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Effect of settlement of foundations on the failure risk of the bottom of cylindrical steel vertical tanks for liquids

formation of peripheral ( Fig. 2b) or local ( Fig. 2c) ground trough under tank’s bottom of the tank foundation is the penetration of rainwater under its bottom ( Fig. 3 ), which occurs quite often in real tanks. Such penetration of rainwater under the steel bottom can be facilitated by the type of foundation (Type C in Fig. 3 ), improper slope around the tank (Type A in Fig. 3a) or structural errors of the ring foundation and its sealing (Type B in Fig. 3b) . Effects of loosening of the soil at the ring foundation on deformations and emergency risk of tank bottoms

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Analysis of crack propagation in a “pull-out” test

pull-out test is completely different from that described in their papers. The authors of the presented work attempted to analyze sandstone cracking during a pull-out test made with a self-undercutting anchor, which only has contact with the tested material in the undercut area. These anchors are normally used to anchor various structural elements. The described test is intended for the opposite purpose – to pull out the anchor together with a part of the rock. This is a different approach, because the anchor is designed not to destroy the material in which it is

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Stiffness of Railway Soil-Steel Structures

Geotechnica et Mechanica, 2010, No. 3, 27–40. [7] P ettersson L., Full Scale Tests and Structural Evaluation of Soil Steel Flexible Culverts with low High of Cover , Doctoral Thesis in Civil and Architectural Engineering Stockholm, 2007. [8] B ayoglu F laner E., S undquist H., Full-scale testing of two corrugated steel box culverts with different crown stiffness , Archives of Institute of Civil Engineering, 2007, No 1. [9] M anko Z., B ębęn D., Influence of road pavement on behaviour of soil-steel bridge structure , Der Stahlbau, 2007, 76, Heft 12

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Effects of Surrounding Earth on Shell During the Construction of Flexible Bridge Structures

restraining the soil in the structure under construction. This means that the shell takes over the earth pressure, similar to a retaining (but flexible) wall. Only when surrounded with backfill, the shell interacting with the soil surcharge becomes an effective structural member, where by the structure can carry considerable external loads, as in Fig. 1 . [ 1 , 3 ] Figure 1 Loads occurring during the construction of soil-steel structure. The shell made of corrugated plates is highly rigid, but only as a member of the structure embedded in soil (this is the case

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Application of artificial neural networks to predict the deflections of reinforced concrete beams

–81. [11] G uzelbey I.H., C evik A., G ogus M.T., Prediction of rotation capacity of wide flange beams using neural networks , Journal of Constructional Steel Research, 2006, Vol. 62, 950–961. [12] P ala M., C aglar N., A parametric study for distortional buckling stress on cold-formed steel using a neural network , Journal of Constructional Steel Research, 2007, Vol. 63, 686–691. [13] C haudhary S., P endharkar U., N agpal A.K., Bending moment prediction for continuous composite beams by neural networks , Advances in Structural Engineering, 2007

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Numerical Simulation of Hysteretic Live Load Effect in a Soil-Steel Bridge

References [1] MACHELSKI C., Modelling of soil-steel bridge structures, (in Polish), DWE, Wrocław, 2008. [2] MACHELSKI C., ANTONISZYN G., MICHALSKI B., Live load effects on a soil-steel bridge founded on elastic supports, Studia Geotechnica et Mechanica, 2006, 28, 2-4, 65-82. [3] ANTONISZYN G., Is the road pavement structural element of the bridge?, Geoengineering: roads, bridges, tunnels, (in Polish), 2009, 3, 76-79. [4] JANUSZ L., MADAJ A., Engineering structures made form corrugated plates

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Preliminary calculation of irregular triguy mast support

REFERENCES [1] G rochowski I., Radio and Television Masts , Guide the designer of metal structures , Arkady, Warsaw 1982, Vol. 2, 471–508, (in Polish). [2] P etersen Ch., Stahlbau , 3 Auflage, Vieweg, Wiesbaden 1993. [3] K ozłowski T., Steel Radio and Television Masts and Towers , Arkady, Warsaw 1965, (in Polish). [4] EN 12385-10: 2008 Steel wire ropes-safety. Part 10: Spiral ropes for general structural applications. [5] Guide engineer and construction technician , Mathematics, Arkady, Warsaw 1977, Vol. 1/1, (in Polish

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References [1] MACHELSKI C., TOCZKIEWICZ R., Identification of connection flexibility effects based on load testing of a steel-concrete bridge, Journal of Civil Engineering and Architecture, 2012, Vol. 6, No. 11 (60), 1504-1513. [2] HOSAKA T., HIRAGI H., KOEDA Y., TACHIBANA T., WATANABE Y., An experimental study on characteristics of shear connections in composite continuous girders for railway bridges, Journal of Structural Engineering, 1998, Vol. 44A, 1497-1504. [3] HIRAGI H., MATSUI S., MUTO K., Development

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Analysis of Harmonic Vibration of Cable-Stayed Footbridge under the Influence of Changes of the Cables Tension

Engineering and Structural Dynamics, 1994, 23, 1283-1297. [10] SUSUMPOW T., FUJINO Y., Active Control of Multimodal Cable Vibrations by Axial Support Motion, Journal of Engineering Mechanics, 1995, 121(9), 964-972. [11] BILISZCZUK J., Cable-stayed bridges. Design and implementation, Arkady, Warszawa 2005, (in Polish). [12] BILISZCZUK J., BARCIK W., MACHELSKI CZ., ONYSYK J., SADOWSKI K., PUSTELNIK M., Design of steel footbridges, Dolnośląskie Wydawnictwo Edukacyjne, Wrocław 2009, (in Polish). [13] KLEIBER M

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Numerical Simulations of Blast Loads from Near-Field Ground Explosions in Air

). [10] D obrociński S., Stabilność rozwiązań zagadnień odporności udarowej konstrukcji , Biblioteka Problemów Eksploatacji, AMW, Gdynia 2000. [11] [12] ANSYS, AUTODYN®, Explicit Software for Nonlinear Dynamics, SPH User Manual & Tutorial, Revision 4.3, Century Dynamics, 2005. [13] A ndersen K.H., B ørsum H ernandez F., Numerical Simulations of Docol 600 DL Steel Plates Subject to Blast Loading , Department of Structural Engineering, NTNU, Trondheim, 2013. [14] B aranowski P., M ałachowski

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