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Comparison of clinical, biomechanical, and histopathological effects of various suture techniques on repair of tendon rupture by using autograft

–78. 15. Kilic E., Ozaydin I.: Repairing of the experimentally induced patellar avulsion of the patellar ligament with stainless steel and PDS-II (Polydioxanon in dogs) Kafkas Üniv Vet Fak Derg 1999, 5, 179–188. 16. Kilic E., Ozaydin I., Aksoy O., Ozturk S.: The treatment of congenital bilateral lateral patellar luxation seen in calves by transposition of partial patellar tendon and m. vastus lateralis . Kafkas Üniv Vet Fak Derg 2008, 14, 185–190. 17. Kilic E., Aksoy O., Ozaydin I., Ozturk S., Sozmen M., Kurt B.: Repair of peroneal paralysis by muscle

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