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Nonlinear Longitudinal Shear Distribution in Steel-Concrete Composite Beams

R eferences 1. CEN, EN 1994-1-1:2008 - Eurocode 4: Design of composite steel and concrete structures - Part 1-1: General rules and rules for buildings. 2008. 2. E. Szmigiera, M. Niedośpiał, B. Grzeszykowski, “Projektowanie konstrukcji zespolonych stalowo-betonowych, część 1, elementy zginane”, PWN, Warsaw, Poland, 2019. 3. W. Lorenc, “Boundary approach in shape study of composite dowel shear connector”, Archives of Civil and Mechanical Engineering, 9(4): pp 55-66, 2009. 4. M. Kopp, K. Wolters, M. Claßen, J. Hegger, M. Gündel, J. Gallwoszus

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Experimental Study of Multi-Ribbed One-Way Composite Slabs Made of Steel Fibre, Foam, and Normal Concrete

fibre reinforced cementitious composites: the role of ‘‘casting-flow induced’’ fibre orientation. Mater Struct 2011;44(1):109-28. 17. Luca Facconi , Fausto Minelli , Giovanni Plizzari. Steel fibre reinforced self-compacting concrete thin slabs - Experimental study and verification against Model Code 2010 provisions.Engineering Structures 122 (2016) 226-237 18. Yousheng Tao. Analysis on energy saving effect of aerated concrete building [J]. NEW BUILDING MATERIALS 2005(01) (in Chinese). 19. Zhouhong Zhang, Feng Liu, Lijuan

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Effect of Initial Porosity on Material Response Under Multi-Axial Stress State for S235JR Steel

Engineering, 56 , 1, 69-88, 2010. 4. U. Radoń, Analysis of reliability and stability of bar structures, Archives of Civil Engineering, 56 , 2, 155-172, 2010. 5. M. Kamiński, P. Swita, Reliability modeling in some elastic stability problems via the generalizedstochastic finite element method, Archives of Civil Engineering, 57 , 3, 275-295, 2011. 6. J. Chróścielewski, M. Rucka, K. Wilde, W. Witkowski, Formulation of spectral truss element forguided waves damage detection in spatial steel trusses, Archives of Civil Engineering

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Analysis of the Void Volume Fraction for S235JR Steel at Failure for Low Initial Stress Triaxiality

nonproportional loading” International Journal of Damage Mechanics: 1, 191-236, 1992. 13. K. Saanouni, C. H. Foster, F. B. Hatira, “On the anelastic flow with damage”, Int. J. Damage Mech.: 3, 140-169, 1994. 14. S. F. Taher, M. H. Baluch, A. H. Al-Gadhib, “Towards a canonical elastoplastic damage model”, Engineering Fracture Mechanics: 48, 151-166, 1994. 15. P. G. Kossakowski, “The influence of microstructural defects on the stress state of S235JR steel under plastic deformation”, Solid State Phenomena: 250, 69-76, 2016

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Influence of Initial Porosity on Strength Properties of S235JR Steel at Low Stress Triaxiality

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Material Test on Strain Fracture and Crack Opening Displacement Based on Digital Image Correlation Method

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Experimental Models and Correlations between Surface Parameters after Slide Diamond Burnishing

References [1] Oczos, K.E., Liubimov, V. (2003). Struktura geometryczna powierzchni [Surface Geometric Structure]. Rzeszow, Poland: Rzeszow Technical University Publishing House. (in Polish) [2] Berglund, J., Brown C.A., Rose, B.G., Bay, N. (2010). Milled die steel surface roughness correlation with steel sheet friction. CIRP Annals - Manufacturing Technology, 59, 577-580. [3] Sedlacek, M., Podgornik, B., Vizintin, J. (2012). Correlation between standard roughness parameters skewness and kurtosis and

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Influence of Hybrid Fibers on Toughness Behavior of High Strength Flowing Concrete

References 1. F. Burak, S. Turkel & Y. Altuntas, Hybird fibers reinforced self-compacting concrete with high-volume coarse fly ash, Const. & Build. Mater. 21, 150-156, 2007. 2. F. Burak, S. Turkel & Y. Altuntas, Effects of steel fibers reinforcement on surface wear resistance on self compacting repair mortar, Cem. & Conc. Comp. 29, 391-396, 2007. 3. L. Gang, K. Wang & T.J. Rudolphi, Modeling reheological behavior of highly flowable mortar using concepts of particle and fluid mechanics, Cem. & Conc. Comp. 30, 1

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Novel Method for Sizing Metallic Bottom Crack Depth Using Multi-frequency Alternating Current Potential Drop Technique

erosion. NDT & E International, 43 (5), 394-402. [16] Kawakam, Y., Kanaji, H., Oku, K. (2011). Study on application of field signature method (FSM) to fatigue crack monitoring on steel bridges. Procedia Engineering, 14, 1059-1064. [17] Kim, Y.C., Asa, Y., Oku, K. (2007). Monitoring of initiation and propagation of fatigue cracks in steel plate deck by FSM. Quarterly Journal of the Japan Welding Society, 25 (4), 542-547. [18] Hwang, I.S. (1992). A multi-frequency AC potential drop technique for the detection of small cracks

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Damage Detection of A T-Shaped Panel by Wave Propagation Analysis in the Plane Stress / Wykrywanie Uszkodzen W Tarczy Typu T Z Uzyciem Analizy Propagacji Fal W Płaskim Stanie Naprezenia

with transverse crack, Finite Elements in Analysis and Design 40, 1729-1751, 2004. 4. T. Patera, A spectral element method for fluid dynamics: laminar flow in a channel expansion. Journal of Computational Physics 54, 468-488, 1984. 5. C. Canuto, M.Y. Hussaini, A. Quarteroni, T.A. Zang, Spectral Methods in Fluid Dynamics, Springer Verlag, Berlin, Heidelberg 1998. 6. R. Sridhar, A. Chakraborty, S. Gopalakrishnan, Wave propagation analysis in anisotropic and inhomogeneous uncracked and cracked structures using

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