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Przemysław Komarnicki

References [1], accessed November 2015. [2] Buchholz M., Styczynski Z., Smart Grid Fundamentals and Technologies in Electricity Networks, Springer (2014). [3] Netzentwicklungsplan 2014, Factsheet, Inhalt, Konsultation, Sensitivitäten und weiteres Verfahren, [4] Bridier L., David M., Lauret P., Optimal design of a storage system coupled with intermittent renewables, Renewable Energy 67: 2-9 (2014). [5] Quan D.M., Ogliari E

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A. Domino, K. Zymmer and M. Parchomiuk

R eferences [1] Electricity Storage, Leading the Energy Transition Factbook , SBC Energy Institute, 2013. [2] H. Majchrzak, “Energy storage as a remedy for RES problems”, Czysta Energia 8/2014 [in Polish] (2014). [3] Technology Roadmap IEA, Energy Storage, IEA, 2014 [4] J. Jensen and B. Sorensen, Fundamentals of Energy Storage , J. Wiley, New York, 1984. [5] Y. Brunet, Energy Storage . Hoboken, Wiley, 2011. [6] M.-C. Pera, D

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Genadijs Zaleskis, Viesturs Brazis and Leonards Latkovskis

References [1] V. Brazis, G. Zaleskis, L. Latkovskis, L. Grigans, U. Sirmelis: Simulation of Light Railway Traction Drive with Energy Storage System. Proceedings of the 52st Annual International Scientific Conference of Riga Technical University, Section “Power and Electrical Engineering”, October 2011. [2] N. Cobanov: Capacitive Energy Storage Device from Tram Auxiliary Power Supplies. AUTOMATIKA 48(2007) 3-4, - pp. 113-120. [3] P. Drabek, L. Streit, M. Los: The Energy Storage System with Supercapacitor

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F. Popa, C. Alexescu and B. Popa

5. REFERENCES [1] Rangoni B. A contribution on electricity storage: the case of hydro-pumped storage appraisal and commissioning in Italy and Spain. Util. Policy, 23; 2012. p. 31–9. [2] Popa B, Paraschivescu A. Introduction in water energy uses. Politehnica Press Publishing House, Bucharest, 2007. [3] Mosonyi E. Water Power Development. Akademiai Kiado, Budapesta, 1987. [4] Popa F, Popa B, Popescu C Assessment of Pumped Storage Plants in Romania. EENVIRO 2016, 26-28 October 2016, Bucharest. Accepted for publication in Energy Procedia

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M. Michalczuk, L.M. Grzesiak and B. Ufnalski

, “Ultracapacitors to boost the range of electric cars”, Technology Review 1, CD-ROM (2011). [10] Low Cost Graphene Electrode Powered Supercapacitors for Consumer Devices and EVs , (accessed on December 2011). [11] D.L. Chandler, “Research update: improving batteries’ energy storage”, MIT News 1, CD-ROM (2011). [12] NanophosphateTM Lithium Ion Batteries , (accessed on December 2011). [13] L. Niedzicki, “Characterization of new generation of electrolytes based on imidazole

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Mohammad Reza Ahmadi

References [1] AHMADI, M. R.-MALEKI, D. : Effect of Virtual Techniques in Data Storage Access, The 24th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Information Networking and Applications, Australia, 2010, pp. 91-96. [2] WALTERS, J. P.-CHAUDHARY, V.-CHA, M.-GUERCIO, S.-GALLO, S. : , 22nd International Conference on Advanced Information Networking and Applications, IEEE (2008), 861-868. [3] SMITH, J. E.-NAIR, R. : The Architecture of Virtual Machines, Computer 38 No. 5 (2005), 32-38. 4] GOLDWORM, B

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Andreas Armstorfer, Helmuth Biechl and Argo Rosin

ETG-Fb. 145: Von Smart Grids zu Smart Markets 2015 , 2015. [16] A. Armstorfer, H. Biechl, B. Alt, H. Müller, R. Sollacher, D. Most, A. Szabo, R. Köberle, and M. Fiedeldey, “Einsatz von Batteriespeichern in Smart Grids – Operation of Battery Storage Systems in Smart Grids,” Int. ETG-Kongress , pp. 1–8, 2013.

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Wiesław Tarczyński and Ryszard Kopka

of IMAPS-CPMP IEEE, Poland, Pułtusk 12–24.09.2008, pp. 107–116. [4] Kopka R., Tarczyński W., A fractional model of supercapacitors for use in energy storage systems of next generation shipboard electrical network , ‘Journal of Marine Engineering & Technology’, in review. [5] Loeffler Ch., Spears E., UPS Basics , pdf, Publ. Eaton Corporation, October 2011, [online], [access 08.09.2017]. [6] Rafik F., Gualous H., Gallay R., Crausaz A., Berthon A., Frequency, thermal and

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Jadwiga Głąb


This article characterizes circumstances associated with the formation of sediment in FAME and factors intensifying this process. It describes the formation of sediment due to oxidation of FAME and the precipitation of sediment in low temperatures of storage which relates to the raw material nature and incomplete production process of FAME. It indicates more causes of sediment’s formation originating from the incompatibility of construction materials used in logistics and microbiological contamination.

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K. Bogucka-Bykuć, W. Włosiński and S. Bykuć

heat thermal energy storage units carbon-fiber brushes: experiments and modelling”, Int. J. Heat and Mass Transfer 46, 4513-4525 (2003). [4] Z. Zhang, N. Zhang, J. Peng, X. Fang, X. Gao, and Y. Fang, “Preparation and thermal energy storage properties of paraffin/ expanded graphite composite phase change material”, Applied Energy 91, 426-431 (2012). [5] Y. Zhong, Q. Guo, S. Li, J. Shi, and L. Liu, “Heat transfer enhancement of paraffin wax using graphite foam for thermal energy storage”, Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cell 94, 1011