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Case Study on the 20 Years Propagation of Carbonation in Existing Concrete Facades and Balconies

Concrete Structures”. ACI Materials Journal , Vol. 95, No. 6, 1998, pp. 675 – 681. 5. Tuutti K: “Corrosion of steel in concrete”. Stockholm, Swedish Cement and Concrete Research Institute, CBI Research 4:82, 1982, 304 p. 6. Li C Q: “Reliability service life prediction of corrosion affected concrete structures”. ASCE Journal of Structural Engineering, Vol. 130(10), 2004, pp. 1570–1577. 7. Concrete Association of Finland: “Concrete codes”. Helsinki, The Concrete Association of Finland, BY 65, 2016, 164 p. (in Finnish) 8. Concrete Association of

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Towards the Understanding of the pH Dependency of the Chloride Binding of Portland Cement Pastes

REFERENCES 1. Galan I & Glasser F P: “Chloride in cement,” Advances in Cement Research, Vol. 27, 2015, pp. 63–97. 2. International Federation for Structural concrete, fib , Model Code for Service Life Design: Model code prepared by Task group 5.6, fib, Lausanne, 2006. 3. Fick A, “Über Diffusion,” Annalen der Physik , Vol. 170, 1855, pp. 59–86. 4. De Weerdt K, Lothenbach B & Geiker M R: “Comparing chloride ingress from sea water and NaCl solution in Portland cement mortar,” Submitted for publication to Cement and Concrete Research

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Laser borided composite layer produced on austenitic 316L steel

83 (2009) 1442-1447. [4] Li Y., Wang Z., Wang L., Surface properties of nitrided layer on AISI 316L austenitic stainless steel produced by high temperature plasma nitriding in short time, Applied Surface Science 298 (2014) 243-250. [5] Frączek T., Olejnik M., Jasiński J., Skuza Z., Short-term lowtemperature glow discharge nitriding of 361L austenitic steel, Metalurgija 50 (3) (2011) 151-154. [6] Sun Y., Li X., Bell T., Structural characteristics of low temperature plasma carburised austenitic stainless steel

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The Numerical Investigation of Thin-Walled Beams with Modified C-Sections

-formed steel member design. Journal of Constructional Steel Research, 66 (2010) 971-980. [32] Beregszaszi Z-. Adam* S.. The Effect of Rounded Corners of Cold-Formed Steel Members in die Budding Analysis via the Direct Strength Method, Proceedings of the twelfth Internationa] Conference on Civil Structural and Environmental Engineering Computing Edited by: B.H.V. Topping LF„ Costa Neves and R.C Barros. 2009, Paper 36. [33] Adam*S ., JooAX.. Schafer B.W.. Buckling mode identification of thin-walled members by using cFSM base functions, Thin

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