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Monika Kvietková, Štefan Barcík and Miroslav Gašparík

mass flow landscape kerf when cutting MDF water jet], In: Proceedings of the 1th International video conference “Nábytkárstvo” Zvolen, Slovakia. 26 October 2010, 3-12. BARCÍK, Š. - KVIETKOVÁ, M. - ALÁČ, P. (2011a): Effect of the chosen parameters on deflection angle between cutting sides during the cutting of agglomerated materials by water jet. Wood Research 56 (4): 577-588. BARCÍK, Š. - KVIETKOVÁ, M. - KMINIAK, R. - ALÁČ, P. (2011b): Optimization of cutting process of medium density fibreboards by the abrasive water jet. Drvna

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D.A. McConnell, D.G. Doody, C.T. Elliott, D.I. Matthews and C.P. Ferris

first rainfall simulation event, a period of approximately 48 hours. On the same day that slurry was applied, the sub-plots were hydrologically isolated from overland and shallow sub-surface flow by inserting stainless steel surrounds into the soil along the sides and across the up-slope end of each plot to a depth of 0.05 m. Rainfall simulation Rainfall simulations were carried out using the same methodology as described in a number of similar studies: Brennan et al . (2011) , O’Rourke et al . (2012) , McConnell et al . (2013 a , b ), Doody et al

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V. Nagarajappa, S.N. Battula, S. Arora and L.N. Naik

10–12 h and then churned into butter using a domestic mixer (National, Bengaluru, India). The butter was washed with cold water to remove excess buttermilk and was heated with continuous stirring in a stainless steel container. The heating was adjusted so that the temperature rose very slowly and did not exceed 100°C. Finally, the clarified fat was filtered using Whatman Grade No. 4 filter paper to obtain butteroil with a moisture content of <0.3%. Preparation of oil-in-water (o/w) emulsion DATEM were used as an emulsifier and butteroil was used as a source

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W. Burchill, G.J. Lanigan, P.J. Forrestal, F. Reville, T. Misselbrook and K.G. Richards

used to measure NH 3 volatilisation. Each wind tunnel unit consisted of (i) a canopy (0.5 m × 2 m) made of polycarbonate, (ii) a galvanised sheet steel duct and (iii) a control box. The wind tunnel canopy was placed over each lysimeter immediately after urea application and it stayed in place until the end of the experiment. Wind speed through the wind tunnels was set at 1 m/s (air flow rate of 0.229 m 3 /s), which was chosen to mimic atmospheric wind speed above the soil surface. Air entering and leaving the wind tunnel canopy was sampled and pumped through two

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R. Chotěborský and M. Linda

Materials Processing Technology, 155–165, 1324–1329. doi: 10.1016/j.jmatprotec.2004.04.192. Buczek A, Telejko T (2013): Investigation of heat transfer coefficient during quenching in various cooling agents. International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow, 44, 258–264. doi: 10.1016/j.ijheatfluidflow.2013.07.004. Cao P, Liu G, Wu K (2012): Numerical simulation and analysis of heat treatment of large-scale hydraulic steel gate track. International Journal of Material and Mechanical Engineering, 1, 16–20. doi: 10.3882/j.issn.1674-2370.2013.04.006. Chotěborský R

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M. Moya, P.J. Aguado and F. Ayuga

-Montellano C.,RamírezA., GallegoE., andAyugaF., 2011. Validation and experimental calibration of 3D discrete element models for the simulation of the discharge flow in silo. Chem. Eng. Sci., 66(21), 5116-5126. Härtl J. and Ooi J.Y., 2011. Numerical investigation of particle shape and particle friction on limiting bulk friction in direct shear tests and comparison with experiments. Powder Technol., 212, 231-239. Lebegue Y. and Boudakian A., 1989. Bases de regles Silos du SNBATI. Essais sur les produits et principes des formules silos

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Hakan Kibar

Society for Testing and Materials. AS3774, 1996. Loads on bulk solids containers. Standards Australia, Sydney, Australia. DIN1055-6, 1987. Design loads for buildings: loads in silo bins, Deutsches Institut fur Normung, Berlin, Germany. Eurocode 1, 2006. EN 1991-4, Eurocode 1: Basis of Design and Actions on Structures, Part 4 - Silos and Tanks. European Committee for Standardisation, Brussels. Eurocode 3, 2004. Design of Steel Structures (EN 1993-1-3), Part 1-3: General Rules-Supplementary Rules for Cold

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Marek Sołtysiak and Michał Rakoczy

, Research Results, Future Developments . A diploma thesis, The Faculty of Natural Sciences at the Karl-Franzens-University Graz, not published. Larsbo M., Jarvis N. 2006. Information content of measurements from tracer microlysimeter experiments designed for parameter identification in dual-permeability models. Journal of Hydrology , 325, 1–4: 273–287. Maciejewski S., Maloszewski P., Stumpp C., Klotz D. 2006. Modelling of water flow through typical Bavarian soils (Germany) based on lysimeter experiments: 1. Estimation of hydraulic characteristics of the

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Sreenath Subrahmanyam, Allan Adams, Anantanarayanan Raman, Dennis Hodgkins and Mark Heffernan

. Filella, M. & Williams, P.A. (2012) Antimony interactions with heterogeneous complexants in waters, sediments and soils: a review of binding data for homologous compounds. Chemie der Erde- Geochemistry, 72, 49-65. Galletti, A., Verlicchi, P. & Ranieri, E. (2010) Removal and accumulation of Cu, Ni and Zn in horizontal subsurface flow constructed wetlands: contribution of vegetation and filling medium. Science of the Total Environment, 408(21), 5097-5105. Golden, H.E., Lane, C.R., Amatya, D.M., Bandilla, K.W., Kiperwas, H.R., Knightes, C