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G.M.T. Rădulescu, A.T.G. Rădulescu, M.V.G. Rădulescu and Sanda Naş

8. REFERENCES Ajiboye O., 2010, Sensor Computation and Communication for Remote Structural Monitoring, . Chang, F.K., et all, 1999, Structural Health Monitoring, Proceedings of the 2 nd International Workshop on Structural Health Monitoring, Stanford, CA, USA . Dong Y., 2010, Bridges Structural Health Monitoring and Deterioration Detection, Synthesis of Knowledge and Technology, Alaska University Transportation Center, Fairbanks, AK 99775

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V. Jayanthi and C. Umarani

Construction in Structural Steel and Concrete. 11. IS 10262:2009 Indian Standard Concrete Mix Proportioning - Guidelines (First Revision). 12. IS 383-1970 (Reaffirmed 2002), Indian Standard Specification for Coarse and Fine aggregates from Natural sources for Concrete (Second Revision).

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M.C. Sundarraja and P. Sriram

. 4. A. SHAAT and A. FAM: ‘Modeling of axially loaded HSS slender steel columns strengthened with CFRP sheets’, Intl. Conf. on Advances in Engg. Structs., Mech. and Construct., 2006. 5. YH. ZHAO, W. GU, J. XU and HT. ZHANG: ‘The strength of concrete-fi lled CFRP steel tubes under axial compression’, ISOPE conference, JSC-313, 2005. 6. Z. TAO, LH. HAN and JP. ZHUANg: ‘Experimental behavior of CFRP strengthened concrete-fi lled steel tubular stub columns’, Advances in Structural Engineering, 2006. 7. J. HAEDIR, M

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A. M. Barszcz

, “Geometrically nonlinear analysis of plane frames composed of flexibly connected members”, Structural Engineering and Mechanics, International Journal, 45 (3), 277-309, 2013. 6. P. H. R. Valipour, M. A. Bradford, “Nonlinear P-D analysis of steel frames with semi-rigid connections”, Steel and Composite Structures, 14 (1), 1-20, 2013. 7. C. Nguyen, N. T. N. Doan, C. Ngo-Huu, S. E. Kim, “Nonlinear inelastic response history analysis of steel frame structures using plastic-zone method”, Thin-Walled Structures, 85, 220-233, 2014. 8. M. Kucukler, L. Gardner, L

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M. Gwóźdź

. PN-EN 13381. Test methods in order to determine the influence of protective measures on the fire resistance of structural elements. Part 1-8. PKN Warsaw 2013 (in Polish). 18. Skowroński W., Buckling fire endurance of steel columns, Journal of Structural Engineering, Vol. 119, No 6, 1993, pp.1712-1732. 19. Skowroński W., Fire safety theory of metal structures, PWN, Warsaw, 2001 (in Polish). 20. Turowski P., Sulik P.: Design of steel structures due to fire conditions according to Eurocode 3. Wydawnictwo Instytutu

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B. Grzeszykowski and E. Szmigiera

, University of California, 1977. 7. S.A. Mirza, B. W. Skrabek, “Reliability of short composite beam-column strength interaction”, Journal of Structural Engineering, 117(8): pp 2320-2339, 1991. 8. S. El-Tawil, C. F. Sanz-Picon, G. G. Deierlein, “Evaluation of ACI 318 and AISC (LRFD) strength provisions for composite beam-columns”, Journal of Constructional Steel Research, 34(1): pp 103-123, 1995. 9. J. Rotter, P. Ansourian, “Cross-section behaviour and ductility in composite beams”, 1978. 10. CEN, EN 1992-1-1:2008 - Eurocode 2: Design of concrete

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P. G. Kossakowski

Structures 598: 113-118, 2014. 24. P. G. Kossakowski, “An analysis of the Tvergaard parameters at low initial stress triaxiality for S235JR steel”, Polish Maritime Research: 21, 100-107, 2014 25. PN-EN 10025-2:2007 Hot-rolled structural steel. Part 2 - Technical delivery conditions for non-alloy structural steels. 26. PN-EN 10002-1:2004 Metallic materials - Tensile testing - Part 1: Method of test at ambient temperature. 27. Z. L. Zhang, C. Thaulow, J. Ødegård, “A Complete Gurson model approach for ductile

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M.A. Giżejowski, R.B. Szczerba, M.D. Gajewski and Z. Stachura

flexural and/or torsional buckling due to compression”, Engineering Structures, 96, pp 160-77, 2015. 5. W.E. Ayrton, J. Perry, “On struts”, The Engineer, 62, pp 464-465, 1886. 6. F. Bijlaard, M. Feldmann, J. Naumes, G. Sedlacek, “The “general method” for assessing the out-of-plane stability of structural members and frames and the comparison with alternative rules in EN 1993 – Eurocode 3 – Part 1-1”, Steel Construction, 3 (1), pp 19-33, 2010. 7. A. Boissonnade, J.-P. Jaspart, J.-P. Muzeau, M. Villette, “New interaction formulae for beam-columns in

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J. Valíček, M. Harničárová, M. Kušnerová, J. Zavadil and R. Grznárik

. [4] Szarková, V., Valíček, J., Vlado, M., Harničárová, M., Rokosz, K., Lupták, M., Samardžić, I., Kozak, D., Hloch, S. (2013). Influence of longitudinal cold rolling on the surface topography of low carbon structural steel. Technical Gazette, 20 (4), 705-709. [5] Valíček, J., Müllerová, J., Szarková, V., Rokosz, K., Łukianowicz, C., Kozak, D., Koštial, P., Harničárová, M. (2013). A new procedure for the determination of the main technology parameters of rolling mills. In Design and Analysis of Materials and Engineering Structures. Springer, 15

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Z. Kowal, M. Siedlecka, R. Piotrowski, K. Brzezińska, K. Otwinowska and A. Szychowski

R eferences 1 Kowal Z., Szychowski A.: Energy-active arch structures as roof covers (in Polish), 38 KN KILiW PAN i KN PZITB, Krynica 1992, pp. 47-52. 2 Kowal Z., Szychowski A.: Structures spatiales energoactives, Int. Seminar on Structural Morphology, Montpellier 7-11.09.1992, France, pp. 370-378. 3 Kowal Z., Szychowski A.: Energy-active spatial structures (in Polish), Inż. i Bud. 1/1993, pp. 3-5. 4 Kowal Z., Malec M.: Steel energy-active girders as elements of load-carrying structures, Harmony with Nature, Ises Solar World Congress