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Sample size determination in the Mann–Whitney test

References Cohen, J. (1988) Statistical power analysis for the behavioral sciences (2nd ed.). Hillsdale, NJ: Erlbaum. Cohen, J. (1992) A power primer. Psychological Bulletin, Vol 112(1), 155-159. Fisz M. (1967) Rachunek Prawdopodobieństwa i Statystyka Matematyczna. PWN, Warsaw. Hamedani, G. G.; Tata, M. N. (1975) On the determination of the bivariate normal distribution from distributions of linear combinations of the variables. The American Mathematical Monthly, 82 (9): 913

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Evaluation of spring barley breeding lines in a two-year multi-location experiment using some statistical methods

agriculture (in Polish: Statystyka matematyczna w zastosowaniu do doswiadczalnictwa rolniczego). PWN, Warszawa. Emede T.O., Alika J.E. (2012): Variation in agronomic characters among high and low nitrogen S2 maize (Zea mays L) lines grown in high and low nitrogen environments. Maydica 57: 139-146. Fan X.M., Kang M., Chen H., Zhang Y., Tan J., Xu C. (2007): Yield stability of maize hybrids evaluated in multi-environment trials in Yunnan China. Agronomy Journal 99: 220-228. Kempton R.A. (1984): The use of biplots in interpreting variety by environment

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On modeling and analyzing barley malt data in different years

effects by a simulation study. Euphytica 202: 459-467. Caliński T. (1967): Doświadczenia wielokrotne i wieloletnie (in Polish). In: Training Materials of the Research Centre for Cultivar Testing, Part 1 – Basic problems of agricultural experimentation, Słupia Wielka, 1967. Caliński T., Krzyśko M., Wołyński W. (2006): Multivariate analysis. A comparison of some tests for determining the number of nonzero canonical correlations. Communications in Statistics – Simulation and Computation 35: 727-749. Elandt R. (1964): Statystyka matematyczna w zastosowaniu

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