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Patrycja Hąbek and Juan Jose Lavios Villahoz

References Alay, C., Säfsten, K. and Johansson, G. (2017). Conceptual sustainable production principles in practice: Do they reflect what companies do?, Journal of Cleaner Production 141 pp. 693-701. Bluszcz, A. (2017). Ecological Growth Boundaries. Management Systems In Production Engineering, Volume: 25, Issue: 1, pp. 55-59. Hąbek, P. and Brodny, J. (2017). Corporate Social Responsibility Report - An Important Tool to Communicate with Stakeholders. In 4th International Multidisciplinary Scientific Conference

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Tareq Z. Ahram

References [1] Karwowski W., Ahram T.Z, Amaba B., Building Sustainable Human-Centered Complex Systems , 50th Anniversary Congress of the SELF in Ergonomics: Meeting society’s challenges, Paris University Panth´eon - Sorbonne, Paris, France, August 28-30, 2013. [2] Ahram T.Z., Karwowski W., Soares M., Smarter Products User-Centered Systems Engineering , In: Waldemar Karwowski, Marcelo Soares and Neville Stanton (eds.), Handbook of Human Factors and Ergonomics in Consumer Product Design, Methods and Techniques, Taylor

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Miroslav Rusko and Dana Procházková

References PROCHÁZKOVÁ, D. Principles of Sustainable Development. Manuscript, 200 p. [In Czech]. PROCHÁZKOVÁ, D. Strategic Safety Management of Territory and Organisation. Praha: Karolinum, 2011, 399 p., in print. [In Czech]. ISBN 978-80-01-04844-3 PROCHÁZKOVÁ, D. 5 Research Reports to Ministry of Agriculture project 1R56002 "Auxiliary Multi-Criteria System for Decision-making Supporting the Sustainable development of Land and Human Seats". Praha: MZe ČR, 2005-2007, 1023 p

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Ovidiu Nicolescu and Ciprian Nicolescu

knowledge management in project business, Journal of Knowledge Management, Vol. 14 No 1, pp.156-168, 2010. [5] Ovidiu Nicolescu and Ciprian Nicolescu, Organizația și managementul bazate pe cunoștințe, Bucharest, ProUniversitaria, 2011. [6] Peter Zollinger, Sustainable Management? Don’t Bother! in Jan-Dirk Seiler- Hausmann, Christa Liedtke, Ernst U von Weizsäcker, Eco-Efficency and Beyond: Towards the Sustainable Enterprise, Sheffield, Greenleaf Publishing, 2004. [7] Promod Barta and Vijai Barta, Management Thoughts, Full

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Štefan Tkáč

no. 8), 59p. [6] SEPS (Slovak Electricity Transmission System). (2013). Selected data about the transmission system in 2013 . Retrieved January 20, 2015 from [7] Taiwan Power Company (2012). Sustainability Report 2012 . Taipei, Taiwan: Taipower, Retrieved February 20, 2015 from [8] Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic (2013). Unemployment 2013

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Jan Johansson

). “The Construction of Affordable Low-Energy Prefabricated Housing”. In: Trubiano, F. (ed.), The Design and Construction of High Performance Homes: Building Envelopes, Renewable Energies and Integrated Practice (p. 203-216). Abingdon: Routledge. [5] [5]Bordass, B. & Leaman, A. (2013). Part 2: Building Performance: The Bigger Picture. Building professionals and the challenge of sustainability. Located 17. September 2018 on [6] [7] [6]Bordass, B. Leaman, A. & Willis, S. (1994

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Valentin Grecu

References [1]. Merad, M., Dechy, N., Serir, L., Grabisch, M., & Marcel, F. (2013). Using a multi-criteria decision aid methodology to implement sustainable development principles within an organization. European Journal of Operational Research, 224(3), 603-613. [2]. Grecu, V. and Denes, C., (2012a) A Decision Support System for the Transition Towards the Sustainable University, Proceedings of the International Conference on Engineering & Business Education, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Sibiu, Romania, 18 - 21 October, 2012, pp319-324 [3

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Helena Fidlerová and Miroslava Mĺkva

References: 1. BAJDOR P., et al. 2005. The Selected Aspects of Sustainable Development in Supply Chain Management. Applied Mechanics and Materials , Vol. 708, pp. 3-7. 2. DUPAĽ, A., BREZINA, I. 2006. Logistika v manažmente podniku. ( Logistics in the management of a company .) Bratislava: Sprint vfra, 326 p. ISBN 80-89085-38-5 3. DALE S. & TIBBEN-LEMBKE, R. S. 1998. Going Backwards: Reverse Logistics Trends and Practices. 4. DEKKER, R., FLEISCHMANN, M., INDERFURTH, K., & VAN WASSENHOVE, L. N. (EDS.). 2004. Reverse logistics

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Aldona Kluczek

References [1] Rosen M.A., Kishawy H.A., Sustainable manufacturing and design: concepts, practices and needs , Sustainability, 4, 154–174, 2012. [2] Goyal P., Rahman Z., Corporate sustainability performance assessment: an analytical hierarchy process approach , Int. J. Intercultural Information Management, 4, 1, 1–14, 2014. [3] STPI (Science and Technology Policy Institute), White Papers on Advanced Manufacturing Questions. Advanced Manufacturing Workshop of the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology’s Study on Creating New

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Lanndon Ocampo and Eppie Clark

concern in manufacturing strategies: implications for the decision criteria, Management Research Review, 33, 9, 877-899, 2010. [9] Joung C.B., Carrell J., Sarkar P., Feng S.C., Categorization of indicators for sustainable manufacturing, Ecological Indicators, 24, 148-157, 2013. [10] Despeisse M., Mbaye F., Ball P.D., Levers A., The emergence of sustainable manufacturing practices, Production Planning and Control, 23, 5, 354-376, 2012. [11] Smith L., Ball P., Steps towards sustainable manufacturing through modeling material