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Carbon Leakage in the context of increasing the EU greenhouse gas emission reduction targets – the ways the EU and global emission behave and what influences its scale

intensive and trade exposed industries such as refined oil products and coke, chemical production, non-metallic minerals (e.g., cement, lime, gypsum and glass), paper–pulp, iron and steel, aluminium production, reportedly to be expected as the key candidates for carbon leakage. One of the key driving factors behind carbon leakage is the ability of the firms to pass-through the additional climate policy related costs further towards final consumer. In turn, the cost pass-through is a result of several factors, including the underlying market structure, magnitude of the

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Optimization of the Cutting Process of Wood-Based Agglomerated Materials by Abrasive Water-Jet

mass flow landscape kerf when cutting MDF water jet], In: Proceedings of the 1th International video conference “Nábytkárstvo” Zvolen, Slovakia. 26 October 2010, 3-12. BARCÍK, Š. - KVIETKOVÁ, M. - ALÁČ, P. (2011a): Effect of the chosen parameters on deflection angle between cutting sides during the cutting of agglomerated materials by water jet. Wood Research 56 (4): 577-588. BARCÍK, Š. - KVIETKOVÁ, M. - KMINIAK, R. - ALÁČ, P. (2011b): Optimization of cutting process of medium density fibreboards by the abrasive water jet. Drvna

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Protozoan impact on bacterial biofilm formation

-196. Parry J. D., Holmes A. K., Unwin M. E., Laybourn-Parry J. 2007. The use of ultrasonic imaging to evaluate the effect of protozoan grazing and movement on the topography of bacterial biofilms. Lett. Appl. Microbiol. 45: 364-370. Pederson K. 1990. Biofilm development on stainless steel and PCV surfaces in drinking water. Water Res. 24: 239-243. Pernthaler J., Posch T., Šimek K., Vrba J., Amann R., Psenner R. 1997. Contrasting bacterial strategies to coexist with a flagellate predator in an experimental microbial

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Wastewater parameters after the process of phosphorus compounds removal by the metal dissolution method in comparison with precipitation and electrocoagulation methods

wastewater treatment. Separation and Purification Technology 38: 11-41. GRØTERUD O., SMOCZYŃSKI L. 1992. Purification of wastewater by electrolysis at continuous flow. Vatten 48: 36-40. IRDEMEZ S., DEMIRCIOGLU N., YILDIZ Y. 2006a. The effects of pH on phosphate removal from wastewater by electrocoagulation with iron plate electrodes. Journal of Hazardous Materials 137: 1231-1235. IRDEMEZ S., DEMIRCIOGLU N., YIDIZ Y., BINGUL Z. 2006b. The effects of current density and phosphate concentration on phosphate removal from

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Integration of Decentralized Thermal Storages Within District Heating (DH) Networks

, zehnte, bearbeitete und erweiterte Auflage. Düsseldorf: Springer, 2006. [26] Loewen A. Entwicklung eines Verfahrens zur Aggregation komplexer Fernwärmenetze. Fraunhofer IRB 2001. [27] Claesson J., Bennet J. Multipol Method to Compute the Conductive Heat Flows to and Between Pipes in a Cylinder, Notes on Heat Transfer. Universität of Lund, 1987. [28] Grigull U., Franz G. Wärmeverluste erdverlegter Rohrleitungen. Wärme-, Klima und Sanitärtechnik 1970. [29] Franz G., Grigull U. Wärmeverluste von beheizten Rohrleitungen im Erdboden Heat Loss of

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Small Scale Gasification Application and Perspectives in Circular Economy

. New York: Elsevier; 2010. [25] De Souza-Santos M. L. Solid fuels combustion and gasification, 2nd ed. USA: CRC Press, 2010. [26] Hla S. S., Roberts D. G., Harris D. J. A numerical model for understanding the behaviour of coals in an entrained-flow gasifier. Fuel Processing Technology 2015:134:424-440. doi:10.1016/j.fuproc.2014.12.053 [27] Knoef H. A. M. Inventory of biomass gasifier manufacturers and installations. Final Report to European Commission. Enschede: University of Twente, 2000. [28

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Impact of curved shaped energy dissipaters downstream of head structures on both water energy dissipation and irrigation water quality

guide walls, J. Eng. Sci. (JES) Assiut University, 40(6):1599-1609. Habib A.A., Nassar M.A., 2013, Characteristics of flow and scour under the effect of curved steel roughness elements, Egypt. Int. J. Eng. Sci. Technol. (EIJEST) 16(3). Kucukali S., Cokgor S., 2009, Energy concept for predicting hydraulic jump aeration efficiency, J. Environ. Eng. 135(2): 105-107. Nakasone H., 1987, Study of aeration at weirs and cascades, J. Environ. Eng. 113(1): 64-81. Negm A.M., Abdel-Aal G.M., Habib A.A., Owais T

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Aging concrete structures: a review of mechanics and concepts

prediction models for time-dependent processes are paramount for the construction of new and the maintenance of existing structures within the frameworks of life cycle cost analyses and sustainability. In order to accurately identify, assess and predict a structural system’s performance and full safety potential, all influences that a real structure is likely to face have to be captured accurately. For concrete, these are (mildly reinforced as well as prestressed, depending on the type of structure), among others, aging, cracking, shrinkage, creep, steel relaxation

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Evaluation of Vitamin D, Vitamin D Binding Protein Gene Polymorphism with Oxidant – Antioxidant Profiles in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Care Med 1998; 157: 957-61. 12. Puhan MA, Siebeling L, Frei A, Zoller M, Bischoff-Ferrari H, Ter Riet G. No association of 25-hydroxyvitamin D with exacerbations in primary care patients with COPD. Chest 2014; 145: 37-43. 13. Quanjer PH, Tammeling GJ, Cotes JE, Pedersen OF, Peslin R, Yernault JC. Lung volumes and forced ventilatory flows. Report of the working party for standardization of lung function tests, European community for steel and coal. Official statement of the European Respiratory Society. Eur Respir J Suppl 1993; 16: 5

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Impact of slurry application method on phosphorus loss in runoff from grassland soils during periods of high soil moisture content

first rainfall simulation event, a period of approximately 48 hours. On the same day that slurry was applied, the sub-plots were hydrologically isolated from overland and shallow sub-surface flow by inserting stainless steel surrounds into the soil along the sides and across the up-slope end of each plot to a depth of 0.05 m. Rainfall simulation Rainfall simulations were carried out using the same methodology as described in a number of similar studies: Brennan et al . (2011) , O’Rourke et al . (2012) , McConnell et al . (2013 a , b ), Doody et al

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