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Mathematical Modelling Of The Bridges Structural Monitoring I

8. REFERENCES Ajiboye O., 2010, Sensor Computation and Communication for Remote Structural Monitoring, . Chang, F.K., et all, 1999, Structural Health Monitoring, Proceedings of the 2 nd International Workshop on Structural Health Monitoring, Stanford, CA, USA . Dong Y., 2010, Bridges Structural Health Monitoring and Deterioration Detection, Synthesis of Knowledge and Technology, Alaska University Transportation Center, Fairbanks, AK 99775

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Mathematical Modelling Of The Bridges Structural Monitoring II

Paso, Texas, October 9-10, 1993) Regional Conferences. Gikas, V. and Sakellariou, M.,2008, Settlement analysis of the Mornos earth dam Evidence from Numerical Modeling and Geodetic Monitoring, Engineering Structures. 2008; 30(11):3074–3081. Lane D., 2012, Introduction to Linear Regression, Online Statistics Education: An Interactive Multimedia Course of Study Developed by Rice University (Lead Developer), University of Houston Clear Lake, and Tufts University Lovejoy S., 2010, Applications of structural health monitoring to highway bridges, http

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Environmental And Economic Aspects Of Anticorrosion Protection By Hot-Dip Galvanized Method Rebars In Concrete

Analysis for Automobiles, SAE Paper No. 951829, SAE Total Life Cycle Analysis Conference , Vienna, Austria. Tan Z., Q. (2007). The Effect of Galvanized Steel Corrosion on the Integrity of Concrete, PhD Thesis , University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Wilmot R. E. (2006). Corosion protection of reinforcement for concrete structures, 8th International Conference organized by the Institute of Corrosion of Mines and Metallurgy, South Africa. Yeomans, S.R. (1987). Galvanized Steel Reinforcement in Concrete. First National Structural Engineering

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Geometric Non-Linear Approach to Stiffness State of Semi–Rigid Structures

-Rigid Connections - A State of the Art Report. Journal of Constructional Steel Research , vol. 3, No. 2, 1983, pp. 1-13. Kim, S.E., and Chen, W.F., 1996. Practical Advanced Analysis for Unbraced Steel Frame Design. Journal of Structural Engineering , vol. 122, no.11, November 1996, pp. 1259-1265. King, Won-Sun, and Chen, Wai-Fah, 1993. LRFD Analysis for Semi-Rigid Frame Design. Engineering Journal , 30, 1993, pp. 130-139. Kishi, N., Chen, W.F., Goto, Y., and Matsuoka, K.G., 1993. Design Aid of Semi-Rigid Connections for Frame Analysis. Engineering Journal

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Investigation of Fatigue Damage in General, Prestress, and Concrete Beam Reinforced with FRP Sheets and Concrete Beam Influenced By Mix Beam Under Periodic Load in Linear and Nonlinear Phase

, Y. C., Song, J. W., Zhang, N. S., & Lee, G. C. (2015). Cyclic loading test of unbonded and bonded posttensioned precast segmental bridge columns with circular section. Journal of Bridge Engineering , 21(2), 04015043. Dai, L., Wang, L., Zhang, J., & Zhang, X., 2016. A global model for corrosion-induced cracking in prestressed concrete structures. Engineering Failure Analysis , 62, 263-275. Dewit, N. (2012). A Composite Structural Steel and Prestressed Concrete Beam for Building Floor Systems. Di Ludovico, M., Nanni, A., Prota, A., & Cosenza, E

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Mechanical State of Multi-Story Structures Induced by Wind Action

5.1 References Barszcz, T., Marzena B., Andrzej B., Mateusz W., 2012. Wind speed modeling using Weierstrass function fitted by a genetic algorithm . Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics, 109, pp. 68-78. Blaga, F., Alexa P., 2016. Statics and kinematics in structural dynamic response to wind action. SDSS 2016, pp. 59-65. Chen, X., Ahsan K., 2005. Evaluation of equivalent static wind loads on buildings . Proc., 10th int. conf. on wind eng.(CD-Rom). Chopra, A. K., 2007. Dynamics of Structures, 3rd Edition. Prentice

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Technical-Economical Comparison Between Vertical Link Beam and Knee Brace Systems in Mid-Rise Steel Buildings

References Roeder, C.W, Lehman, D.E, Yoo J. H, “Performance-Based Seismic Design of Braced-Frame Gusset Plate Connections”, Connections in Steel Structures V-Amsterdam - June 3-4, 2004. Aristszabal-occhoa JD. “Disposable Knee Bracing: improvement in seismic design of steel frames” journal of structural engineering, ASCE 1986; 112(7): 1544-52 Balendra T., “Diagonal Brace with Ductile Knee Anchor for and Seismic Steel Frames”, Journal of Earthquake Engineering Structural Dynamics, Nol.19, 1990, pp. 847-858. Ming-Tuck Sam Thambirajah Balendra

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Behavior Of Beam-To-Column Connections With Angles. Part 1-Experimental Investigations

6. REFERENCES Azizinamini, A., Bradburn, J., (1987). Initial stiffness of semi-rigid steel beam-to-column connections. Journal of Constructional Steel Research 01/1987; 8:pp.71-90. Pirmoz, A., (2009). Moment–rotation behaviour of bolted top–seat angle connections. Journal of Constructional Steel Research 65 (2009) pp.973–984. Altman, W. J., (1982). Connections, Moment-Rotation Characteristics of Semi-Rigid Steel Beam-Column. Structural Research Studies, Department of Civil Engineering, University of South Carolina, Columbia

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Statics And Kinematics Of Semirigid Steel Frames Under Seismic Action

REFERENCES European Commission-EUR 18366, Promotion of plastic design for steel and composite cross-sections: new required conditions in Eurocodes 3 şi 4, practical tools for designers . Technical steel research series, Luxembourg, 1998. EN 1993-1-1, Design of steel structures-General rules and rules for buildings . CEN, European Committee for Standardization, 2004. FEMA-350, Recommended seismic design criteria for new steel moment-frame buildings . Report No. FEMA-350, SAC Joint Venture, Federal Emergency Management Agency, Washington, DC

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Statics and Kinematics in Cyclic Behaviour of Semi-Rigid Steel Structures

., ASCE, 116 (11), 1990, pp. 3059-3076. Chan, S.L., Huang, H.Y. and Fang, L.X., 2005. Advanced Analysis of Imperfect Portal Frames with Semi-Rigid Base Connections. Journal of Engineering Mechanics, Vol. 131, No. 6, pp 633-640. Chan S.L. and Zhou, Z.H., 2000. Nonlinear Integrated Design and Analysis of Skeletal Structures. Engineering Structures, vol.22, no 3, pp 246-257. Degertekin, S. O. and Hayalioglu, M. S., 2004. Design of Nonlinear Semi-Rigid Steel Frames with Semi-Rigid Column Bases. Electronic Journal of Structural

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