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Stress and Strain Definition of an Open Profile Thin-Walled Beam at Constrained Torsion by Boundary Element Method

Solids and Structural Materials, England, Oxford, Butterworth-Heinemann, 1997. Hearn, E. J. Mechanics of Materials 2. An Introduction to the Mechanics of Elastic and Plastic Deformation of Solids and Structural Materials, England, Oxford, Butterworth-Heinemann, 1997. Beer F.P., E. R. Johnston, J. T. Dewolt, D. F. Mazurek. Mechanics of Materials, USA, New York, McGraw-Hill, 2009. Brainov, M. N., L. V. Venkov. Steel Metal Constructions, Sofia, "Tehnika", 1991 (in Bulgarian

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Numerical Analysis of Large Telescopes in Terms of Induced Loads and Resulting Geometrical Stability

Astronomy Observations at Irbene Radio Telescope Complex. Scientific Journal of RTU, 6 (2011), 118-126. [12] Upnere, S., et al. Analysis of Structural Integrity of Large Radio Telescopes Subjected to Gravitational and Wind Loads, In: Proc. of EIRI, 25, 2012, 148-154. [13] ˇSipkovs, P., et al. Measurements of the Wind Energy Resource in the Latvia, In: CD Proc. of World Renewable Energy Congress 2011, Sweden, 2011, 1-8. [14] Zienkiewicz, O. C., R. L. Taylor. The Finite Element Method for Solid and Structural Mechanics

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Identification of Pedestrian Bridge Dynamic Response trough Field Measurements and Numerical Modelling: Case Studies

2: Traffic Loads on Road Bridges and Footbridges, European Committee for Standardization, 2003, Brussels, Belgium. [12] Setra. Service d’ Etudes sur les Transports, Steel Concrete Composite Bridges: Sustainable Design Guide, 2010, France, Bagneux, SETRA, (downloaded elec- tronically). [13] Hivoss. Human Induced Vibrations of Steel Structures, Design of Footbridges, I: Background, II: Guidelines. Report No. RFS2-CT-2007-00033, 2007, Germany, Aachen, Aachen University, (downloaded electronically). [14] Sap. (Structural

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Energy and Transmissibility in Nonlinear Viscous Base Isolators

References [1] Bhuiyan, A. K., Y. Okui, H. Mitamura, T. Imai. A Rheology Model of High Damping Rubber Bearings for Seismic Analysis: Identification of Nonlinear Viscosity. International Journal of Solids and Structures, 46 (2009), 1778-1792. [2] Markou, A. A., G. Oliveto, A. Mossucca, F. C. Ponzo. Laboratory Experimental Tests on Elastomeric Bearing from the Solarino Project, Progetto di Ricerca, Report DPC - RELUIS, Italy, Potenza, University of Basilicata, 2014. [3] Norton, F. H. The Creep of Steels at High

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References [1] Grosse, C. U., M. Ohtsu. Acoustic Emission Testing - Basics for Research- Applications in Civil Engineering, Germany, Berlin & Heidelberg, Springer Verlag, 2008. [2] Ono, K. Structural Integrity Evaluation using Acoustic Emission. J. Acoustic Emission, 25 (2007), 1-20. [3] Aggelis, D. G. Classification of Cracking Mode in Concrete by Acoustic Emis- sion Parameters. Mech. Res. Comm., 38 (2011), 7-153. [4] De Oliveira, R., A. T. Marques. Health Monitoring of FRP using Acoustic

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Buckling Analysis of Orthotropic Thick Cylindrical Shells Considering Geometrical Imperfection Using Differential Quadrature Method (DQM)

(2009), 3239-3263. [10] O rifici , A. C., R. S. T homson , R. D egenhardt , C. B isagni , J. B ayandor . An Analysis Tool for Design and Certification of Postbuckling Composite Aerospace Structures. International Journal of Structural Stability and Dynamics , 10 (2010), 669-681. [11] H& uuml;hne , C., R. R olfes , E. B reitbach , J. T essmer . Robust Design of Composite Cylindrical Shells Under Axial Compression - Simulation and Validation. Thin-Walled Structures , 46 (2008), 947-962. [12] A drian C., A. C. O rifici , C. B isagni

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Influence of Interface Gap on the Stress Behaviour of Smart Single Lap Joints Under Time Harmonic Load

References [1] GOLAND, M., E. REISSNER. The Stress in Cemented Joints. J. Appl. Mech., (1944), A17-A26. [2] PAHOJA, H. M. Stress Analysis of an Adhesive Lap Joint Subjected to Tension, Shear Force and Bending Moments, University of Illinois of Urbana-Champaign, T. & A. M-Report 36 1, August, 1972. [3] VINSON, J. R. Adhesive Bonding of Polymer Composites. Polym. Eng. Sci., 29 (1989), 1325-1331. [4] ADAMS, R. D. The Mechanics of Bonded Joints, Structural Adhesives in Engineering, ImechE Conference

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Behaviour of Bi-Adhesive in Double-Strap Joint with Embedded Patch Subjected to Bending

References [1] Sabrina, F., M. Riadh, Z. Xiao-Ling. Experimental and Finite Element Analysis of a Double Strap Joint between Steel Plates and Normal Modulus CFRP. Composite Structure, 75 (2006), 156-162. [2] Lee, H. K., S. H. Pyo, B. R. Kim. On Joint Strengths, Peel Stresses and Failure Modes in Adhesively bonded Double-strap supported Single-lap GFRP Joints. Composite Structure, 8 (2009), 44-54. [3] Peter, C., R. Francis. Stress Analysis of Double-strap Bonded Joints using a Variational Method. Int. J. Adhesion

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Fracture in Composites - An Overview (Part I)

Concrete Girders Strengthened with Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Laminates. ACI Structural Journal , 99 (2002), No. 5 , 652-659. Sheikh, S., G. Yan. Seismic Behaviour of Concrete Columns Confined with Steel and Fiber-Reinforced Polymers. ACI Structural Journal , 99 (2002), No. 1, 72-80. Saadatmanesh, H., M. Ehsani. Fiber Composite Bar for Reinforced Concrete Construction. Journal of Composite Materials , 25 (1991), No. 2, 188-203. Chaalal, O., M. Shahawy, M. Hassan. Performance of

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