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Rui-Dong Wang, Xue-Shan Sun, Xin Yang and Haiju Hu

References 1. Du, Y.-W. The Design and Implementation of Energy Management and Data Correction System in Iron and Steel Enterprise. Central South University, 2010. 2. Re, A.-A. Improving Electric Load Forecasts Using Network Committees. – Electric Power Syst. Res., Vol. 74 , 2005, pp. 83-94. 3. Hahn, H., S. Meyer-Nieberg, S. Pickl. Electric Load Forecasting Methods: Tools for Decision Making. – Eur. J. Oper. Res., Vol. 199 , 2009, No 3, pp. 902-907. 4. Chow, T. W. S., C. T. Leung. Neural Network Based Short-Term Load Forecasting Using

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Alíz Éva Máthé and Cristian Ciplea

References [1] Frye M.J., Morris G.A.: Analysis of flexibly connected steel frames , Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering 2/3. (1975) 280-291. [2] Kishi N., Chen W. F., Goto Y.: Effective length factor of columns in semirigid and unbraced frames . Journal of Structural Engineering 123/3. (1997) 313-320. [3] Kim Y., Chen W. F.: Practical analysis for partially restrained frame design . Journal of Structural Engineering 124/7. (1998) 736-749. https

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Simon Malej, Milan Terčelj, Iztok Peruš and Goran Kugler

chemical composition and process parameters on the mechanical properties of an extruded aluminium alloy for highly loaded structural parts. Construction and Building Materials, 44, pp. 781-791. [20] Večko-Pirtovšek, T., Peruš, I., Kugler, G., Terčelj, M. (2009): Towards improved reliability of the analysis of factors influencing the properties on steel in industrial practice. ISIJ International, 49(3), pp. 395-401. [21] Peruš, I., Poljanšek, K., Fajfar, P. (2006): Flexural deformation capacity of rectangular RC columns determined by the

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Kayode Oyedele, Sunday Oladele and Anthony Salami

data over Wamba and its adjoining areas in north-central Nigeria. Earth Sciences Research Journal, 16(1), pp 25-33. [5] Jamil Baba, Saidu Baba and Tersoo Aga (2012): Preliminary process mineralogy of Agbado - Okudu Iron ore deposit, Kogi South-Western Nigeria. Research Journal in Engineering and Applied Sciences, 1(4), pp 247-250. [6] Raw Materials Research and Development Council (RMRDC, 2010). Steel raw materials in Nigeria. ISBN: 978-2043-79-6. [7] Gunn, P.J. (1993). The Causes of Magnetic Responses in Massive

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Yu Pu and Jens Grossklags

information online. Decision Support Systems, 49(2):138-150, 2010. [5] J. Bargh and K. McKenna. The Internet and social life. Annual Review of Psychology, 55:573-590, 2004. [6] P. Barrett. Structural equation modelling: Adjudging model fit. Personality and Individual Differences, 42(5):815-824, 2007. [7] R. Bender and S. Lange. Adjusting for multiple testing - When and how? Journal of Clinical Epidemiology, 54(4):343-349, 2001. [8] A. Beresford, D. Kübler, and S. Preibusch. Unwillingness to pay for privacy: A

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Cihan Altuntas

. The Photogrammetric Record 13(76):505–510, 10.1111/j.1477-9730.1990.tb00712.x Cooper M. A. R. Robson S. 1990 High precision photogrammetric monitoring of the deformation of a steel bridge The Photogrammetric Record 13 76 505 510 10.1111/j.1477-9730.1990.tb00712.x Cusicanqui, J. (2016). 3D scene reconstruction and structural damage assessment with aerial video frames and drone still imagery. Master’s thesis, University of Twente. Cusicanqui J. 2016 3D scene reconstruction and structural damage assessment with aerial video frames and drone

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Dan Alexandru Libotean, Alexandru Chira and Ferdinánd-Zsongor Gobesz

References [1] State-of-the-Art report of RILEM Technical Committee TC 201-TRC ‘Textile Reinforced Concrete’. In: RILEM report 36. (ed.: Brameshuber W.), Bagneux, France, 2006. [2] Williams Portal N.: Usability of Textile Reinforced Concrete: Structural Performance, Durability and Sustainability . PhD thesis, Chalmers University of Technology, Göteborg, Sweden, 2015. [3] Contamine R., Si Larbi A., Hamelin P.: Identifying the contributing mechanisms of textile reinforced

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Tolga Yuret

no consensus about whether publications that have short titles are advantageous. For example, Van Wesel et al. (2014) found that publications that have long titles attract more citations. In contrast, Habibzadeh and Yadollahie (2010) used another dataset to reach the opposite conclusion. Other structural aspects of titles are also explored in previous studies. Titles that contain non-alphanumeric characters ( Nair and Gibbert 2016 , Gnewuch and Wohlrabe 2017 ), colons ( Jamali and Nikzad 2011 ), and punctuations ( Fumani et al. 2015 ) have different citation