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Vlad Cucu, Daniel Constantin and Dan-Ilie Buliga

References [1] American Iron and Steel Institute, Specification for the design of cold-formed steel structural members , USA, 1997. [2] European Committee for Standardization, Eurocode 3: design of steel structures: Part 1.3, EN 1993-1-3, 2006. [3] K.F. Chung, Analysis and design of lapped connections between cold-formed steel Z sections , Elsevier / Thin-walled structures 43, March 2005, pp. 1071-1090 [4] D. Dubină, V. Ungureanu, Design of cold-formed steel structures , Lindab Collection, Bucharest, 2004.

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James E. Pfander

preservation of the properly limited role of the federal courts in a governmental system of coordinate and separate branches. Hence, the emphasis on separation of powers in the title of the Essay. As for the methodology Judge Scalia used in deriving his criticism of standing law, his essay was primarily structural and doctrinal. While he did invoke the historical example of Marbury , and did call for a “return to the original understanding,” his essay did not explore the historical origins of standing law at the time of the framing of the Constitution. See id . at 893

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David A. Gantz

:// (last visited Jan. 19, 2016) (providing history, negotiating texts and other information on the FTAA). The reasons for this failure are many. Still, the most significant was the inability of the United States and Brazil to agree on a way forward. The United States was insisting on better access for U.S. goods to the Brazilian market but unwilling to address several long-standing anti-dumping orders affecting, inter alia , steel and orange juice, or to agree in a regional trade agreement to significantly reduce or eliminate agricultural subsidies. See Kevin C

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Catalin Baciu, Paricia Murzea and Vlad Cucu

References [1] *** - Romanian Seismic Code P 100–1/2013 [2] RUPP J. F. - Modeling of Steel-jacketed Reinforced Concrete under Axial Compressive Loads , A Thesis Presented in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree Master of Science in the Graduate School of The Ohio State University, 2012 [3] Pasala Nagaprasad et al. - Seismic strengthening of RC columns using external steel cage , Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics, 38:1563–1586 pp, 2009 [4] Mohamed K. Elsamny et al.- Experimental Study of Eccentrically

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Kenneth Wilson Adjei Budu, Mu Yinping and Kingsford Kissi Mireku

Reference Adams, D. A., Nelson, R. R., & Todd, P. A. (1992). Perceived usefulness, ease of use, and usage of information technology. MIS Quarterly, 16, 227–248. Alsabswy, A. Y., Cater-Steel, A., & Soar, J. (2013). I.T infrastructure services as a requirement for e-learning system success. Computers & Education, 69, 431–451. Aparicio, M., Bacao, F., & Oliveira, T. (2016). Cultural impacts on e-learning systems' success. The Internet and Higher Education, 31, 58-70. Asabere, N. Y., & Enguah, S. E. (2012). Use of Information & Communication