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Okanlade Adesokan Lawal-Adebowale

in selected urban communities of Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria. International Journal of Social Ecology and Sustainable Development. Vol. 6. Iss. 4 p. 54-66. MACAULAY B.M. 2014. Land degradation in northern Nigeria: The impacts and implications of human-related and climatic factors. African Journal of Environmental Science and Technology. Vol. 8. Iss. 5 p. 267-273. Massachusetts Nonpoint Source Pollution Management (undated). Land reclamation [online]. pp. 2. [Access 4.02.2016]. Available at: http

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Barbara Kiełbasa, Stefan Pietrzak, Barbro Ulén, Jan-Olof Drangert and Karin Tonderski

REFERENCES B eegle D.B., C arton O.T., B aily J.B. 2000. Nutrient management planning: justification, theory, practice. Journal of Environmental Quality. No 29 p. 72–79. Convention on the Protection of the Marine Environment of the Baltic Sea Area 1992. Helsinki Commission Baltic Marine Environment Protection Commission, HELCOM, Finland pp. 43. C ordell D., W hite S. 2011. Peak phosphorus: Clarifying the key issues of a vigorous debate about long-term phosphorus security. Sustainability. No 3(10) p. 2027–2049. Council Directive 91

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Sheetal Sharma

estimate report for Chambal Subzone-1(b). A method based on unit hydrograph principle. Design Office Report. No. C/16/1988. New Delhi. Directorate Hydrology (Small Catchment), Central Water Commission pp. 32 + Append. Environment, Heritage and Local Government 2009. Guidelines for planning authorities on sustainable residential development in urban areas (Cities, towns & villages) [online]. Dublin pp. 79. [Access 10.01.2017]. Available at:

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Martyna Surma

REFERENCES A rgue J.R., B arton A.B. 2007. A review of the application of water sensitive urban design (WSUD) to residential development in Australia. Australian Journal of Water Resources. Vol. 11. No. 1 p. 31–40. B urszta -A damiak E. 2012. Analysis of the retention capacity of green roofs. Journal of Water and Land Development. No. 16 p. 3–9. City of New York. 2010. NYC green infrastructure plan. New York. C ondon P. 2010. Seven rules for sustainable communities: design strategies for the postcarbon world. Washington. Island Press

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Marta Lisiak, Klaudia Borowiak and Ewelina Muńko

References ABDOLLAHZADEH G., SHARIFZADEH A. 2014. Rural residents’ perceptions toward tourism development: a study from Iran. International Journal of Tourism Research. No. 16 p. 126-136. CHUDY-HYSKA D. 2006. Ocena wybranych uwarunkowań rozwoju funkcji turystycznej obszaru [The evaluation of chosen conditions of development of tourism function of an area]. Infrastruktura i Ekologia Terenów Wiejskich PAN. No. 2/1 p. 129-141. CIZLER J. 2013. Opportunities of sustainable development of rural areas in Serbia

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Iulia Nitu


In the context of rising food requirements regarding quality and food safety, it is necessary to obtain high quality of animal productions. In this respect, one of the most important factors which participate in the formation of animal production quality is the quality of feed administered in animal feeding. For this reason, in the present workpaper we intend to study applied technology to improve the quality of red clover for obtaining high forage and quality production in a sustainable agricultural system.

The objectives of this workpaper is to develop solutions for integrating culture of red clover in a sustainable agriculture system, respectively, exploiting of local resources fertilizer, reducing inputs in culture system of fodder in Plain Targoviste, exploiting the potential of improve soil fertility by growing the fodder.

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Journal of Water and Land Development

The Journal of Committee for Land Reclamation and Environmental Engineering in Agriculture of Polish Academy of Sciences and Institute of Technology and Life Sciences in Falenty

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Simona Nicoleta Stan and Amalia-Gianina Străteanu

Agrifood Green Power Development, a New Paradigm of Concept regarding Sustainable Rural Bioeconomics and Eco – Economics. USAMV Cluj, vol. 66 416-423, 2009, Cluj Napoca. [5] Bogdan A.T., Comşa D. – Eco-Bio-Diplomaţia, Ed. Academiei oamenilor de ştiinţă din România, 2012, București. [6] Carmin J, Vandeveer S - Extinderea UE si protectia mediului.(Schimbari institutionale si politici de mediu in Europa Centrala si de Est), Editura Arc, 2009, Bucureşti. [7] Marinescu C - Securitatea ecologică şi naţională a statelor în condiţiile globalizării, Editura

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John W. Magugu, Song Feng, Qiuqiong Huang and Gilbert O Ototo

tieno R. 2006. Agricultural policy in Kenya: Issues and processes. In: Future Agricultures Consortium Workshop. Institute of Development Studies p. 20–22. A ltieri M.A. 2004. Linking ecologists and traditional farmers in the search for sustainable agriculture. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment. Vol. 2. Iss. 1 p. 35–42. B ekele W., D rake L. 2003. Soil and water conservation decision behavior of subsistence farmers in the Eastern Highlands of Ethiopia: A case study of the Hunde-Lafto area. Ecological Economics. Vol. 46. Iss. 3 p. 437–451. B