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A new type of slumping-induced soft-sediment deformation structure: the envelope structure

character and physical basis, Vol. II. Elsevier, Amsterdam, 663 pp. Alsop, G.I., Marco, S., Weinberger, R. & Levi, T., 2016. Sedimentary and structural controls on seismogenic slumping within mass transport deposits from the Dead Sea Basin. Sedimentary Geology 344, 71–90. Bouma, A.H., 1962. Sedimentology of some Flysch Deposits: A Graphic Approach to Facies Interpretation . Elsevier, Amsterdam, 168 pp. Chough, S.K., 2013. Geology and Sedimentology of the Korean Peninsula . Elsevier, Amsterdam, 348 pp. Chough, S.K. & Sohn, Y.K., 2010. Tectonic

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Secular and catastrophic processes reflected in sediments of the Suchedniów water reservoir, Holy Cross Mountains (Poland)

.J., 1972. Bed-load sediments . Sedimentology 18, 159–219. Nemec, W. & Steel, R.J., 1988. What is a fan delta and how do we recognise it? [In:] Nemec, W. & Steel, R.J. (Eds): Fan Deltas: Sedimentology and Tectonic Settings . Blackie and Sons Ltd., London, 3–13. Orzechowski, Sz., 2007. Zaplecze osadnicze i podstawy surowcowe starożytnego hutnictwa świętokrzyskiego [Settlement base and raw material bases of the ancient Holy Cross Mountains metallurgy] . Kieleckie Towarzystwo Naukowe, Kielce, 392 pp. Piasta, S., 2012. Leksykon Suchedniowa [The lexicon

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Cenozoic synthem stratigraphic architecture of the SE Brazilian shelf and its global eustatic context: evidence from the Pelotas Basin (offshore Brazil)

. Geological evolution of the Brazilian continental margin. Episodes 6, 3-9. Babushkin, A.E. (Ed.), 2001. Unifitsirovannye regional’nye stratigrafitcheskie skhemy neogenovykh i paleogeonovykh otlozhenij Zapadno-Sibirskoj ravniny. [Unified regional stratigraphic scales of Neogene and Paleogene deposits of the West Siberian plain]. SNIIGGiMS, Novosibirsk, 84 pp. Bassetto, M., Alkmim, F., Szatmari, P., Mohriak, W.U., 2000. The oceanic segment of the southern Brazilian margin: morpho-structural domains and their tectonic significance. [In:] W

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