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A. Jamalzade, M. Shamsbakhsh and H. Rahimian

pathogenic fungi and bacteria, Common W. Agric Bur, Surrey, England, 2p. Carella D., Spigno P., Devita N., 2003 - Occurrence of trunk canker of walnut in Campania region (Italy). Informatore Fitopathologico, 53, 32-33. Choi J., Lee E., Park Y., 2000 - Shot hole of peach and Japanese plum caused by Xanthomonas campestris pv. pruni and Erwinia nigrifluens in Korea. Plant Disease Research, 6, 10-14. Cowan S.T., 1974 - Cowan and Steel, manual for the identification of medical bacteria, 2 nd

Open access

C. Hu, X. G. Xia, X. M. Han, Y. F. Chen, Y. Qiao, D. H. Liu and S. L. Li

Fertilizer And Organic Manure Application On Fungal Communities In A Long-Term Fi Eld Experiment Of Chinese Mollisols. Appl. Soil Ecol., 111: 114 - 122. Doi: 10.1016/J.Apsoil.2016.12.003 Ferris, H., Matute, M.M. (2003): Structural And Functional Succession In The Nematode Fauna Of A Soil Food Web. Appl. Soil Ecol., 23(2): 93 - 110. Doi: 10.1016/S0929-1393(03)00044-1 Ferris, H., Pocasangre, L.E., Serrano, E., Muñoz, J., Garcia, S., Perichi, G., Martinez, G. (2012): Diversity And Complexity Complement Apparent Competition: Nematode Assemblages

Open access

I.M. Góra, W. Rożek and J.F. Żmudziński

E, Westera L, Maamary J, Steel J, Albrecht RA, Manicassamy B, Chase G, Martinez-Sobrido L, Schwemmle M, Garcia-Sastre A (2011) Host- and strain-specific regulation of influenza virus polymerase activity by interacting cellular proteins. Mbio e00151-11 Bussey KA, Bousse TL, Desmet EA, Kim B, Takimoto T (2010) PB2 residue 271 plays a key role in enhanced polymerase activity of influenza A viruses in mammalian host cells. J Virol 84: 4395-4406. Butt KM, Smith GJ, Chen H, Zhang LJ, Leung YH, Xu KM, Lim W, Webster RG, Yuen KY, Peiris JS