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Constitutive Modelling of Damage Evolution and Martensitic Transformation in 316L Stainless Steel

, 80, 229-253. 30. Murakami S. ( 2012), Continuum damage mechanics: A continuum mechanics approach to the analysis of damage and fracture , Springer: Dordrecht, Heidelberg, London, New York. 31. Narutani T., Olson G.B., Cohen M. (1982), Constitutive flow relations for austenitic steels during strain-induced martensitic transformation, Journal de Physique , Colloque C4, 12, 43, 429-434. 32. Olson G.B., Cohen M . (1975) Kinetics of strain-induced martensitic nucleation, Metallurgical Transactions , 6A, 791-795. 33. Rabotnov Yu. N. (1968

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A Method to Determine Allowable Speed for a Unit Load in a Pallet Flow Rack

., Boysen, N. (2018), Robust storage assignment in stack- and queue-based storage systems, Computers & Operations Research , 100, 189–200. 5. Crisan, A., Ungureanu, V., Dubina, D. (2012), Behaviour of cold-formed steel perforated sections in compression. Part 1-Experimental investigations, Thin-walled structures , 61, 86–96. 6. Derhami, S., Smith, JS., Gue, KR. (2017), Optimising space utilisation in block stacking warehouses, Int J Of Prod Res , 55(21), 6436–6452. 7. Dynamic storage catalogue Damon [available at: http

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Laser-Beam Welding Impact on the Deformation Properties of Stainless Steels When Used for Automotive Applications

conditions of a High Strength Low Alloy steel. Procedia Engineering , 10, 106-111. 4. Burdzik R., Folęga P., Konieczny Ł., Łazarz B., Stanik Z., Warczek J. (2012), Analysis of material deformation work measures in determination of a vehicle’s collision speed, Archives of Materials Science and Engineering , 58-1, 13-21. 5. Čada R. (2003), Evaluation of strain and material flow in sheet-metal forming, Journal of Mat. Processing Technology ,138(1-3), 170-175. 6. Evin E., Tomáš M., Kmec J., Németh S., Katalinic B., Wessely E. (2014), The Deformation

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Comparison Analysis of Cockroft – Latham Criterion Values of Commercial Plasticine and C45 Steel

), Problemy kolejnictwa , 165, 7-19. 4. Arikawa T., Kakimoto H., (2014), Prediction of surface crack in hot forging by numerical simulation, Procedia Engineering , 81, 474-479. 5. Asai K., Kitamura K., (2014), Estimation of frictional property of lubricants for hot forging of steel using low-speed ring compression test, Procedia Engineering , 81,1970-1975. 6. Assempour A., Farahani S., Naybodi A., (2012). A general methodology for bearing design in non-symmetric T-shaped sections in extrusion process, Journal of Materials Processing Technology , 212

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Verification of Brittle Fracture Criteria for Bimaterial Structures

References 1. Chen D.H. (1992), Analysis for corner singularity in composite materials based on the body force method. Computational Methods in Fracture Mechanics, Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics, Comp. Mech. Publ., Southampton, 397-421. 2. Erdogan F. (1963), Stress Distribution in a Non-homogeneous Elastic Plane with Cracks, Trans. ASME, Ser. E, J. Applied Mechanics, 30, 232-236. 3. Griffith A.A. (1920), The phenomena of rupture and flow In solids, Philosophical Transactions, series A, Vol. 221, 163

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The Parameter Correlation of Acoustic Emission and High-Frequency Vibrations in the Assessment Process of the Operating State of the Technical System

. (2012) The Energy Technology Innovation System, Annual Review of Environment and Resource , 37, 137-162. 5. Hreha P., Hloch S., Valíček J., Monková K., Monka P., Harničárová M., Fusek M., Konjatić P. (2010), Impact of abrasive mass flow rate when penetrating into a material on its vibration, Tehnički vjesnik - Technical Gazette , 17(4), 475-479. 6. Hyung-Deok S. , Hun L. (2014) Disentangling the role of knowledge similarity on the choice of alliance structure, Journal of Engineering and Technology Management , 30(4), 350-362. 7. Janoušek I

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Applicability of Notch Stress-Strain Correction Methods to Low-Cycle Fatigue Life Prediction of Turbine Rotors Subjected to Thermomechanical Loads

turbine rotors, International Journal of Fatigue , 113, 311-323. 5. Bednarski T. (1995), Mechanics of plastic flow , PWN, Warsaw (in Polish). 6. Buczyński A., Glinka G . (1997), Elastic-plastic stress-strain analysis of notches under non-proportional loading, 5th International Conference on Biaxial/Multiaxial Fatigue and Fracture , Cracow. 7. Buczyński A., Glinka G. (2001), An analysis of elasto-plastic strains and stresses in notched bodies subjected to cyclic non-proportional loading paths, 6th International Conference on Biaxial

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