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Afia Asif, Saed Khawaldeh, Muhammad Salman Khan and Ahmet Tekin

decreases as the fluid covers distance in the channels and diffuses to the bottom cavity. In Figure 12 , the velocity at the upper channel is higher where the drug is pumped in from the inlet. From the velocity profile, it is seen that velocity is lower at the side walls due to collision of fluid with boundaries. As the drug travels into lower channels, the velocity is reduced. As in comparison for two simulation designs, it was observed that although the second device provides explicit storage as a small cavity for cultured cells under the channels but it still

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Muhammad Salman Khan, Afia Asif, Saed Khawaldeh and Ahmet Tekin

dopamine electrochemistry but also significantly increased the storage stability of the transducers. Apart from the CV analysis measurements, an impedance spectroscopic study of the interaction between thiol-modified Au electrodes and Saccharomyces cerevisiae was presented first in 2008 by Heiskanen et al . [ 7 ], in which monolayer coverage was reached after 20-28 h of cultivation, and was observed as 15 percent decrease in the real capacitance of the system by cysteamine-modified Au microelectrodes techniques. It was also seen that after an addition of Saccharomyces