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Marek Osacký, Miroslav Honty, Jana Madejová, Thomas Bakas and Vladimír Šucha

References Arthur R., Apted M. & Stenhouse M. 2005: Comment on Long-Term Chemical and Mineralogical Stability of the Buffer. SKI Report 2005: 09, Swedish Nuclear Power Inspectorate , Stockholm, Sweden. Betancur J. D., Barrero C. A., Greneche J. M. & Goya G. F. 2004: The effect of water content on the magnetic and structural properties of goethite. J. Alloys. Compounds 369, 247-251. Börgesson L., Karnland O., Hökmark H. & Sellin P. 2002: Buffer and Safety Assessment for KBS-3H

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Salvatore Giano

I. 1989: Climatic versus tectonic controls of fan sequences: lessons from the Dead Sea, Israel. J. Geol. Soc. London 146, 527-538. Frostick L.E. & Steel R.J. 1993: Tectonic signatures in sedimentary basin fill: an overview. Int. Ass. Sed., Spec. Publ. 20, 1-9. Giano S.I., Lapenna V., Piscitelli S. & Schiattarella M. 1997: New geological and geophysical data on the structural setting of the Quaternary continental deposits of the Agri high Valley (Basilicata). Quaternario 10, 591

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Joanna Pszonka, Katarína Žecová and Marek Wendorff

Carpathians. Kwartalnik Geologiczny 27, 547–570 (in Polish). Olszewska B. 1984: Biostratigraphy of the Menilite-Krosno series in the vicinity of Przemyśl (Skole Unit, Polish External Carpathians). Biuletyn Instytutu Geologicznego 340, 45–87 (in Polish). Olszewska B. & Smagowicz B. 1977: Comparison of biostratigraphic subdivisions of the Upper Cretaceous and Paleogene of the Dukla Unit on the basis of plankton foraminifers and nanno-plankton. Przegląd Geologiczny 25, 7, 359–363 (in Polish). Oszczypko N. 2004: The structural position and

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Slavomír Nehyba, Jiří Otava, Pavla Tomanová Petrová and Adéla Gazdová

: Provenance of the detrital garnets and spinels from the Albian sediments of the Czorsztyn Unit (Pieniny Klippen Belt, Western Carpathians, Slovakia). Geol. Carpath. 60, 463–483. Baker V.R. 1984: Flood sedimentation in bedrock fluvial systems. In: Koster E.H. & Steel R.J. (Eds.): Sedimentology of Gravels and Conglomerates. Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists , Memoir 10, 87–98. Batík P., Čtyroký P., Gabriel M., Holásek O., Klečák J., Líbalová J., Mátl V., Matějovská O., Střída M., Šalanský K., Štych J. & Zeman A. 1983: Explanations to the geological

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Shunli Li, Xinghe Yu, Shengli Li and Katherine A. Giles

., Lanfumey V., Schneider J.-L., Rouillard P. & Giraudeau J. 2010: Highstand vs. lowstand turbidite system growth in the Makran active margin: Imprints of high-frequency external controls on sediment delivery mechanisms to deep water systems. Mar. Geol. 274, 1, 187-208. Carvajal C.R. & Steel R.J. 2006: Thick turbidite successions from supply-dominated shelves during sea-level highstand. Geology 34, 8, 665-668. Castelltort S. & Van Den Driessche J. 2003: How plausible are high-frequency sediment supply-driven cycles in the stratigraphic record

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Dušan Starek, Ján Soták, Jozef Jablonský and Róbert Marschalko

W.R., Piper D.J.W. & Sliter R. 2006: Sea-level and tectonic control of middle to late Pleistocene turbidite systems in Santa Monica Basin, offshore California. Sedimentology 53, 867-897. Olariu C., Steel R. & Petter A.L. 2010: Delta-front hyperpycnal bed geometry and implications for reservoir modeling: Cretaceous Panther Tongue delta, Book Cliff, Utah. AAPG Bull . 94, 6, 819-845. Olszewska B. 1985: Foraminifera of the Menilite Beds (Polish External Carpathians). Ann. Soc. Geol. Pol. 55, 1, 2, 201-250. Olszewska

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Michal Francírek and Slavomír Nehyba

). Cattaneo A. & Steel R.J. 2003. Transgressive deposits: a review of their variability. Earth-Sci. Rev. 62, 187–228. Catuneanu O., WilliS A.J. & Miall A.D. 1998: Temporal significance of sequence boundaries. Sed. Geol. 121, 157–178. Clifton H.E. 1976: Wave-formed sedimentary structures - a conceptual model. In: Davis R.A. & Ethington R.L. (Eds.): Beach and Nearshore processes. SEPM Spec. Publ. 24, 126–148. Cogan J., Lerche I., Dorman J.T. & Kanes W. 1993: Flexural plate inversion: application to the Carpathian Foredeep, Czechoslovakia. Mod. Geol

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Geise de Santana dos Anjos Zerfass, Dmitry A. Ruban, Farid Chemale Jr. and Henrique Zerfass

. Geological evolution of the Brazilian continental margin. Episodes 6, 3-9. Babushkin, A.E. (Ed.), 2001. Unifitsirovannye regional’nye stratigrafitcheskie skhemy neogenovykh i paleogeonovykh otlozhenij Zapadno-Sibirskoj ravniny. [Unified regional stratigraphic scales of Neogene and Paleogene deposits of the West Siberian plain]. SNIIGGiMS, Novosibirsk, 84 pp. Bassetto, M., Alkmim, F., Szatmari, P., Mohriak, W.U., 2000. The oceanic segment of the southern Brazilian margin: morpho-structural domains and their tectonic significance. [In:] W