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Determination of Pressure Coefficient for a High-Rise Building with Atypical Ground Plan

References [1] ZHAO, X. – DING, J. M. – SUN, H. H.: Structural design of Shanghai Tower for wind loads. Procedia Engineering, Vol. 14, 2011, pp. 1759 - 1767. [2] TARANATH, B. S.: Reinforced concrete design of tall buildings, Boca Raton: CRSI/Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute, 2010, p. 989. [3] ELSHAER, A. – GAIROLA, A. – ADAMEK, K. – BITSUAMLAK, G.: Variations in wind load on tall buildings due to urban development. Sustainable Cities and Society, Vol. 34, 2017, pp. 264 - 277. [4] KOTRASOVÁ, K. – HEGEDÜŠOVÁ, I. – HARABINOVÁ, S

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Analysis of The Rayleigh Number in the Area of Steel Rectangular Sections in the Conditions of Stedy and Unstedy Heat Flow/ Analiza Liczby Rayleigha W Obszarze Stalowych Profili Prostokątnych W Warunkach Ustalonego I Nieustalonego Przepływu Ciepła

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Numerical Strength Analysis of a Complex, Steel Shell Structure/ Numeryczna Analiza Wytrzymałosciowa Pewnej Złożonej, Stalowej Konstrukcji Powłokowej

References 1. Gere J. M.: Mechanics of materials, Brooks/Cole, 2001. 2. ABAQUS, Inc., Analysis User’s Manual, Abaqus 2006. 3. COSMOS/M, Finite Element Analysis System, Version 2.9, Structural Research and Analysis Corporation, Electronic Manual, Los Angeles, California, 2002. 4. ROBOT MILLENNIUM, User’s electronic manual. Kraków, 2007. 5. PN-90/B-03200 Steel structures. Static calculations and design

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