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Pharmacokinetics of Doxycycline in Ducks with Steatosis due to Force-feeding

-Maximilians-Universitet, München, Germany, 9. Bernard, P.G., Bengone, T, Prehn, D., Durand, S., Labie, C., Benard, P. (2006). Physiology of ducks during force-feeding: study of hepatic steatosis. Bulletin de l‘Academie Vétérinaire de France 159, 43–54. 10. Bogin, E., Avidar, Y., Merom, M., Israeli, B., Malkinson, M., Sobak, S., Kudler, Y. (1984). Biochemical changes associated whit fatty liver in geese. Avian Pathol. 13, 683-901. PMid:18766879 11. Awde, S., Marty-Gasset, N., Wilkesman, J., Remingnon, H. (2013). Proteolytic activity

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Salivary adiponectin concentration in healthy adult males in relation to anthropometric measures and fat distribution

Diabetes 5, 730-738, 2014. Ducluzeau PH, Manchec-Poilblanc P, Roullier V, Cesbron E, Lebigot J, Bertrais S, Aube C. Distribution of abdominal adipose tissue as a predictor of hepatic steatosis assessed by MRI. Clin Radiol 65, 695-700, 2010. Ejtahed HS, Asghari G, Mirmiran P, Hosseinpour-Niazi S, Sherafat-KazemZadeh R, Azizi F. Body mass index as a measure of percentage body fat prediction and excess adiposity diagnosis among Iranian adolescents. Arch Iran Med 17, 400-405, 2014. Fakhrawi DH, Beeson L, Libanati C, Feleke D

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Effect of trans-chalcone on hepatic IL-8 through the regulation of miR-451 in male rats

. Yousefzadeh N, Jeddi S, Alipour MR. Eff ect of fetal hypothyroidism on cardiac myosin heavy chain expression in male rats. Arq Bras Cardiol 107, 147-153, 2016. Zarfeshani A, Ngo S, Sheppard A. MicroRNA Expression Relating to Dietary-Induced Liver Steatosis and NASH. J Clin Med 4, 1938-1950, 2015.

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Glucometabolic effects of single and repeated exposure to forced-swimming stressor in Sprague-Dawley rats

, Permert J, Arnelo U, Koehler C, Isaksson B, Larsson J, Lundkvist I, Bjornholm M, Kawano Y, Wallberg- Henriksson H, Zierath JR. Skeletal muscle insulin resistance after trauma: insulin signaling and glucose transport. Am J Physiol 275, E351–E358, 1998. Subramanian S, Goodspeed L, Wang S, Kim J, Zeng L, Ioannou GN, Haigh WG, Yeh MM, Kowdley KV, O’Brien KD, Pennathur S, Chait A. Dietary cholesterol exacerbates hepatic steatosis and inflammation in obese LDL receptor-deficient mice. J Lipid Res 52, 1626–1635, 2011. Toleikis PM, Godin DV. Alteration of

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Alternative renin-angiotensin system pathways in adipose tissue and their role in the pathogenesis of obesity

-aspartate-angiotensin-I and angiotensin IV improve glucose tolerance and insulin signalling in diet-induced hyperglycaemic mice. Biochem Pharmacol 82, 1198–1208, 2011. Wu CH, Mohammadmoradi S, Thompson J, Su W, Gong M, Nguyen G, Yiannikouris F. Adipocyte (Pro)Renin-Receptor Deficiency Induces Lipodystrophy, Liver Steatosis and Increases Blood Pressure in Male Mice. Hypertension 68, 213–219, 2016. Yamahara N, Nomura S, Suzuki T, Itakura A, Ito M, Okamoto T, Tsujimoto M, Nakazato H, Mizutani S. Placental leucine aminopeptidase/oxytocinase in maternal serum and placenta during

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Multiple functions and essential roles of nuclear receptor coactivators of bHLH-PAS family

, 191-196, 2004. Ma X, Xu L, Wang S, Cui B, Li X, Xu J, Ning G. Deletion of steroid receptor coactivator-3 gene ameliorates hepatic steatosis. J Hepatol 55, 445-452, 2011. Mackinnon JA, Gallastegui N, Osguthorpe DJ, Hagler AT, Estebanez-Perpina E. Allosteric mechanisms of nuclear receptors: insights from computational simulations. Mol Cell Endocrinol 393, 75-82, 2014. Madak-Erdogan Z, Katzenellenbogen BS. Aryl hydrocarbon receptor modulation of estrogen receptor α-mediated gene regulation by a multimeric chromatin

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