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Mehdi Rajabi Asadabadi

., Roy, A., Kar, S., & Maiti, M. (2012). Multi-item two storage inventory models for breakable items with fuzzy cost and resources based on different defuzzification techniques. Opsearch, 49 (2), 169-190. Singh, C., & Singh, S. R. (2013). Optimal ordering policy for deteriorating items with power-form stock dependent demand under two-warehouse storage facility. Opsearch, 50 (2), 182-196. Strickland, R. M. (1965). The cost of capital rate for inventory decisions. National Association of Accountants. NAA Bulletin (Pre-1986), 46 (12), 30. Teunter, R

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Robert Staiger and Adrian Tanţău

), Sustainable energy without the hot air, UIT Cambridge, Cambridge. Merrill, K.R. (2007), The Oil Crisis of 1973-1974: A Brief History with Documents, Bedford/St. Martin’s. Miara, M., (2013), Wärmepumpen, Frauenhofer IRB Verlag. Mojic, I., Haler, M. and Frank, E. (2014), “Heat Pump System with Uncovered and Free Ventilated Covered Collectors in Combination with a Small Ice Storage Energy”, Energy Procedia, Volume 48, pp. 608-617. Nast, M. (2014), Strukturwandel für die Energiewende im Wärmesektor

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Graham E. Heaslip and Elizabeth Barber

further the understanding of planning and carrying out logistics operations in the complex area of humanitarian operations. It also investigates the impacts of military logistical assistance to humanitarian operations. Humanitarian and military logistics are closely aligned. But what is meant by the term ‘logistics’? Within the humanitarian community, the following is a frequently quoted definition: ‘The process of planning, implementing and controlling the efficient, cost-effective flow and storage of goods and materials as well as related information, from the

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Ayman Tobail, John Crowe and Amr Arisha

listener each of which is described briefly below. Figure 9 Server Site System Structure Web server The web server’s main purpose is to host the main web sites responsible for the portal, for managing client requests and for data storage with communications managed via the hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP). Simulation tool A professional simulation toolkit is employed to serve the framework’s considerable simulation requirements: its range of simulation capabilities is considered as one of this framework’s most important advantages over the other web

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Jeff Hughes and Joe McDonagh

A case study database was established through the use of Nvivo, the chosen qualitative analysis software. This resource was supplemented by extensive libraries of pertinent case data stored both locally and in cloud-based storage. Data collection Discussion: Reflections on the use of the case study methodology for the study of strategy practice The authors have cultivated a number of reflections accrued from their experiences with the case study methodology during the conduct of the wider study. To begin, the framing of a SAP