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Influence of Laser Cladding Parameters on the Distribution of Elements in the Beads of Nickel-Based Ni-Cr-B-Si Alloy

Deposition (DMD) of H13 tool steel for 3-D components: microstructure and mechanical properties. J. Metals, 49 (5), 55-60. Mazumder, J., Schifferer, A., & Choi, J. (1999). Direct materials deposition: designed macro and microstructure. Mater. Res. Innova, 3 , 118-31. Keicher, D. M., & Smugersky, J. E. (1997). The laser forming of metallic components using particulate materials. J. Metals, 49 (5), 51-54. Milewski, J.O, Lewis, G. K., Thoma, D. J. et al (1997). Directed light fabrication of a

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Optimization of the Conditions of Convective Drying of Thermosensitive Materials

., M. K. ALYZHANOV, M. M. BUKENOV, B. S. FIALKOV. Matematicheskaya Model of Interaction of a Gas Stream with a Dense Bed of Bulk, VINITI, 10.01.1986, No. 228-B86. The Deposited Manuscript, 1986. [4] ALYZHANOV, M. K., E. V. MAKSIMOV, SN. K. KAPBASOV. Dewatering and drying of Iron - Ore Concentrates in the Regime of Active Interation Turbulent Gas Flow, Metallurgu - 92, Modernization of Iron and Itell Industry and New Processes of Steel Production, Cracow, 1992. [5] ALYZHANOV, M. K., D. E. DUSEMBAEV, V. G. KIM. Large - scale Formations

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Numerical Analysis of Large Telescopes in Terms of Induced Loads and Resulting Geometrical Stability

. Boundary Field Problems and Computer Simulation, 54 (2012), 30-37. [8] Joffe, R., et al. Evaluation of Damage and Deformation of the RT-32 Radio Telescope. Latvian J. of Physics and Tech. Sci., 49 (2012), 4-12. [9] Zienkiewicz, O. C., et al. The Finite Element Method for Fluid Dynamics, Amsterdam, Elsevier BH, 2009. [10] Launder, B. E., D. B. Spalding. The Numerical Computation of Turbulent Flows. Comput. Method Appl. Mech. Eng., 3 (1974), 269-289. [11] Upnere, S., et al. Analysis of Wind Influence to Radio

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Fracture in Composites - An Overview (Part I)

Concrete Girders Strengthened with Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Laminates. ACI Structural Journal , 99 (2002), No. 5 , 652-659. Sheikh, S., G. Yan. Seismic Behaviour of Concrete Columns Confined with Steel and Fiber-Reinforced Polymers. ACI Structural Journal , 99 (2002), No. 1, 72-80. Saadatmanesh, H., M. Ehsani. Fiber Composite Bar for Reinforced Concrete Construction. Journal of Composite Materials , 25 (1991), No. 2, 188-203. Chaalal, O., M. Shahawy, M. Hassan. Performance of

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