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Abraham Osa Ehiorobo

References Adebayo, R. I. (2010). Ethno-Religious Crisis and Challenges of Sustainable Development in Nigeria. Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa, 12(4), 213-225. Retrieved from Asaolu, T. (2015). Privatization in Nigeria: Regulation, deregulation, corruption and the way forward. The Nation, Nov. 8. Retrieved from http

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Ricardo Ferraz

References Afonso, A., & Jalles J. (2012). Revisiting fiscal sustainability - Panel cointegration and structural breaks in OECD countries. European Central Bank - Working Paper Series, 1465. AMECO. (2017). Annual Data on Public Finances. Retrieved May 24, 2017, from AMECO database, . Black, S. (1985). Learning from adversity: policy responses to two oil shocks. Essays in International Finance, 160, 1-24. Retrieved from https

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Melita Moretti and Mirko Markič

., Knott, M., & Moustaki, I. (2011). Latent variable models and factor analysis: A unified approach. Chichester: John Wiley & Sons. 5. Blandy, R., Dockery, M., Hawke, A., & Webster, E. (2000). Does training pay? Leabrook, South Australia: National Centre for Vocational Education Research. 6. Blewitt, J. (2014). Understanding sustainable development. London: Routledge. 7. Campbell, M. (2006). Counting the value of learning. Training Journal (May), 28-30. 8. Devos, C

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Naše gospodarstvo/Our economy

Journal of contemporary issues in economics and business

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Nora Rodek Berkes

. Berkes, N., Birkner, Z., & Ernszt, I. (2015). Sustainable and responsible operation in tourism . In: Útkeresés – Tudomány – Felelősség (eds) Svéhlik Csaba, Kheops Autómobil Kutató Intézet, Mór, 2015. Birkner, Z., & Máhr, T. (2016). Interpreting innovation – in another way. Budapest Management Review, 47 (10), 39-50. Blowfield, M., & Murray, A. (2008). Corporate responsibility- a critical introduction . Oxford: Oxford University Press. Boutilier, R. (2009). Stakeholder politics: Social capital, sustainable development and the corporation . Stanford

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Dario Maradin, Ljerka Cerović and Trina Mjeda

. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 15(1), 282-295. DeCarolis, J. F., Hunter, K., & Sreepathi, S. (2012). The case for repeatable analysis with energy economy optimization models. Energy Economics, 34(6), 1845-1853. Dong, J., Chi, Y., Zou, D., Fu, C., Huang, Q., & Ni, M. (2014). Energy-environment-economy assessment of waste management systems from a life cycle perspective: Model development and case study. Applied Energy, 114, 400-408. https

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Zoltán Birkner, Tivadar Máhr and Nora Rodek Berkes

-disciplinary analysis of sustainable development and social ecology. International Journal of Social Ecology and Sustainable Development, 1(1), 41-69. Carayannis, Elias G., David F. J. Campbell (2009). “Mode 3” and “Quadruple Helix”: Toward a 21st Century Fractal Innovation Ecosystem. International Journal of Technology Management. 46 (3/4), 201-234 (

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Miroslav Nedelchev

company law and corporate governance - a modern legal framework for more engaged shareholders and sustainable companies. COM(2012) 740 final. García-Mecaa, E., García-Sánchezb, I.-M., & Martínez-Ferrerob, J. (2015). Board diversity and its effects on bank performance: An international analysis. Journal of Banking & Finance, 53, 202-214. Houbenova-Delisivkova, T. (2015). The financial sector in Bulgaria: Problems and challenges of the regulation and policies alternatives. In: Demarrage or Slow

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Magda Zupančič

. Retrieved from UNU-IHDP and UNEP (2014). Inclusive Wealth Report 2014. Measuring progress toward sustainability. Summary for Decision-Makers. Delhi: UNU-IHDP. Woodhall, M. (2001). Human capital: Educational aspects. International encyclopedia of the social and behavioral sciences (pp. 6951-6955). Amsterdam: Elsevier. World Bank (2006). Where is the wealth of nations? Measuring capital for the 21st century . Washington D.C.: The

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Igor Perko and Zoraida Mendiwelso-Bendek

:// Mulej, M. (2006). Systems, cybernetics and innovations - Introduction. Kybernetes, 35 (7–8), 939–941. Mulej, M., & Dyck, R. (2014,2015). Book Series Social responsibility beyond neo-liberalism and charity (M. Mulej & R. Dyck Eds.). Shirjah: Bentham Science. Mulej, M., Hrast, A., Potocan, V., Ecimovic, T., & Zenko, Z. (2017). Sustainable future replaces sustainable development concept by systemic behaviour via social responsibility. International Journal of Continuing Engineering Education