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Mehdi Rajabi Asadabadi

., Roy, A., Kar, S., & Maiti, M. (2012). Multi-item two storage inventory models for breakable items with fuzzy cost and resources based on different defuzzification techniques. Opsearch, 49 (2), 169-190. Singh, C., & Singh, S. R. (2013). Optimal ordering policy for deteriorating items with power-form stock dependent demand under two-warehouse storage facility. Opsearch, 50 (2), 182-196. Strickland, R. M. (1965). The cost of capital rate for inventory decisions. National Association of Accountants. NAA Bulletin (Pre-1986), 46 (12), 30. Teunter, R

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Robert Staiger and Adrian Tanţău

), Sustainable energy without the hot air, UIT Cambridge, Cambridge. Merrill, K.R. (2007), The Oil Crisis of 1973-1974: A Brief History with Documents, Bedford/St. Martin’s. Miara, M., (2013), Wärmepumpen, Frauenhofer IRB Verlag. Mojic, I., Haler, M. and Frank, E. (2014), “Heat Pump System with Uncovered and Free Ventilated Covered Collectors in Combination with a Small Ice Storage Energy”, Energy Procedia, Volume 48, pp. 608-617. Nast, M. (2014), Strukturwandel für die Energiewende im Wärmesektor

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Linda Kauškale and Ineta Geipele

Möcke, S. (2015). Best available techniques’ as a mandatory basic standard for more sustainable agricultural land use in Europe?Land Use Policy, 47, 342-351. O’Sullivan, L., Creamer, R. E., Fealy, R., Lanigan, G., Simo, I., Fenton, O., Carfrae, J., &Schulte, R. P. O. (2015). Functional Land Management for managing soil functions: A case-study of the trade-off between primary productivity and carbon storage in response to the intervention of drainage systems in Ireland. Land Use Policy, 47, 42

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Ana Letícia B. F. Lemos and Linda Kauškale

.03.001 Garcia-Estringana, P., Alonso-Blázquez, N., & Alegre, J. (2010). Water storage capacity, stemflow and water funneling in Mediterranean shrubs. Journal of Hydrology, 389(3-4), 363-372. Johnson, J., Newton, J. (2004). Building Green, a Guide for Using Plants on Roofs and Pavement. London: The London Ecology Unit. Köhler, M., & Keeley, M. (2005). The green roof tradition in Germany: The example of Berlin. In L. Hoffman, W. McDonough (Eds.). Green Roofs: Ecological Design and Construction. (pp