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Bending fatigue strength coefficient the low carbon steel with impurities

Reference Adamczyk, M., Niżnik-Harańczyk, B., Pogorzałek, J., 2016. Wpływ technologii wytapiania stali z dodatkiem stopowym 3÷5% al na rodzaj i morfo-logię wtrąceń niemetalicznych. Prace Instytutu Metalurgii Żelaza, 2(68), 24-32 (In Polish). Beretta, S., Murakami, Y., 2001. Largest-Extreme-Value Distribution Analysis of Multiple Inclusion Types in Determining Steel Cleanliness. Met. And Mat. Trans. B, 32B, 517-523. Cummings, H.N., Stulen, F.B., Schulte,W.C., 1957. Relation of inclusions to the fatigue properties of SAE 4340 steel . Trans

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Quality Management in the Process of Selection of Material for Dump Truck Elements

. Materials Today-Proceedings (3)4. pp. 1060-1063. Available at: [Accessed 11 Feb. 2018]. Schaeffler, DJ. (2017). The Importance of Lubrication in Sheet Metal Selection for Automotive Body Construction The Drive to Lightweight Materials. Tribology & Lubrication Technology (73)11. pp.48-50. Ulewicz, R. and Mazur, M. (2013). Fatigue testing structural steel as a factor of safety of technical facilities maintenance. Production Engineering Archives, 1/1, pp.32-34. [online] Available at: http

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The Stress Field at an Axial Eccentrical Fatigue Loading – Influenced by the Test Temperature

References 1. Constantinescu, D.M., Structural integrity, University ˝Politehnica˝ Bucharest, (1998). 2. Dumitru, I., The basis of fatigue calculus, Eurostampa Publishing, Timisoara, (2009) 3. Mc Henry, H., I., A compliance method for crack growth studied at elevated temperatures, Journal ol Materials, 6 (4), pp. 862-873, (1971). 4. Pană, T., Pastramă, St., D., Mechanicals structures integrity, Fair Partners Publishing House, Bucharest, (2000) 5. Roşca, V., Contributions to the

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Indication of the Destruction Stage of Epoxy PES-Filled Composite Using the Connected Parameter of Acoustic Emission Rate and the Spectral Characteristics of AE Signals

. Bjeletich, “Acoustic emissions of fatigue crack growth,” Engineering Fracture Mechanics , vol. 5, pp. 691–697, 1973. [5] T. C. Lindley, I. G. Palmer, and C. E. Richards, “Acoustic emission monitoring of fatigue crack growth,” Materials Science and Engineering , vol. 32, pp. 1–15, 1978. [6] Z. F. Wang, J. Li, W. Ke, and Z. Zhu, “Characteristics of acoustic emission for A537 structural steel during fatigue crack propagation,” Scripta Metallurgica et Materialia , vol

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Surface Treatment Proposals for the Automotive Industry by the Example of 316L Steel

bead width and penetration depth of multicomponent flux-aided arc welding of grade 316 L stainless steel. Powder Technology, [online] Volume 311, pp. 514-521. Available at: [Accessed 4 Feb. 2017]. Ulewicz, R. and Novy, F. (2016). The Influence Of The Surface Condition On The Fatigue Properties Of Structural Steel. Journal Of The Balkan Tribological Association (22)2, pp. 1147-1155. Vasantharaja, P., Vasudevan, M. and Maduraimuthu, V. (2018). Effect of Arc Welding

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Laser borided composite layer produced on austenitic 316L steel

83 (2009) 1442-1447. [4] Li Y., Wang Z., Wang L., Surface properties of nitrided layer on AISI 316L austenitic stainless steel produced by high temperature plasma nitriding in short time, Applied Surface Science 298 (2014) 243-250. [5] Frączek T., Olejnik M., Jasiński J., Skuza Z., Short-term lowtemperature glow discharge nitriding of 361L austenitic steel, Metalurgija 50 (3) (2011) 151-154. [6] Sun Y., Li X., Bell T., Structural characteristics of low temperature plasma carburised austenitic stainless steel

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The Numerical Investigation of Thin-Walled Beams with Modified C-Sections

-formed steel member design. Journal of Constructional Steel Research, 66 (2010) 971-980. [32] Beregszaszi Z-. Adam* S.. The Effect of Rounded Corners of Cold-Formed Steel Members in die Budding Analysis via the Direct Strength Method, Proceedings of the twelfth Internationa] Conference on Civil Structural and Environmental Engineering Computing Edited by: B.H.V. Topping LF„ Costa Neves and R.C Barros. 2009, Paper 36. [33] Adam*S ., JooAX.. Schafer B.W.. Buckling mode identification of thin-walled members by using cFSM base functions, Thin

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Technical Experimental Equipment for Making Porous Wire Samples

Mesh Porous Plates. Materials, 11(1), pp.156. Komori, T., Itoh, M. (1991). Theory of the General Deformation of Fiber Assemblies. Textile Research Journal, 61(10), pp. 588-594. Komori, T., Itoh, M., Takaku, A. (1992). A Model Analysis of the Compressibility of Fiber Assemblies. Textile Research Journal, 62(10), pp. 567-574. Liu, P., He, G., Wu, L. (2008). Fabrication Of Sintered Steel Wire Mesh and its Compressive Properties. Materials Science and Engineering a-Structural Materials Properties Microstructure and Processing, 489(1-2), pp. 21

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Influence analysis of the main types of defects and damages on bearing capacity in reinforced concrete elements and their research methods

structures using impedance-based structural health monitoring techniques , Experimental Mechanics, 46, 609-618. Pavlikov, AM., Boyko, O.V., 2011. Determination of the inclination angle of the neutral line in the cross sections of oblique concrete concrete elements, taking into account the nonlinear properties of concrete on the basis of diagrams of its state , A.M., Pavlikov, O.V., Boyko, Resource-saving materials, constructions, buildings and structures: Sb. sciences Ave, Rivne, 21, 264 - 269. Petrov, O.M. 2015. Cracking and the nature of the destruction of

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