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Peter Štefaňák

References Barometer planéty a spoločnosti. Retrieved November 20, 2010 from Global Supersector Leaders (2010/2011). Retrieved November 20, 2010 from Kollár, V. & Brokeš, P. (2008). Cestovný ruch a trvalo udržatel'ný rozvoj

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Péter Bóna

References Beer, M. (2009). High commitment, high performance: how to build a resilient organization for sustained advantage. San Francisco: John Wiley & Sons. Braun, R. (2013). A vállalatok politikája - a vállalati közösségek és a vállalati stratégia, Vezetéstudomány 44(1): 18–28. Breene, R. T. S.; Nunes, P. F. (2011). Reinvent your business before it’s too late. Harvard Business Review 89(1–2): 80–87. Christiansen, C. M.; Overdorf, M. (2000). Meeting the challange of disruptive change, Harvard Business Review 78(2), 66

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Tom Kauko, Nikolai Siniak and Sabina Źróbek

5. References A llen J., L loyd -J ones T., 2010, Neighbourhood Asset Management: Life Cycles and Learning for Social Sustainability [In:] Social Sustainability in Urban Areas, Ed. Manzi T., Lucas K., Lloyd-Jones T., Allen J., Earthscan, London and Washington D.C., 2010, pp. 65-82. B erman E., F elter J., S hapiro J.N., T roland E., 2013, Effective aid in conflict zones , , VOX Cepr’s Policy Portal, 26 May 2013, access 21.06.2013. B ramley G., D empsey N., P ower S., B rown

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Nomeda Dobrovolskienė and Rima Tamošiūnienė

References American Council of Engineering Companies, 2009. Sustainable project management for facilities and infrastructure systems. from Association for Project Management, 2006. APM Supports Sustainability Outlooks. from Bohringer, C., and Jochem, P., 2007. Measuring the immeasurable - A survey of sustainability indices. Ecological Economics, 63(1), 1-8. DOI: Brook, J

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Edyta Rudawska and Sanda Renko

References Bebbington, J. (2001). Sustainable Development: A Review of the International Development, Business and Accounting Literature. Retrieved November 25, 2012, from http://papers. Cohen, J.W. (1988). Statistical Power analysis for the behavioral sciences , Hillsdale, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. Croatian National Bank. (2009, August). Banks Bulletin , 19. Croatian National Bank. (2010, August). Banks Bulletin , 20

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Mirek Dymitrow and Keith Halfacree

References Adams, W., 2005: Sustainability. In: Cloke, P. Crang, P. and Goodwin, M., editors, Introducing Human Geographies, 2nd edition. London: Arnold, pp. 285-297 Al-Husban, M. and Adams, C., 2016: Sustainable refugee migration: A rethink towards a positive capability approach. In: Sustainability, Vol. 8(5), pp. 451-460. DOI: 10.3390/su8050451 Anderson, C.A., 2007: Belief perseverance. In: Baumeister, R.F. and Vohs, K.D., editors, Encyclopedia of social psychology. Thousand Oaks: Sage, pp. 109

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Ewa Kucharska-Stasiak and Katarzyna Olbińska

8. Literature Analysing the Sustainable Construction Market in Poland. Market Perception Study , 2014, Construction Marketing Group, BuroHappold. A rmitage L., 2009, Thinking about the Value of Property from a Sustainable Perspective , The Australian and New Zealand, Property Journal, No. 2 (1). B elniak S., G łuszak M., Z ięba M., 2013, Budownictwo ekologiczne. Aspekty ekonomiczne ( Ecological Building. Economic Aspects ), Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN, Warszawa. B elniak S., G łuszak M., Z ięba M., 2013, Uwarunkowania ekonomiczne

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Abraham Osa Ehiorobo

References Adebayo, R. I. (2010). Ethno-Religious Crisis and Challenges of Sustainable Development in Nigeria. Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa, 12(4), 213-225. Retrieved from Asaolu, T. (2015). Privatization in Nigeria: Regulation, deregulation, corruption and the way forward. The Nation, Nov. 8. Retrieved from http

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Alexis Cruz-Rodríguez

.01.004 CROCE, E., JUAN-RAMÓN, V. H. (2003). Assessing fiscal sustainability: A crosscountry comparison. Working Paper WP/03/145, International Monetary Fund. EICHENGREEN, B., ROSE, A. K., WYPLOSZ, C. (1994). Speculative attacks on pegged exchange rates: An empirical exploration with special reference to the European Monetary System. Working Paper 4898, National Bureau of Economics Research. EICHENGREEN, B., ROSE, A. K., WYPLOSZ, C. (1996). Contagious currency crises: First tests. Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 98. Pp. 463-484. DOI: 10

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Ali Asghar Sadeghi Mojarad, Vahid Atashbari and Adrian Tantau

considerations. Optimization and Engineering, 18(1), 3-33. Hall, J., & Vredenburg, H. (2003). The challenge of innovating for sustainable development. MIT Sloan Management Review, 45(1), 61. IEA. (2016a). “FAQ: Oil,”. Retrieved from IEA. (2016b). Oil Market Report Retrieved from Ite, A. E., Ibok, U. J., Ite, M. U., & Petters, S. W. (2013). Petroleum exploration and production: past and present environmental issues in the Nigeria’s Niger Delta