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Dorota Burchart-Korol and Krystyna Czaplicka-Kolarz

. (2013): Life Cycle Assessment of Steel Production in Poland. A Case Study . Journal of Cleaner Production, 54 (1), 235-243. 4. CML Guinee J.B. et al. (2000), An operational guide to LCA . Preliminary version, Leiden: CML, 2000; 5. CML (2001), Characterisation factors of CML. Version 1.00, Leiden: CM L, Januar 2001; 6. Hellweg S., Doka G., Goran, F., Hungerbuhler H. (2005), Assessing the eco-effi ciency of

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Madalina Viorica Ion

:// ArcelorMittal Hunedoara. (n.d.). Information for shareholders. Retrieved 12 2017, from ArcelorMittal. (2006, 06). Arcelor recommends improved Mittal Steel offer. Retrieved 12 2017, from Arcelormittal. (2009, 02 11). Previous results. Retrieved 12 201, from

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Wioletta Mierzejewska and Patryk Dziurski

. Warszawa: Oficyna Wydawnicza SGH w Warszawie. Jensen, M. C. (1986) . Agency costs of free cash flow, corporate finance, and take-overs. The American economic review , 76 (2), 323–329. Khanna, T., & Palepu, K. (1997) . Why focused strategies may be wrong for emerging markets. Harvard Business Review , 75( 4), 41–51. Khanna, T., & Yafeh, Y. (2005) . Business groups and risk sharing around the world. The Journal of Business , 78 (1), 301–340. Khanna, T., & Yafeh, Y. (2007) . Business groups in emerging markets: Paragons or parasites? Journal

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Rafał Wyczółkowski

. Yamaguchi H.: Engineering Fluid Mechanics, Springer, 2008. 11. Zhang X., Yu F., Wu W., Zuo Y.: Application of radial effective thermal conductivity for heat transfer model of steel coils in HPH furnace, International Journal of Thermophisics, 24, 5. (2003), 1395-1405.

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Soňa Medvecká, Ol’ga Ivánková, Marek Macák and Vladimíra Michalcová

References [1] ZHAO, X. – DING, J. M. – SUN, H. H.: Structural design of Shanghai Tower for wind loads. Procedia Engineering, Vol. 14, 2011, pp. 1759 - 1767. [2] TARANATH, B. S.: Reinforced concrete design of tall buildings, Boca Raton: CRSI/Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute, 2010, p. 989. [3] ELSHAER, A. – GAIROLA, A. – ADAMEK, K. – BITSUAMLAK, G.: Variations in wind load on tall buildings due to urban development. Sustainable Cities and Society, Vol. 34, 2017, pp. 264 - 277. [4] KOTRASOVÁ, K. – HEGEDÜŠOVÁ, I. – HARABINOVÁ, S

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Sebastian Tocar

Journal of Social Economics, Vol. 36, pp. 105-123. 20. Lee, S.-H., Shenkar, O., & Li, J. (2008), Cultural distance, investment flow, and control in cross-border cooperation. Strategic Management Journal, Vol. 29, pp. 1117–1125. 21. Mateev, M. (2008), Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment in Central and Southeastern Europe: New Empirical Tests. 8th Global Conference on Business & Economics. Florence, Italy. 22. Noorbakhsh, F., Paloni, A., & Youssef, A. (2001), Human Capital and FDI Inflows to Developing Countries: New Empirical Evidence. World

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Osayuwamen Omoruyi

:// > Durugbo, C., Tiwari, A., Alcock, J.R. 2014. Managing integrated information flow for delivery reliability. Industrial Management & Data Systems , 114(4), 628-651. Falkena, H. 2000. SMEs access to finance in South Africa: A supply side Regulatory Review. Report by the Task group of the Policy Board of Financial Services and Regulations. Cape Town: Kluwer Publishers. Fancello, G., Schintu, A., Serra, P. 2018. An experimental analysis of Mediterranean supply chains through the use of cost KPIs. Transportation Research Procedia , 30, 137

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Julie Papastamatelou, Rainer Busch, Begüm Ötken, Elif Y. Okan and Karim Gassemi

–1462. Li, S., Lin, B. (2006), Accessing information sharing and information quality in supply chain management, Decision Support Systems , Vol. 42, No. 3, pp. 1641–1656. Ma, X., Yao, X., Xi, Y. (2009), How do interorganizational and interpersonal networks affect a firm’s strategic adaptive capability in a transition economy? Journal of Business Research , No. 62, pp. 1087–1095. McGrath, H., O’Toole, T. (2013), Industrial Marketing Management, 42, pp. 1141–1153. Madhavan, R., Iriyama, A. (2009), Understanding global flows of venture capital: Human

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Paul Hanly, Alison Pearce and Linda Sharp

turnover costs: from theory to practice Although a considerable breadth of literature exists on the issue of employee turnover, with a recent review ( Steel and Lounsbury, 2009 ) counting 24 distinct turnover models in print, the majority of this concentrates on voluntary turnover, which is defined as the movement across the membership boundary of an organisation initiated by the employee ( Price, 1977 ). Previous studies, including the seminal work by March and Simon (1958) , have examined the employee decision to quit based on perceived ease and desirability

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Andrzej Cieślik, Jan Jakub Michałek and Iryna Gauger

frameworks of the new trade theory through which economists study the relationship between productivity and international trade flows. In these models, the effects of trade liberalization vary across producers and depend on their productivity levels in particular. Aggregate productivity gains come from improved selection and increased competition that trade brings. A large number of empirical studies confirmed many of the predicted patterns predicted by the new trade theories that accounted for firm heterogeneity (e.g., Pavcnik, 2002 ; Bernard et al ., 2006 ; and