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Analysis of Internal Defects Appeared in the Continuous Casting

, Ironmaking and Steelmaking 1991 Vol. 24 NO. 3 p.249 [13] Y. Tanizawa, Factors of decarburation in continuous casting of ulc steels and the remedies. Camp Isij, vol. 4, 1991, p. 257. [14] Ghe. Ioniţă, E.V.Stoian, Heat flow in solidification, Buletinul Universităţii Petrol-Gaze din Ploieşti,ISSN 1224-8495, 87-92, 2006. [15] K.Koyama, Y.Nagano, K.Nagano, T.Nagano, Physicochemical properties of powders used for continuous casting, N.S.T.R. nr. 34, July 1987. [16] Yu, X., Pomfret, R. J., Coley, K. S. Dissolving

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Optimization of the Process Parameters of Resistance Spot Welding of AISI 316l Sheets Using Taguchi Method

1 Introduction Resistance spot welding is a resistance welding process in which coalescence of metal is produced at the faying surface by the heat generated at the joint because of contact resistance to the flow of electric current. Force is always applied before, during, and after the application of current to prevent arcing at the faying surfaces and to forge the weld metal during post heating. The process is used extensively for joining low and mild carbon steel sheet metal components for automobiles, cabinets, furniture, and similar products. Stainless

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Finite element simulation and experimental validation of the effect of tool wear on cutting forces in turning operation

different tool edge radii from 2 to 62 μm and studied the effects of tool edge wear on cutting forces in Inconel 718. However, with advances in computational techniques, studies are now focused toward using numerical methods such as finite element method (FEM) for analysis. Krishnakumar et al . [ 3 ] studied the effects of residual stresses on AISI 4340 steel during multiple pass turning and the FE model was validated with the experimental results. Thepsonthi et al . [ 4 ] studied the effects of tool edge radius on the machining performance of end-milling process. Both

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Turning operation of AISI 4340 steel in flooded, near-dry and dry conditions: a comparative study on tool-work interface temperature

Experiment Details 3.1 Work Piece A cylindrical workpiece made of AISI 4340 steel with dimensions (∅50 mm × 120 mm) was selected for this study. AISI 4340 steel is a high tensile alloy steel with wear resistance properties and is extensively used in the automotive and general engineering applications, which include aircraft, propeller or gear shafts, connecting rods and aircraft landing gear components. The chemical composition and the mechanical properties of AISI 4340 steel are shown in Table 1 and Table 2 , respectively. Table 1 Chemical composition of

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Development of a cryogenic condenser and computation of its heat transfer efficiency based on liquefaction of nitrogen gas

condenser. Investigation of failure was carried out by visual and dye penetration examination and by using various instruments by Mudali et al . [ 5 ] Wu et al . [ 6 ] developed a new condenser-evaporator by replacing the old one for a large scale air separation plant of capacity 30000 m 3 /hr. with oxygen as the output. Here, the author described the condenser-evaporator as Quasi-annular flow condenser-evaporator type by altering the boiling and condensation mechanism of heat transfer and found that the developed condenser-evaporator was more efficient in all respect

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Compaction Behaviour Modelling of Metal-Ceramic Powder Mixtures. A Review

, Powder Technology 126 (2002) 65- 74. [28] Rusanescu C.O , Jinescu C, Rusanescu M., Enescu M. C., Anghelina F. V., Stoian E. V. , Despa V., Mathematical Modelling of the Stress-Strain Curve for 31VMn12 Ecological Steel, Materiale Plastice 54 ( 3) (2017) 409-413. [29] Faruk Güner Ömer Necati Cora Hasan Sofuoğlu, Numerical modeling of cold powder compaction using multi particle and continuum media approaches, Powder Technology 271 (2015) 238-247. [30] C.L. Martin, D. Bouvard, Study of the cold compaction of composite powders

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Case study on the effectiveness of condition monitoring techniques for fault diagnosis of pumps in thermal power plant

gets certain pressure rise. From there, it flows over guide vanes to the inlet of the next impeller, and from there, to discharge. A small part of the feed water, that is, 10% is taken from the space behind the last impeller for the operation of automatic balancing device to balance the hydraulic axial thrust of the pump rotor. Since the medium of the BFP is hot water, the operating temperature must be maintained in the pumps. Thermal equalizing lines are provided at both ends of the mechanical seals in order to meet this purpose. Vibration readings of the Boiler

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Investigation of mechanical behavior of friction stir welded joints of AA6063 with AA5083 aluminum alloys

FSW welding. There are two inverting positions in FSW welding for the base metal AA6063 placed in retreating side (RS), while AA5083 is placed in the advanced side (AS). The aluminum alloy of AA6063 is placed in the retreating side due to its lower tensile strength. A non-consumable rotating tool made of high speed steel (HSS) is shown in Figure 1(a) . The tool pin is a straight cylindrical profile with shoulder diameter of 20 mm, 5 mm pin diameter, 5 mm pin tip length and D/d ratio of 4. The friction stir welds using AA5083 and AA6063 aluminum alloys were

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