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An Influence of Factors of Flow Condition, Particle and Material Properties on Slurry Erosion Resistance

) 691–704. 32. de Bree S., Rosenbrand W., de Gee A., On the erosion resistance in water-sand mixtures of steels for application in slurry pipelines. Proc. 8th Int. Conf. Hydraulic Transport of Solids in Pipes, BHRA Fluid Engineering, Johannesburg, 1982, Paper C3. 33. Fuyan L., Hesheng S., The effect of impingement angle on slurry erosion. Wear, 141 (1991) 279–289. 34. Gandhi B.K., Singh S.N., Seshadri V., Study of the parametric dependence of erosion wear for the parallel flow of solid-liquid mixtures. Tribology International, 32 (1999) 275

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Cavitation Erosion of P110 Steel in Different Drilling Muds

REFERENCES 1. Brennen C.E., Cavitation in medicine. Interface Focus, 5 (2015). 2. Gogate P.R., Kabadi A.M., A review of applications of cavitation in biochemical engineering/biotechnology. Biochemical Engineering Journal, 44 (2009), 60-72. 3. Szkodo M., Estimation of cavitation erosion resistance of materials. Advances in Materials Science, 6 (2006), 43-48. 4. Rosenberg LD. Powerful ultrasonic fields, Nauka Moscow (1968), 18-45. 5. Peng C-h, Liu Z-y, Wei X-z. Failure analysis of a steel tube joint perforated by corrosion in a well

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Temper Bead Welding of S460N Steel in Wet Welding Conditions

., Feng J., Wang G.: Effect of water flow on the arc stability and metal transfer in underwater flux-cored wet welding. Journal of Materials Processing Technology. 31 (2018), 103-115. 15. Shi Y., Hu Y., Yi Y., Lin S., Li Z.: Porosity and microstructure of underwater wet FCAW of duplex stainless steel. Metallography, Microstructure, and Analysis. 6(5) (2017), 383-389. 16. Fydrych D., Łabanowski J., Tomków J., Rogalski G.: Cold cracking of underwater wet welded S355G10+N high strength steel. Advances in Materials Science. 15(3) (2015), 48-56. 17

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The analysis of influence of Tvergaard's parameters on S235JR steel response in high stress triaxiality

JR steel using computational cells with microstructurally-based length scales. Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics 50 (2012), pp. 589-607. Kossakowski P.: Simulation of the plastic range work of structural steel in a complex stress state on the model Gursona-Tvergaarda-Needleman. Building Review (Przegląd Budowlany) 3 (2012), (in Polish), p. 43-49. Gurson A.L.: Continuum Theory of Ductile Rupture by Void Nucleation and Growth: Part I - Yield Criteria and Flow Rules for Porous Ductile Media. Journal of

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Cavitation Resistance of TiN Nanocrystalline Coatings with Various Thickness

References Bourne N.K.: On the collapse of cavities. Shock Waves 11 (2002), pp. 447-455. Philipp A., Lauterborn W.: Cavitation erosion by single laser-produced bubbles. J. Fluid Mech. 361 (1998), pp.75-116. Hammit F.G.: Cavitation and multiphase flow phenomena. McGraw-Hill Inc. 1980. Heymann F. J.: On the time dependence of the rate of erosion due to impingement or cavitation. ASTM 408, Baltimore 1967, pp. 70-100. Bogachev I

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Slurry Erosion – Design of Test Devices

References 1. Oka Y. I., Yoshida T.: Practical estimation of erosion damage caused by solid particle impact: Part 2: Mechanical properties of materials directly associated with erosion damage. Wear 259 (2005) 102-109. 2. Arora H. S., Grewal H. S., Singh H., Mukherjee S.: Zirconium based bulk metallic glass-Better resistance to slurry erosion compared to hydroturbine steel. Wear 307 (2013) 28-34. 3. Grewal H. S., Agrawal A., Singh H.: Design and development of high-velocity slurry erosion test rig using CFD

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Solderability of Alsi Foams and AlSi + SiC Composite Foams and the Joints Properties

References 1. Banhart J.: Manufacture, characterisation and application of cellular metals and metal foams, Progress in Materials Science, 46 (2001), 559-632. 2. Stachowski A.: Porous materials - future use in structures, [in Polish], Kompozyty, 1 (2001), 224-227. 3. Degischer H.P., Kriszt B.: Handbook of cellular metals: production, processing, applications, 2002 Wiley- VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA ISBNs: 3-527-30339-1. 4. Dyga R.: Filling the flow parameters of the porous foamed steel, [in Polish

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Cavitation Erosion – Phenomenon and Test Rigs

) 58, 33–50. 5. Dular M., Stoffel B., Sirok B., Development of a cavitation erosion model. Wear 261 (2006) 642-655. 6. Brennen Ch.E.: Cavitation and bubble Dynamics. Oxford University Press, New York, 1977. 7. Śniegocka B., Szkodo M., Chmiel J.: Influence of spatial structures of 316L stainless steel on its cavitation resistance. Solid State Phenomena 225 (2015) 109-114. 8. Wójs K.: Kawitacja w cieczach o różnych właściwościach reologicznych. A. Kaczak [ed.], Oficyna Wydawnicza Politechniki Wrocławskiej, Wrocław, 2004. (in Polish) 9

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Al2O3 + TiO2 Thin Film made by Electrostatic Spray Deposition

, Journal of the American Ceramic Society 53 (1970), 136–141. 4. Bose K., Wood R.J.K., Wheeler D.W.: High energy solid particle erosion mechanisms of superhard CVD coatings. Wear 259 (2005), 135–144. 5. Tabakoff W.: Erosion resistance of superalloys and different coatings exposed to particulate flows at high temperature. Surface and Coatings Technology 120–121 (1999), 542–547. 6. Knuuttila J., Ahmaniemi S., Mantyla T.: Wet abrasion and slurry erosion resistance of thermally sprayed oxide coatings. Wear 232 (1999), 207–212. 7. Grewal H. S., Agrawal

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Functional cardio-biomaterials

discoideum Cells from Solid Substrate Biophysical Journal. 82 (2002) 2383-2395. Bruckert F, De Cave E, Garrivier D, Cossion P, Brechet Y, Fourcade B and Satre M. Dictyostelium discoideum adhesion and motility under shear flow: experimental and theoretical approaches. Journal of Muscle Research and Cell Motility, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Netherlands. 23 (2002) 651-658. Bruckert F, Demily M, Brecht Y, Boulangé L. Kinetics of yeast detachment from controlled stainless steel surfaces; Colloids and Surfaces B

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