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A new type of slumping-induced soft-sediment deformation structure: the envelope structure

Geology 196, 31–45. Mulder, T. & Alexander, J., 2001. The physical character of subaqueous sedimentary density currents and their deposits. Sedimentology 48, 269–299. Nemec, W. & Steel, R.J., 1984. Alluvial and coastal conglomerates: their significant features and some comments on gravelly mass-flow deposits. [In:] Koster, E.H. & Steel, R.J. (Eds.): Sedimentology of Gravels and Conglomerates. Memoir of the Canadian Society of Petroleum Geology 10, pp. 1–31. Neuwerth, R., Suter, F., Guzman, C.A. & Gorin, G.E., 2006. Soft-sediment deformation in a

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Is the Charlottenthal fan (marginal zone of the Pomeranian phase, NE Germany) an end moraine?

. G., 1982. Structures and sequences in clastic rocks. Short course No. 9 lecture notes, SEPM, Tulsa, 250 pp. Harvey, A. M., 1984. Debris flow and fluvial deposits in Spanish Quaternary alluvial fans: implications for fan morphology. [In:] E. H. Koster & R. J. Steel (Eds): Sedimentology of gravels and conglomerates. Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists Memoir 10, 123-132. Instrukcja, 1996. Instrukcja opracowania i wydania Szczegółowej Mapy Geologicznej Polski w skali 1:50 000 [Instruction for preparation

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Sedimentary record of a Pleistocene ice-sheet interlobate zone (NE Poland)

-79. Brennand, T. A. & Shaw, J., 1996. The Hurricana glaciofluvial complex, Abitibi region, Quebec: its genesis and implications for meltwater regime and ice-sheet dynamics. Sedimentary Geology 102, 221-262. Carlson, A. E., Mickelson, D. M., Principato, S. M. & Chapel, D. M., 2005. The genesis of the northern Kettle Moraine, Wisconsin. Geomorphology 67, 365-374. Cheel, R. J., 1990. Horizontal lamination and the sequence of bed phases and stratification under upper-flow-regime conditions. Sedimentology 37, 517

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Interaction between turbidity currents and a contour current – A rare example from the Ordovician of Shaanxi province, China

Science) 35, 1118–1121 (in Chinese with English abstract). Gao, Z.Z., Kenneth A.E., He, Y.B. & Luo, S.S., 1998. Deep-water tractive current deposits – The study of internal-tide, internal-wave, and contour current deposits . Science Press, Beijing and New York, 77–113. Gao, Z.Z., Luo, S.S., He, Y.B. Zhang, J.S. & Tang, Z.J., 1995. The Middle Ordovician contourite on the west margin of Ordos. Acta Sedimentologica Sinica 13, 16–26 (in Chinese with English abstract). Gong, C.L., Wang, Y.M., Rebesco, M., Salon, S. & Steel, R.J., 2018. How do turbidity

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