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Influence of pitting corrosion on strength of steel ships and offshore structures

References Jakubowski M.: Influence of pitting corrosion on fatigue and corrosion fatigue of ship structures. Part I: Mechanism and modeling of pitting corrosion of ship structures. To be published in Polish Maritime Research Jakubowski M.: Influence of pitting corrosion on fatigue and corrosion fatigue of ship structures. Part II: Loading - pitting - cracking interaction. To be published in Polish Maritime Research Melchers R. E.: Pitting corrosion of mild steel in marine

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The influence of the constraint effect on the mechanical properties and weldability of the mismatched weld joints

Modelling of Weld Phenomena 2. Book 594. Edited by H. Cerjak, H. Bhadeshia. The Istitute of Materials. London. 119-137, 1995. S. A. David, Babu S. S.: Microstructure modelling in weld metal. Mathematical Modelling of Weld Phenomena 3. Edited by H. Cerjak. Book 650. The Institute of Materials. London. 151-180, 1997. H. Bhadeshia: Models for the elementary mechanical properties of steel welds. Mathematical Modelling of Weld Phenomena 3. Edited by H. Cerjak. Book 650. The Institute of Materials. London. 229-282, 1997

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Economical and Safe Method of Granular Material Storage in Silos in Offshore Port Terminals

REFERENCES 1. Hotała E., Aniszczyk A.: Prototype silo structure with flaccid shell for biomass storage (in Polish). Materiały Budowlane 5 (2013) 52–54. 2. EN 1993-4-1, Eurocode 3. Design of Steel Structures. Part 4–1: Silos. Brussels: CEN, 2007. 3. Kuczyńska N., Wójcik M., Tejchman J. Effect of bulk solid on strength of cylindrical corrugated silos during filling. Journal of Constructional Steel Research 115 (2015) 1–17, DOI: 10.1016/j.jcsr.2015.08.002 4. Wójcik M., Tejchman J. Buckling analyses of metal cylindrical silos containing bulk

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Application of Rapid Prototyping Technology in the Manufacturing of Turbine Blade With Small Diameter Holes

BIBLIOGRAPHY 1. Flaszynski P., Doerffer P., Piotrowicz M.: Effect of Jet Vortex Generators on Shock Wave Induced Separation on Gas Turbine Profile. Proceedings of the 13 th International Symposium on Experimental Computational Aerothermodynamics of Internal Flows, 7-11 May 2017, Okinawa, Japan. 2. Gebhard J.: Generative Fertigungsverfahren, Additive Manufacturing und 3D Drucken für Prototyping-Tooling-Produktion; Prototyping-Tooling-Produktion, Carl Hanser Verlag, München 2013. 3. Iftikhar A., Khan M., Alam K., Imran Jaffery S. H., Ali L., Ayaz

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Vibration Reduction Design with Hybrid Structures and Topology Optimization

References 1. Asundi A., Choi A. (1997) “Fiber metal laminates: an advanced material for future aircraft.” Journal of Materials processing technology. 63, 384-94. 2. Barsoum R. (2003). “The best of both worlds: hybrid ship hulls use composites and steel.” Amptiac Quart. 7(3), 55-61. 3. BendsOe M., Sigmund O. (2003). “Topology optimization: theory, methods, and applications.” Springer Verlag; 2nd; ISBN 3540429921. 4. BendsOe M. (1989). “Optimal shape design as a material distribution problem

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Technical Application of Petroleum Logging Instruments in Marine Logging

Using Biomedical Domain Dataset, Acta Electronica Malaysia, Vol. 1, No. 2, pp. 1-4, 2017. 12. N. S. Ismail, S. Kasim, Y. Y. Jusoh, R. Hassan, and A. Alyani, Medical Appointment Application, Acta Electronica Malaysia, Vol. 1, No. 2, pp. 5-9, 2017. 13. Z. He, X. Gu, X. Y. Sun, J. Liu, and B. S. Wang, An Efficient Pseudo-Potential Multiphase Lattice Boltzmann Simulation Model for Three-Dimensional Multiphase Flows, Acta Mechanica Malaysia, Vol. 2, No. 1, pp. 01-03, 2018. 14. X. Luo, Research on Anti-Overturning Perfomance

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A Model of Thermal Energy Storage According to the Convention of Bond Graphs (Bg) and State Equations (Se)

wymienniki ciepła. Politechnika Gdańska, Gdańsk, 1988. 23. Shoureshi R., McLaughlin K. M.: Analytical and Experimental Investigation of Flow-Reversibile Heat Exchangers Using Temperature-Entropy Bond Graphs. Journal of Dynamic Systems, Measurement and Control, Vol. 106, June 1984. 24. Sproull R. L.: Modern Physics. John Willey& Sons, Inc., New York, Chapman & Hall, Limited London, 1958. 25. Surjya K. Pal, Derek A. Linkens: Temperature distribution in steel during hot rolling: pseudo-bond graph view. Simulation Modelling

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Design of Jack-Up Platform for 6 MW Wind Turbine: Parametric Analysis Based Dimensioning of Platform Legs

.: Strength formulas, diagrams, and tables [in Polish]. WNT, Warszawa 2013. 23. Dymarski P., Ciba E., Marcinkowski T. (2016). Effective method for determining environmental loads on supporting structures for offshore wind turbines. Polish Maritime Research 23(1(89)), 52-60. 24. Recommended Practice DNV-RP-C205 (2010). Environmental Conditions and Environmental Loads. Det Norske Veritas, October 2010 25. Sarpkaya T. (1986). In-line and transverse forces on smooth and rough cylinders in oscillatory flow at high

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Internet Photogrammetry for Inspection of Seaports

.: Stability analyses of a cylindrical steel silo with corrugated sheets and columns. Steel and Composite Structures, 2016, Vol. 20, Iss. 1, pp. 147-166, DOI: 10.12989/scs.2016.20.1.147 29. Szeliski, R.: Computer Vision Algorithms and Applications. Springer-Verlag, London, UK , 2011. 30. Tejchman, J., Wojcik, M.: Modelling of shear localization during confined granular flow in silos within non-local hypoplasticity. Powder Technology, 2009,Vol. 192, iss. 3, pp.298-310, DOI: 10.1016/j.powtec.2009.01.021 31. Unger, J., Reich, M

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Dynamic Analysis of Embedded Chains in Mooring Line for Fish Cage System

inserted springs. Applied Ocean Research 23, 277-284. 4. Cheng, M.Y., Cao, M.T., Tran, D.H, 2014. A hybrid fuzzy inference model based on RBFNN and artificial bee colony for predicting the uplift capacity of suction caissons. Automation in Construction 41, 60-69. 5. Choi, Y., Kim, B., Kwon, O., Youn, H., 2014. Horizontal pullout capacity of steel chain embedded in sand. Advances in Soil Dynamics and Foundation Engineering GSP, 240, 500-508. 6. Choo, Y.I., Casarella, M.J., 1971. Hydrodynamic resistance of towed cables

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