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Vlad Cucu, Daniel Constantin and Dan-Ilie Buliga

References [1] American Iron and Steel Institute, Specification for the design of cold-formed steel structural members , USA, 1997. [2] European Committee for Standardization, Eurocode 3: design of steel structures: Part 1.3, EN 1993-1-3, 2006. [3] K.F. Chung, Analysis and design of lapped connections between cold-formed steel Z sections , Elsevier / Thin-walled structures 43, March 2005, pp. 1071-1090 [4] D. Dubină, V. Ungureanu, Design of cold-formed steel structures , Lindab Collection, Bucharest, 2004.

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Patrycja Wyszyńska, Klaudia Ponikiewska, Dominika Karaś, Małgorzata Najderska and Radosław Rogoza

References Bergman, L.R., Corovic, J., Ferrer-Wreder, L., & Modig, K. (2014). High IQ in early adolescence and career success in adulthood: Findings from a Swedish longitudinal study. Research in Human Development, 11, 165-185. doi: 10.1080/15427609.2014.936261 Brown, M.W., & Cudeck, R. (1993). Alternative ways of assessing model fi t. In K.A. Bollen & J.S. Long (Eds.), Testing structural equation models (pp. 136-162). Newbury Park, CA: Sage. Caspi, A., Roberts, B.W., & Shiner, R. (2005). Personality

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Petr Kaniok and Magda Komínková

. Leconte, C. (2010), Understanding Euroscepticism , New York: Palgrave Macmillan. Meijer, E. (2001), Written question E-2808/01 by Erik Meijer (GUE/NGL) to the Commission. 46,05% structural exceeding of deadlines for replies to non-priority written questions, Parliamentary Questions , OJ C 115 E, 16.05.2002, p. 164. Navarro, J. (2010), Questions in the European Parliament: What for? Preliminary Findings , Sciences Po Bordeaux: Spirit. Raunio, T. (1996), ‘Parliamentary questions in the European

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Augustyn Bańka and Aleksander Hauziński

, E., Epstein, L.M. (2009). Aversive and avoidant indecision. Roles for regret proneness, maximization, and BIS/BAS sensitives. Personality & Individual Differences, 47, 4, 256-261. Steel, P. (2007). The nature of procrastination: A meta-analytic and theoretical review of quintessential self-regulatory failure. Psychological Bulletin, 133, 65-94. Super, D.E. (1972). Psychologia zainteresowań. Warszawa: PWN Tokar, D.M., Withrow, J.R., Hall, R.J., Moradi, B. (2003). Psychological separation, attachment security, vocational self

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Maria Finogenow

, 25-37. doi:10.1037/0882-7974.18.1.25 Europe In Figures - Eurostat Yearbook (2010). Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union. Field, A. (2000). Discovering Statistics using SPSS for Windows . London: SAGE Publications Ltd. Finogenow, M. (2008). Psychologiczne uwarunkowania zadowolenia z życia w wieku emerytalnym - wyniki modelowania równań strukturalnych. [Psychological Determinants of Life Satisfaction in Retirement Age - Structural Eqation Modeling]. Polskie Forum Psychologiczne , 13 , 82

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Yilmaz Kaplan

Council of the PRC (2009), China’s National Defence in 2008, Retrieved from [accessed 5 Dec 2016] Vilpisauskas, R. (2016), ‘European Union or Eurasian Economic Union? A dilemma for the Eastern Partnership countries,’ in S. Gstöhl (ed.) The European Neighbourhood Policy in a Comparative Perspective: Models, Challenges, Lessons, London: Routledge. Waltz, K. N. (1979), Theory of International Politics, Reading: Addison Wesley Publishing. -- (2000), ‘Structural

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Marcin Gryniewicz and Jerzy K. Szlendak

REFERENCES CEN, 2010. EN 1990 Eurocode - Basis of structural design . CEN, 2009. EN 1993-1-3 Eurocode 3: Design of steel structures - Part 1-3: General rules - Supplementary rules for cold-formed members and sheeting . ECCS, 1995. European Recommendations for the Application of Metal Sheeting Acting as a Diaphragm. Stressed Skin Design . No. 88. European Convention for Constructional Steelwork ECCS-TWG 7.5. ECCS, 2009. The Testing of Connections with Mechanical Fasteners in Steel Sheeting and Sections . 2nd ed. ECCS TC7 TWG 7

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David Smith

: RoutledgeFalmer [8] Laurillard, D. (2002). Rethinking University Teaching: A Conversational Framework for the Effective Use of Teaching Technologies. 2nd ed. Routledge Falmer: London and New York [9] Marks, R. B., Sibley, S. D., & Arbaugh, J. B. (2005). A structural equation model of predictors for effective online learning. Journal of Management Education, 29(4), 531-563 [10] Salmon, G. (2000). E‐moderating: The key to teaching and learning online. United Kingdom: Kogan Page [11] Seale, J., & Cooper, M. (2010). E

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Gerald Mollenhorst, Marijtje van Duijn, Jens Rydgren and Christofer Edling

References Allport, G., 1954. The Nature of Prejudice. Cambridge, MA. Addison Wesley. Blau, P.M., 1977. Inequality and Heterogeneity. The Free Press, New York. Blau, P.M., 1994. Structural Contexts of Opportunities. The University of Chicago Press, Chicago. Blau, P.M., Schwartz, J.E., 1984. Crosscutting Social Circles. Testing a Macrostructural Theory of Intergroup Relations. Academic Press Inc., Orlando. Browne, W.J., 2012. MCMC estimation in MLwiN. Version 2.26. Centre for Multilevel Modeling, University of Bristol. Byrne, D

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Lisiunia A. Romanienko

) On Freedom London: Victor Gollancz Ltd. Levi Strauss, David (1958 [1999]) Structural Anthropology Basic. Mackay, Hughie and Gillespie, Gareth (1992) ‘Extending the Social Shaping of Technology Approach: Ideology and Appropriation’ Social Studies of Science 22(4): 685-716. Madar, Chase (2011) International Law Now Used as a Weapon License for War in Libya Le Monde July. McDonald-Walker, Suzanne (2000) Bikers: Culture, Politics, and Power NY: Oxford. McGee, Ryan (2007) The Most Challenging Race on the Planet ? ESPN. December