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Sebastian Tocar

Journal of Social Economics, Vol. 36, pp. 105-123. 20. Lee, S.-H., Shenkar, O., & Li, J. (2008), Cultural distance, investment flow, and control in cross-border cooperation. Strategic Management Journal, Vol. 29, pp. 1117–1125. 21. Mateev, M. (2008), Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment in Central and Southeastern Europe: New Empirical Tests. 8th Global Conference on Business & Economics. Florence, Italy. 22. Noorbakhsh, F., Paloni, A., & Youssef, A. (2001), Human Capital and FDI Inflows to Developing Countries: New Empirical Evidence. World

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Osayuwamen Omoruyi

:// > Durugbo, C., Tiwari, A., Alcock, J.R. 2014. Managing integrated information flow for delivery reliability. Industrial Management & Data Systems , 114(4), 628-651. Falkena, H. 2000. SMEs access to finance in South Africa: A supply side Regulatory Review. Report by the Task group of the Policy Board of Financial Services and Regulations. Cape Town: Kluwer Publishers. Fancello, G., Schintu, A., Serra, P. 2018. An experimental analysis of Mediterranean supply chains through the use of cost KPIs. Transportation Research Procedia , 30, 137

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Julie Papastamatelou, Rainer Busch, Begüm Ötken, Elif Y. Okan and Karim Gassemi

–1462. Li, S., Lin, B. (2006), Accessing information sharing and information quality in supply chain management, Decision Support Systems , Vol. 42, No. 3, pp. 1641–1656. Ma, X., Yao, X., Xi, Y. (2009), How do interorganizational and interpersonal networks affect a firm’s strategic adaptive capability in a transition economy? Journal of Business Research , No. 62, pp. 1087–1095. McGrath, H., O’Toole, T. (2013), Industrial Marketing Management, 42, pp. 1141–1153. Madhavan, R., Iriyama, A. (2009), Understanding global flows of venture capital: Human

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Andrea Szalavetz

is regarded an essential organizational capability enabling organizational learning [ Nelson and Winter, 1982 ]. Gold et al. [2001] emphasize that KM needs to go beyond intraorganizational information management , i.e., beyond consolidating data as well as allow for smooth information flows. Effective KM also involves organizational adaptation and the development of organizational structures and routines that allow the firm to recognize, create and mobilize, as well as combine and transform knowledge. Hence, KM is closely related to the literature on dynamic

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Dawid Szurgacz and Jarosław Brodny

. Brodny, J., Alszer, S., Krystek, J. and Tutak, M. (2017a) Availability analysis of selected mining machinery. Archives of Control Sciences Volume 27(LXIII), 2017. No. 2, pages 197-209, 2017. DOI : 10.1515/acsc-2017-0012. Brodny, J. and Tutak, M. (2016a). Determination of the zone endangered by methane explosion in goaf with caving of operating longwalls. SGEM 2016 Conference Proceedings, Book1 Vol. 2, 299-306 pp. DOI: 10.5593/SGEM2016/B12/S03.039. Brodny, J. and Tutak, M. (2016b). The impact of the flow volume flow ventilation to the

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Zdenko Tkáč, Marek Halenár and Ján Kosiba

Volumetric Efficiency of High Pressure External Gear Pump. Naše More, 57(5-6), pp. 235-240. Dynatec. 2011. Hydraulic components. Taichuna City, Taiwan. Hao, X., Zhou, X., Liu, X. and Sang, X. (2016). Flow characteristics of external gear pumps considering trapped volume. Advances in Mechanical Engineering, 8(10), pp. 1-10. Chrastina, J., Janoško, I. and Polonec, T. (2013). System for monitoring operating parameters of vehicles. Trends in agricultural engineering 2013. Prague: Czech University of Life Sciences Prague, pp. 267

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Renata Stasiak-Betlejewska, Luminita Parv and Wojciech Gliń

, Mini-enterprise of Entrepreneurship and Technology / Siemens, Warsaw. SMART INDUSTRY POLSKA. (2017). Adaptation of innovations in the activities of micro and small and medium-sized production enterprises in Poland, Raport o badań, Ministerstwo Rozwoju / Siemens Sp. z o.o., Warsaw. Ulewicz, R. and Nový, F. (2017). Fatigue Resistance and Influence of Cutting Technology on the Mechanical Properties of Modern Steels Used in the Automotive Industry. Procedia Engineering, Volume 192, pp. 899-904. Ulewicz, R., Jelonek, D. and

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Kranravee Komoldit, Malai Tawisook and Nataya Pilanthananond

higher education levels. PhD dissertation. Bangkok: Srinakharinwirot University. Clegg, S., Hudson, A. & Steel, J. (2004). The emperor’s new clothes: Globilisation and e-learning in higher education. British Journal of Sociology of Education, 24 (1), 39-53. Council of University Presidents of Thailand (2017). Press conference on admission candidates in the Thai university Central Admission System (TCAS) for academic year 2018. [Online] Available: (November 17, 2017) Deem, R., Mok, K.H. & Lucas, L. (2008). Transforming higher