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S. Piriienko, A. Balakhontsev, A. Beshta, A. Albu and S. Khudoliy

:// [Accessed 10 Jan. 2017]. [5] MILLER J., PRUMMER M., SCHNEUWLY A., White Paper - Power Electronic Interface For An Ultracapacitor As The Power Buffer In A Hybrid Electric Energy Storage System, Maxwell Technologies Ultracapacitors, Supercapacitors, Microelectronics and High Voltage, 2016. [online]. Available: [Accessed 21 Nov. 2016]. [6] BENYAHIA N., DENOUN H., ZAOUIA M., TAMALOUZT S., BOUHERAOUA M., BENAMROUCHE N., REKIOUA T., HADDAD S., Characterization and

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Piotr Szulawski and Włodzimierz Koczara

PEDES, 2010. [4] SHARMA P., HOFF B., RAMKESH M., ANN based reactive power control of an autonomous winddiesel hybrid power plant using PMIG and SG, Conf. Proc. PESTSE, 2014. [5] LEE D.-H., KIM T.-H., AHN J.-W., Control of digital AVR in stand alone generator for improved dynamic characteristics, Conf. Proc. Power Electronics Specialists Conf. PESC, 2008. [6] CHAKRABORTY A., MUSUNURI S.K., SRIVASTAVA A.K., KONDABATHINI A.K., Integrating STATCOM and Battery Energy Storage System for Power System Transient Stability: A

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Jakub Hachlowski and Robert Stala

), Raleigh, NC, 2012, pp. 672-677. Uno, M. and Kukita, A. (2014). Double-Switch Equalizer Using Parallel- or Series-Parallel-Resonant Inverter and Voltage Multiplier for Series-Connected Supercapacitors. IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, 29(2), pp. 812-828. Uno, M. and Kukita, A. (2015). Bidirectional PWM Converter Integrating Cell Voltage Equalizer Using Series-Resonant Voltage Multiplier for Series- Connected Energy Storage Cells. IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, 30(6), pp. 3077-3090. Uno, M. and Tanaka, K

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Victor D. N. Santos, Manuel Cerveira and Fernando Moita


This paper presents a new electronic controller, devoted to solar water heating systems, that implements safety functions to prevent L. pneumophila bacteria outbreaks. The controller uses data retrieved from strategically located probes in order to implement the proposed safety actions. The electronic solution was integrated and validated on a solar system prototype bench that uses real equipment such as collectors, a water storage tank and expansion vessels. Moreover, two particular solar water heating installations were designed devoted to a house family and a nursing home both located on the Mealhada area. The methodology and reported technical solutions in this research could be a practical guide to promote mass market usage of the solar water heating systems in Portugal.

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Tomasz Łuszczyk and Grzegorz Iwański

REFERENCES [1] L iserre M., C ardenas R., M olinas M., R odriguez J., Overview of multi-MW wind turbines and wind parks , IEEE Trans. Ind. Electron., 2011, 58(4), 1081–1095. [2] M üller S., D eicke M., D e D oncker R., Doubly fed induction generator systems for wind turbines , Ind. Appl. Mag. IEEE, 2002, 8(3), 26–33. [3] K uwabara T., S hibuya A., F uruta H., K ita E., M itsuhashi K., Design and dynamic response characteristics of 400 MW adjustable speed pumped storage unit for Ohkawachi Power Station , IEEE Trans. Energy Convers

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Andrzej Gałecki, Lech Grzesiak, Barłomiej Ufnalski, Arkadiusz Kaszewski and Marek Michalczuk

References [1] JÍLEK R., GURECKÝ J., RUSNOK S., SOBOTA P., Electricity storage systems using compressed air, 16th International Scientific Conference on Electric Power Engineering EPE’2015, Switzerland, 2015, 453-458. [2] SAEZ-DE-IBARRA A., MARTINEZ-LASERNA E., STROE D., ŚWIERCZYŃSKI M., RODRIGUEZ P., Sizing Study of Second Life Li-ion Batteries for Enhancing Renewable Energy Grid Integration, IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications, 2016, 52, 6, 4999-5008. [3] AWADALLAH M.A., VENKATESH B., Energy Storage

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Kai Ni, Yihua Hu and Xinhua Li

. Power Electron., 2015, 30(1), 4–17. [31] C uzner R.M., S oman R., S teurer M.M., T oshon T.A., F aruque M.O., Approach to scalable model development for navy shipboard compatible modular multilevel converters , IEEE J. Emerg. Sel. Topics Power Electron., 2017, 5(1), 28–39. [32] M o R., L i H., Hybrid energy storage system with active filter function for shipboard MVDC system applications based on isolated modular multilevel DC/DC converter , IEEE J. Emerg. Sel. Topics Power Electron., 2017, 5(1), 79–87. [33] C hen Y., Z hao S., L i Z., W

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Jacek Rąbkowski and Rafał Kopacz

. (2016b). The Benefits of SiC mMosfets in a T-Type Inverter for Grid-Tie Applications. IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, 32(4), pp. 2808-2821. Furusho, Y. and Fuji, K. (2016). 1-MW solar power conditioning system with boost converter using all-SiC power module. In: Proceedings of 9th International Conference on Integrated Power Electronics Systems CIPS 2016, Nuremberg, Germany: VDE, pp. 1-5. Grbovic, P., Delaure, P., Le Moigne, P. and Bartholomeus, P. (2012). A Three-Terminal Ultracapacitor-Based Energy Storage and PFC Device for