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Computer Applications in Eco-efficiency Assessment in Logistics

. (2013): Life Cycle Assessment of Steel Production in Poland. A Case Study . Journal of Cleaner Production, 54 (1), 235-243. 4. CML Guinee J.B. et al. (2000), An operational guide to LCA . Preliminary version, Leiden: CML, 2000; 5. CML (2001), Characterisation factors of CML. Version 1.00, Leiden: CM L, Januar 2001; 6. Hellweg S., Doka G., Goran, F., Hungerbuhler H. (2005), Assessing the eco-effi ciency of

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Business models innovation based on crowds: a comparative study

part in the community. In the case of the designers, they get to see what their potential customers think of the design, practice their skills, and work in a “fun” community in exchange for a potential of winning a cash prize, or being found by job hunters. This is reinforced by the so-called “flow state,” which also exists when open source programmers design software [ Lakhani and Panetta, 2007 ]. When designers attain such a state, they find the process of designing particularly enjoyable. With a small number of major fashion retailers dominating the fashion

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Improvement of grinding technology with vortex cooling of steels that are liable to crack propagation

REFEENCES Gajdzik, B. (2008). Concentration on knowledge and change management at metallurgical company. Metalurgija 47(2) pp. 142-144. Gajdzik, B, Sitko, J. (2014). An analysis of the causes of complaints about steel sheets in metallurgical product quality management systems. Metalurgija. 53(1) pp. 135-138. Piątkowski, J, Gajdzik, B. (2013). Testing phase changes in Al-Si alloys with application of thermal analysis and differential calorimetric analysis. Metalurgija (52)4, pp. 469-472 Szczucka-Lasota, B. Gajdzik, B., Węgrzyn T., Wszołek

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Factors of enterprise value - the privatization of ‘Sidex Galati’ Romania (case study)

:// ArcelorMittal Hunedoara. (n.d.). Information for shareholders. Retrieved 12 2017, from ArcelorMittal. (2006, 06). Arcelor recommends improved Mittal Steel offer. Retrieved 12 2017, from Arcelormittal. (2009, 02 11). Previous results. Retrieved 12 201, from

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The Diversification Strategy and Business Groups’ Performance in Poland

. Warszawa: Oficyna Wydawnicza SGH w Warszawie. Jensen, M. C. (1986) . Agency costs of free cash flow, corporate finance, and take-overs. The American economic review , 76 (2), 323–329. Khanna, T., & Palepu, K. (1997) . Why focused strategies may be wrong for emerging markets. Harvard Business Review , 75( 4), 41–51. Khanna, T., & Yafeh, Y. (2005) . Business groups and risk sharing around the world. The Journal of Business , 78 (1), 301–340. Khanna, T., & Yafeh, Y. (2007) . Business groups in emerging markets: Paragons or parasites? Journal

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Determination of Pressure Coefficient for a High-Rise Building with Atypical Ground Plan

References [1] ZHAO, X. – DING, J. M. – SUN, H. H.: Structural design of Shanghai Tower for wind loads. Procedia Engineering, Vol. 14, 2011, pp. 1759 - 1767. [2] TARANATH, B. S.: Reinforced concrete design of tall buildings, Boca Raton: CRSI/Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute, 2010, p. 989. [3] ELSHAER, A. – GAIROLA, A. – ADAMEK, K. – BITSUAMLAK, G.: Variations in wind load on tall buildings due to urban development. Sustainable Cities and Society, Vol. 34, 2017, pp. 264 - 277. [4] KOTRASOVÁ, K. – HEGEDÜŠOVÁ, I. – HARABINOVÁ, S

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Quality Improvement of a Safety Valve with the Use of Numerical and Experimental Studies

REFERENCES Beune, A., Kuerten, J.G.M., van Heumen, M.P.C., 2012. CFD analysis with fluid–structure interaction of opening high-pressure safety valves , Computers & Fluids 64, 108-116, DOI:10.1016/j.compfluid.2012.05.010. Bjerre, M., Eriksen, J.G.I., Andreasen, A., Stegelmann, C., Mando, M., 2017. Analysis of Pressure Safety Valves for fire protection on offshore oil and gas installations , Process Safety and Env. Protection 105, 60-68, DOI: 10.1016/j.psep.2016.10.008. Dempster, W., Alshaikh, M., 2015. An Investigation of the Two Phase Flow

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Numerical Simulation of Fluid Flow inside the Flow Control Valve

identification of stage phase of companies . 26 th Int. Scientific Conf. Economic and Social Development. Zagreb, Varazdin, 210-215. Krawczyk, J., Sobczyk, A., 2018. Tests of New Methods of Manufacturing Elements for Water Hydraulics . Materials Research Proceedings, 5, 200-205. DOI: 10.21741/9781945291814-35 Lipinski, T., Wach, A., 2014. Influence of outside furnace treatment on purity medium carbon steel . Metal 2014: 23 rd Int. Conf. Metallurgy And Materials, Ostrava, Tanger, 738-743. Lisowski E., Filo G., Rajda J., 2015. Pressure compensation using

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Quality Assurance Processes in Series Production of Car Elements

REFERENCES Dziuba, ST., Ingaldi, M., Kadlubek, M., 2016. Use of quality management tools for evaluation of the products' quality in global economy, GLOBALIZATION AND ITS SOCIO-ECONOMIC CONSEQUENCES, 16th International Scientific Conference Proceedings, PTS I-V, UNIV ZILINA, pp. 425-432 Dziuba, ST., Ingaldi, M., Kadlubek, M., 2018. Quality analysis of the steel bars in chosen metallurgical enterprise, 27th International Conference on Metallurgy and Materials (METAL 2018), Ostrava, Tanger, 1893-1898. Ingaldi M. 2017. Wybrane zagadnienie

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Analysis of The Rayleigh Number in the Area of Steel Rectangular Sections in the Conditions of Stedy and Unstedy Heat Flow/ Analiza Liczby Rayleigha W Obszarze Stalowych Profili Prostokątnych W Warunkach Ustalonego I Nieustalonego Przepływu Ciepła

. Yamaguchi H.: Engineering Fluid Mechanics, Springer, 2008. 11. Zhang X., Yu F., Wu W., Zuo Y.: Application of radial effective thermal conductivity for heat transfer model of steel coils in HPH furnace, International Journal of Thermophisics, 24, 5. (2003), 1395-1405.

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