioclimate: Reviewed Conference Proceedings, Eds. Pribullová and Bičarová. Geophysical Institute of the Slovak Academy of Science and Slovak Bioclimatological Society of the Slovak Academy of Science, Stará Lesná, pp. 205–206. ISBN 978-80900450-1-9. Litschmann T., Rožnovský J., 2012: HUMIDEX index evaluation on the territory of Brno (Zhodnocení indexu HUMIDEX na území města Brna). 20 th International Poster Day Transport of Water, Chemicals and Energy in the Soil-Plant-Atmosphere System, Bratislava, 15.11.2012, ISBN 978

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Robert Tenzer

., Braitenberg C., 2013: The GOCE estimated Moho beneath the Tibetan Plateau and Himalaya. In: International Association of Geodesy Sym­posia, Earth on the Edge: Science for a Sustainable Planet, Proceedings of the IAG General Assembly, 28 June - 2 July 2011, Melbourne, Australia, Rizos, C. and P. Willis (Eds.), 139, Springer-Verlag, Berlin. Shapiro N. M., Ritzwoller M. H., 2002: Monte-Carlo inversion for a global shear-velocity model of the crust and upper mantle. Geophys. J. Int., 151, 88-105. Sjoberg L. E., 2009: Solving Vening Meinesz

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Svetlana Bičárová and Ladislav Holko

- Nitra: Slovak Agricultural University Nitra, ISBN 978-80-552-0640-0. Maronna T., Yohai V. J., 1978: A bivariate test for the detection of a systematic change in mean. Journal of the American Statistical Association, 73, 640-645. Melo M., Lapin M., Damborská I., 2009: Shifts in Climatic Regions in the Mountain Parts of Slovakia. In: Pribullová A., Bičárová S. (Editors). Sustainable development and bioclimate, Stará Lesná, Slovakia: Geophysical Institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences and Slovak Bioclimatological Society, 42

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Ludmiła Pietrzak, Andrzej Hopfer and Stanisław Cegielski

-124. Kaufmann, J., & Steudler, D. (1998). Cadastre 2014, A vision for a future cadastral system, FIG, July 1998. Available from Lemmen, CHJ & Oosterom, PJM van (2006). Distributed cadastral systems: FIG core cadastral domain model version 1.0. GIM International: the worldwide magazine for geomatics, 20 (11), 43-47. Enemark, S. and Williamson I. (2011). Land administration systems: the significant role od the cadastre in support of sustainable spatial management. In 3 rd Cadastral Congress 23

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Agnieszka Glowacka, Jaroslaw Janus and Piotr Bożek

– paving the way to the future, 2 nd EUROPEAN CONFERENCE ON CADASTRE, Bucharest, Romania, 6–7 MAY 2010. Gobin, A., Campling, P., Feyen, J. (2001). Spatial analysis of rural land ownership . Landscape and Urban Planning , No 55(3): 185–194. DOI . Hasanzadeh, K. (2010). GIS, Cadastre and Sustainable Development. International Journal of Geomatics Geosciences , No 1(3): 414–425, Retrieved from Herrmann, S. and Osinski, E

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Paweł Hanus

: International Federation de Geometres (FIG). Pietrzak, E., Hopfer A. & Cegielski E. (2012). Reforms of a real estate cadastre in Poland. Geodesy and Cartography , 61(2), 117-126. DOI: 10.2478/v10277-012-0022-9. Williamson, I., Enemark S., Wallace J. & Rajabifard A. (2010). Land Administration for Sustainable Development . USA California: ESRI Press Academic Redlands.

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Jan Krynski, Tomasz Olszak, Marcin Barlik and Przemyslaw Dykowski

for the needs of contemporary absolute gravity measurements - first results. Reports on Geodesy, 1(92), 23-35. Farrell, W.E. (1972). Deformation of the Earth by surface loads. Rev. Geophys. and Space Phys ., 10, 761-797. Kloch-Glowka, G. Szelachowska M. & Krynski J. (2013): Analysis of time variations of the gravity field over Europe obtained from GRACE data in terms of geoid height and mass variation, IAG Symposia Vol. 139, (ed.) P. Willis, Earth on the Edge: Science for a Sustainable Planet, XXV IUGG General Assembly, Melbourne

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Jerzy B. Rogowski and Pawel Wielgosz

Australian Region. Earth on the Edge: Science for a Sustainable Planet. Springer Verlag, Berlin - Heidelberg 2014, pp. 41-49. Norman, R., Le Marshall, J., Zhang, K., Wang, C.-S., Carter, B.A., Rohm, W., Manning, T., Gordon, S. and Li, Y. (2014). Comparing GPS Radio Occultation Observations with Radiosonde Measurements in the Australian Region. Earth on the Edge: Science for a Sustainable Planet, Springer Verlag, Berlin - Heidelberg 2014, pp. 51-57. Paziewski, J. (2012): New algorithms for precise positioning with use of Galileo and EGNOS

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Agnieszka Zwirowicz-Rutkowska

European Communities. (2009). Decision of 5 June 2009 implementing Directive 2007/2/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council as regards monitoring and reporting. Official Journal of the European Union L148. Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union. Craglia, M. and Nowak, J. (2006). Report of International Workshop on Spatial Data Infrastructures: Cost-Benefit / Return on Investment. 12-13 January 2006. Ispra, Italy. European Commission Joint Research Centre, Institute for Environment and Sustainability. Craglia, M. and Campagna, M. (2010